Found 288 movies starting with E:


E tu vivrai nel terrore - L'aldilà [1981]E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial [1982]
Eagle Has Landed [1976]Earl's Your Uncle [2004]
Early Bird [1965]Early Days [1981]
Early to Bed [1941]Earth Girls Are Easy [1988]
Earth Star Voyager [1988]Earth vs. the Flying Saucers [1956]
Earthly Possessions [1999]Earthquake [1974]
East Is East [1999]East of Eden [1955]
East of Sumatra [1953]Easter Bunny Is Comin' to Town [1977]
Easter Fever [1980]Easter Parade [1948]
Easter Sunday [2004]Easter Yeggs [1947]
Eastwood After Hours: Live at Carnegie … [1997]Easy Cheeks [2002]
Easy Kill [1989]Easy Money [1983]
Easy Rider [1969]Easy Virtue [1928]
Eaten Alive [1977]Eating Out [2004]
Eating Raoul [1982]Ebbie [1995]
Ebenezer [1997]Echo [1998]
Echo Park [1986]Echte Kerle [1996]
Echter Hausfrauenfreund, Ein [1975]ECW Barely Legal [1997]
Ed [1996]Ed and His Dead Mother [1993]
Ed Wood [1994]Ed's Next Move [1996]
Eddie [1996]Eddie and the Cruisers [1983]
Eddie Izzard: Circle [2002]Eddie Izzard: Definite Article [1996]
Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill [1999]Eddie Izzard: Glorious [1997]
Eddie Izzard: Unrepeatable [1994]Eddie Murphy Delirious [1983]
Eddie Murphy Raw [1987]Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off [2003]
Edge [1997]Edgeplay [2004]
Edtv [1999]Educating Oz [1986]
Educating Rita [1983]Edward II [1991]
Edward Scissorhands [1990]Eegah [1962]
Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon… [1972]Ehe der Maria Braun, Die [1979]
Eidolon [2004]Eiger Sanction [1975]
Eight Crazy Nights [2002]Eight Days a Week [1997]
Eight Legged Freaks [2002]Eight Men Out [1988]
Einsamkeit der Krokodile, Die [2000]El Diablo [1990]
El Dorado [1966]El Paso [1949]
El Paso Kid [1946]Elaine Stritch: At Liberty [2002]
Eleanor and Franklin [1976]Election [1999]
Electra [1996]Electra Glide in Blue [1973]
Electric Dragon 80.000 V [2001]Electric Horseman [1979]
Elektra [2005]Elephant [2003]
Elephant Man [1980]Elephants' Graveyard [1976]
Elf [2003]Eliminators [1986]
Elizabeth [1998]Ella Enchanted [2004]
Ellen DeGeneres: Here and Now [2003]Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning [2000]
Elling [2001]Elmer Gantry [1960]
Elmer's Candid Camera [1940]Elmer's Pet Rabbit [1941]
Eloise at Christmastime [2003]Eloise at the Plaza [2003]
Elves [1990]Elvira, Mistress of the Dark [1988]
Elvis Meets Nixon [1997]Elvis: That's the Way It Is [1970]
Emanuelle nera No. 2 [1976]Emergency! [1972]
Emma [1932]Emma [1996]
Emmanuelle V [1987]Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy [1994]
Emmanuelle: First Contact [2000]Emperor of the Bronx [1988]
Emperor of the North Pole [1973]Emperor's Club [2002]
Emperor's New Clothes [1987]Emperor's New Clothes [2001]
Emperor's New Groove [2000]Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star… [2004]
Empire of the Sun [1987]Empire Records [1995]
Employee of the Month [2004]Enchanted April [1935]
Enchanted April [1992]Enchanted Cottage [1945]
Encino Man [1992]End [1978]
End of Days [1999]End of the Affair [1999]
End of the Law [2003]End of Violence [1997]
End Runner [2003]Endgame [2000]
Endgame by Samuel Beckett [1989]Endless Love [1981]
Endless Summer 2 [1994]Enduring Love [2004]
Enemies: A Love Story [1989]Enemy [1996]
Enemy at the Gates [2001]Enemy Below [1957]
Enemy Gold [1993]Enemy Mine [1985]
Enemy of the State [1998]Eneste ene, Den [1999]
Enfant secret, L' [1982]Enfants du paradis, Les [1945]
Enfants du siècle, Les [1999]Enforcer [1951]
Enforcer [1976/I]English Patient [1996]
Englishman Abroad, An [1983]Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came … [1995]
Enigma [2001]Enough [2002]
Enter the Dragon [1973]Enter the Matrix [2003]
Enter the Ninja [1981]Entertainer [1960]
Entertaining Mr. Sloane [1970]Entity [1981]
Entrapment [1999]Envy [2004]
Equilibrium [2002]Equinox [1970]
Equus [1977]Eraser [1996]
Eraserhead [1977]Ercole alla conquista di Atlantide [1961]
Erik the Viking [1989]Erin Brockovich [2000]
Ernest Film Festival [1986]Ernest Goes to Camp [1987]
Ernest Goes to Jail [1990]Ernest Goes to the Window [2003]
Ernest in the Army [1998]Ernest Rides Again [1993]
Ernest Saves Christmas [1988]Ernest Scared Stupid [1991]
Ernest's Greatest Hits Volume 2 [1992]Erotic Survivor [2001]
Err On the Side of Caution [1997]Erykah Badu Live [2001]
Escaflowne [2000/II]Escanaba in da Moonlight [2001]
Escape from Alcatraz [1979]Escape from Fort Bravo [1954]
Escape from L.A. [1996]Escape from Monkey Island [2000]
Escape from New York [1981]Escape from Sobibor [1987]
Escape from the Planet of the Apes [1971]Escopeta nacional, La [1978]
Espinazo del diablo, El [2001]Essence of Combat: Making 'Black Hawk D… [2003]
Et Dieu... créa la femme [1956]Eternal Arcadia [2000]
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem [2002]Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [2004]
Eternally Yours [1939]Eulogy [2004]
European Vacation [1985]EuroTrip [2004]
Eve and the Handyman [1961]Eve of Destruction [1991]
Eve's Bayou [1997]Evel Knievel [1971]
Evelyn [2002]Even Cowgirls Get the Blues [1993]
Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend [1992]Even Stevens Movie [2003]
Evening Star [1996]Evening with Kevin Smith, An [2002]
Evening with Sir William Martin, An [1981]Event Horizon [1997]
Eventual Wife [2000]Ever After [1998]
Everlasting Piece, An [2000]Eversmile, New Jersey [1989]
Every Night at Eight [1935]Every Night the Same Thing [2002]
Every Time We Say Goodbye [1986]Every Which Way But Loose [1978]
Everybody Says I'm Fine! [2001]Everybody's All-American [1988]
Everyone Says I Love You [1996]Everything Goes [2004]
Everything You Always Wanted to Know Ab… [1972]Everything You Want [2005]
Evil Alien Conquerors [2002]Evil Altar [1989]
Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain [2005]Evil Cult [2003]
Evil Dead [1981]Evil Dead II [1987]
Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick [2003]Evil Dead: Hail to the King [2000]
Evil Deeds [2004/I]Evil Ed [1997]
Evil on Queen Street [2003]Evil Roy Slade [1972]
Evil That Men Do [1984]Evil Under the Sun [1982]
Evita [1996]Evolution [2001]
Ewige Jude, Der [1940]Ewoks: The Battle for Endor [1985]
Ex [1997]Ex-Lady [1933]
Ex-Mrs. Bradford [1936]Excalibur [1981]
Excess Baggage [1997]Execution of Justice [1999]
Executive Action [1973]Executive Decision [1996]
Exercise in Discipline - Peel, An [1982]eXistenZ [1999]
Existo [1999]Exit [2005]
Exit to Eden [1994]Exit Wounds [2001]
Exorcist [1973]Exorcist II: The Heretic [1977]
Exorcist III [1990]Exorcist: The Beginning [2004]
Exotica [1994]Experiment, Das [2001]
Expert [1995]Experts [1989]
Expiration [2003]Explorers [1985]
Extermination [2001]Exterminator [1980]
Extreme Days [2001]Extreme Measures [1996]
Extreme Ops [2002]Extreme Prejudice [1987]
Extremely Goofy Movie, An [2000]Extremism Breaks My Balls [2000]
Eye Creatures [1965]Eye for an Eye [1996]
Eye of God [1997]Eye of the Beholder [1999]
Eye of the Dictator [1988]Eye of the Needle [1981]
Eye of the Storm [1991]Eyeball Eddie [2000]
Eyes in the Night [1942]Eyes of Fire [1983]
Eyes of Laura Mars [1978]Eyes of Tammy Faye [2000]
Eyes of the Serpent [1994]Eyes Wide Shut [1999]
Eyewitness [1981]EZ Streets [1996]

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