Found 984 movies starting with M:


M [1931]M*A*S*H: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen [1983]
M. Butterfly [1993]Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair [1952]
Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm [1951]Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town [1950]
Macao [1952]MacArthur [1977]
Macbeth [1948]Maccheroni [1985]
MacGyver [1985]MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis [1994]
Mack [1973]Mack the Knife [1990]
Macross Plus [1994]Mad as a Mars Hare [1963]
Mad City [1997]Mad Dog and Glory [1993]
Mad Dog Time [1996]Mad Ghoul [1943]
Mad Love [1995]Mad Max [1979]
Mad Max 2 [1981]Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior []
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome [1985]Mad Miss Manton [1938]
Mad Monster Party? [1967]Madagascar [2005]
Madagascar Skin [1995]Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa []
Madam Satan [1930]Madame Bovary [1949]
Madame Bovary [2000]Madame Butterfly [1995]
Madame Claude [1977]Madame X [1966]
Made [2001]Made for Each Other [1939]
Made in America [1993]Made in Argentina [1987]
Made in Britain [1982]Made in Heaven [1987]
Madea's Family Reunion []Madeline [1998]
Madhoshi [2004]Madhouse [1974]
Madhouse [1990]Madness of King George [1994]
Madonna: Innocence Lost [1994]Madonna: Truth or Dare [1991]
Mafia [2002/II]Mafia Vs. Ninja [1984]
Magdalene Sisters [2002]Magic [1978]
Magic Christian [1969]Magic in the Water [1995]
Magic Roundabout [2005]Magic Town [1947]
Magical Legend of the Leprechauns [1999]Magical Mystery Tour [1967]
Magical Time Traveling Thugtastic Jug [2004]Magma Head [2003]
Magnetic Monster [1953]Magnificent Ambersons [1942]
Magnificent Dope [1942]Magnificent Obsession [1954]
Magnificent Seven [1960]Magnificent Seven Ride! [1972]
Magnificent Two [1967]Magnolia [1999]
Magnum Force [1973]Magnus Opus [2003]
Magyar vándor [2004]Mahanagar [1963]
Mahler [1974]Mai nei dak gung dui [1982]
Maid in Manhattan [2002]Maid to Order [1987]
Maigret tend un piège [1958]Main Event [1979]
Main Hoon Na [2004]Main Khiladi Tu Anari [1994]
Mais où est donc passée la septi… [1973]Majestic [2001]
Majo no takkyûbin [1989]Major and the Minor [1942]
Major Dundee [1965]Major League [1989]
Major League II [1994]Major League: Back to the Minors [1998]
Major Payne [1995]Majority of One, A [1962]
Mak dau goo si [2001]Makaitoshi Shinjuku [1988]
Make Way for Tomorrow [1937]Maker [1997]
Makers of Melody [1929]Making 'The Shining' [1980]
Making Love [1982]Making Mr. Right [1987]
Making of '...And God Spoke' [1993]Making of 'Alien³' [2003]
Making of 'Garden State' [2004]Making of 'Jackass: The Movie' [2002]
Making of 'Total Recall' [1990]Making of Meteora [2003]
Making Revolution [2003]Making Waves [1994]
Malaika la tuhaliq fi al-dar albayda, Al [2004]Malaya [1949]
Malá morská víla [1975]Malèna [2000]
Malcolm X [1992]Malefic [2003]
Malevolence [2004/I]Malibu's Most Wanted [2003]
Malice [1993]Malicious [1995]
Mallrats [1995]Maltese Falcon [1931]
Maltese Falcon [1941]Mama is boos! [1986]
Mambo italiano [2003]Mambo Kings [1992]
Mame [1974]Mamono Hunter Yôko no jijô [1995]
Mamono Hunter Yôko Part 2 [1992]Man About Town [1939]
Man Apart, A [2003]Man Between [1953]
Man Called Flintstone [1966]Man Called Peter, A [1955]
Man Called Sarge, A [1990]Man Called... Rainbo, A [1990]
Man Down [2001]Man for All Seasons, A [1966]
Man from Elysian Fields [2001]Man from Laramie [1955]
Man From Planet X [1951]Man from Snowy River [1982]
Man I Love [1947]Man in Half Moon Street [1945]
Man in the Attic [1953]Man in the Iron Mask [1939]
Man in the Iron Mask [1998]Man in the Moon [1960]
Man in the Moon [1991]Man in the Shadow [1957/I]
Man in the White Suit [1951]Man in the Wilderness [1971]
Man of La Mancha [1972]Man of No Importance, A [1994]
Man of the Century [1999]Man of the House [1995]
Man of the House [2005]Man of the West [1958]
Man of the Year []Man on Fire [1987]
Man on Fire [2004]Man on the Moon [1999]
Man on the Moon [1993]Man Trouble [1992]
Man Who Came to Dinner [1942]Man Who Changed His Mind [1936/I]
Man Who Cried [2000]Man Who Fell to Earth [1976]
Man Who Fell to Earth [1987]Man Who Knew Too Little [1997]
Man Who Knew Too Much [1934]Man Who Knew Too Much [1956]
Man Who Never Was [1956]Man Who Saw Tomorrow [1980]
Man Who Shot Christmas [1984]Man Who Shot Liberty Valance [1962]
Man Who Skied Down Everest [1975]Man Who Sued God [2001]
Man Who Wasn't There [2001]Man Who Would Be King [1975]
Man with a Cloak [1951]Man with a Gun [1995/I]
Man with One Red Shoe [1985]Man with the Golden Arm [1955]
Man with the Golden Gun [1974]Man with Two Brains [1983]
Man Without a Face [1993]Man Without a Star [1955]
Man's Best Friend [1993]Manchas lunares [1992]
Manchurian Candidate [1962]Manchurian Candidate [2004]
Mandalay [1934]Manden bag døren [2003]
Mandingo [1975]Mangiati vivi [1980]
Mangler [1995]Mangler 2 [2001]
Mango Kiss [2004]Manhandled [1949]
Manhattan [1979]Manhattan Murder Mystery [1993]
Manhattan Project [1986]Manhunt [2003]
Manhunter [1986]Maniac [1934]
Maniac [1980]Maniac Cop [1988]
Maniac Cop 2 [1990]Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence [1993]
Maniac Mansion [1988]Maniacts [2001]
Manic [2001]Manitou [1978]
Mann nebenan, Der [1991]Manna From Heaven [2002]
Mannen på taket [1976]Mannequin [1987]
Mannequin: On the Move [1991]Manos: The Hands of Fate []
Mansfield Park [1999]Manslaughter [1922]
Manson [1973]Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and… [1992]
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh [1977]Map of the Human Heart [1993]
Map of the World, A [1999]Maquinista, El [2004]
Mar adentro [2004/I]Marat/Sade [1967]
Marathon Man [1976]Marcelino pan y vino [1955]
Marci X [2003]Mare's Nest [2004]
Margaret's Museum [1995]Margie [1946]
Margin Call []Margot at the Wedding []
Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula in… [1998]Mariachi, El [1992]
Mariah Carey's Homecoming Special [1999]Mariée était en noir, La [1968]
Marie Antoinette [1938]Marihuana [1936/I]
Mario Kart 64 [1996]Marius et Jeannette [1997]
Marjoe [1972]Mark of Zorro [1920]
Mark of Zorro [1940]Mark of Zorro [1974]
Mark Twain [2001]Mark Twain Tonight! [1967]
Marked for Death [1990]Marked Man [1995]
Marked Woman [1937]Marla Maples: Journey to Fitness [1992]
Marlene [1984]Marley & Me []
Marlowe [1969]Marnie [1964]
Marooned [1969]Marple: The Murder at the Vicarage [2004]
Marquis [1989]Marquis de Sade [1996]
Marriage on the Rocks [1965]Married People, Single Sex [1993]
Married People, Single Sex II: For Bett… [1995]Married to the Mob [1988]
Marrying Man [1991]Mars Attacks! [1996]
Mars Needs Women [1967]Marshal of Mesa City [1939]
Marshal's Daughter [1953]Martha, Inc.: The Story of Martha Stewa… [2003]
Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence [1998]Martians Go Home [1990]
Martin & Orloff [2002]Martin and Lewis []
Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat [2002]Marty [1955]
Marusa no onna [1987]Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of the Super He… [1998]
Marvin's Room [1996]Mary and Max []
Mary and Rhoda [2000]Mary of Scotland [1936]
Mary Poppins [1964]Mary Reilly [1996]
Maschera del demonio, La [1960]Masculin, féminin: 15 faits précis [1966]
MASH [1970]Mashehu Totali [2000]
Mask [1985]Mask [1961]
Mask [1994]Mask of Diijon [1946]
Mask of Dimitrios [1944]Mask of Fu Manchu [1932]
Mask of Zorro [1998]Masked and Anonymous [2003]
Masoom [1983]Masque of the Red Death [1989]
Masque of the Red Death [1964]Masseuse [1996]
Masseuse 2 [1994]Massir, al- [1997]
Master and Commander: The Far Side of t… [2003]Master of Disguise [2002]
Masterminds [1997]Masterpiece Monday [2003]
Masters of Menace [1990]Masters of the Universe [1987]
Masuuruhiito [2002]Mata Hari [1931]
Match Point []Matchmaker [1958]
MatchMaker [1997]Matchstick Men [2003]
Maternal Instincts [1996]Matewan [1987]
Matilda [1996]Matinee [1993]
Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human [1999]Matlock: Nowhere to Turn [1990]
Matri-Phony [1942]Matriarca, La [1969]
Matrices [2003]Matrimonium [2005]
Matrix [1999]Matrix Reloaded [2003]
Matrix Revolutions [2003]Matter of Life and Death, A [1946]
Maurice [1987]Mausoleum [1983/I]
Mauvais sang [1986]Maverick [1994]
Max [2002/I]Max Dugan Returns [1983]
Max Headroom [1985]Max Keeble's Big Move [2001]
Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings [2002]Max Payne [2001]
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne [2003]Max: A Cautionary Tale [2003]
Maximum Overdrive [1986]Maxwell [2000]
May [2002]Maybe Baby [2000]
Mayor of Hell [1933]Mayor of the Sunset Strip [2003]
Mazâ 2: Gîgu no gyakushû [1995]Maze [2000]
Mazes and Monsters [1982]Mädchen in Uniform [1931]
Mädchen mit schwachem Gedächtnis [1956]Mécaniques célestes [1995]
Mépris, Le [1963]McBain [1991]
McCabe & Mrs. Miller [1971]McHale's Navy [1997]
McHale's Navy [1997]McKenzie Break [1970]
McLintock! [1963]McVicar [1980]
Me and My Pal [1933]Me and the Big Guy [1999]
Me and You and Everyone We Know []Me Musical Nephews [1942]
Me Without You [2001]Me, Myself & Irene [2000]
Me, Myself and I [1989]Mean Creek [2004]
Mean Girls [2004]Mean Guns [1997]
Mean Machine [2001]Mean Season [1985]
Mean Streets [1973]Meaning of Life [1983]
Meatballs [1979]Meatballs 4 [1992]
Mechanic [1972]MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries [2002]
Medallion [2003]Medicine Man [1992]
Medina, El [2000]Mediterraneo [1991]
Medusa [1973]Medusa Touch [1978]
Medusa: Dare to Be Truthful [1992]Meet Joe Black [1998]
Meet John Doe [1941]Meet Me After the Show [1951]
Meet Me in St. Louis [1944]Meet the Deedles [1998]
Meet the Feebles [1989]Meet the Fockers [2004]
Meet the Parents [2000]Meet the Raisins! [1988]
Meet the Robinsons []Meet the Spartans []
Meet Wally Sparks [1997]Meeting People Is Easy [1999]
Megaforce [1982]Megamind []
Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 [2001]Mein liebster Feind - Klaus Kinski [1999]
Meisje 5 [1999]Meitantei Conan: Tokei-jikake no matenr… [1997]
Mekagojira no gyakushu [1975]Mel Gibson's Unauthorized Video Diary [1991]
Melancholia []Melinda and Melinda [2004]
Melody [1971]Melvin Goes to Dinner [2003]
Member [2001]Memento [2000]
Memoirs of a Geisha []Memoirs of an Invisible Man [1992]
Memorial Day [1999]Memories of Me [1988]
Memory of the Camps [1985]Memphis Belle [1990]
Men [1997]Men Are Not Gods [1936]
Men at Work [1990]Men Cry Bullets [1997]
Men in Black [1934]Men in Black [1997]
Men in Black 3 []Men in Black II [2002]
Men in War [1957]Men Named Milo, Women Named Greta [2000]
Men O'War [1929]Men of Honor [2000]
Men of Means [1999]Men of the Fighting Lady [1954]
Men of War [1994]Men with Brooms [2002]
Men with Guns [1997/II]Men's Club [1986]
Menace II Society [1993]Meng long guojiang [1972]
Mephisto [1981]Mephisto Waltz [1971]
Mercenaries [1968]Mercenario, Il [1968]
Merchant of Venice [2004]Mercury Rising [1998]
Mercy Mission: The Rescue of Flight 771 [1993]Mercy Streets [2000]
Mere Acquaintance [2003]Merlin [1998/II]
Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders [1996]Mermaids [1990]
Mermaids of Tiburon [1962]Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence [1983]
Merry Mirthworm Christmas, A [1984]Merry Mishaps of Mr. Bean [1992]
Merry Widow [1934]Merry Widow [1996]
Mesmer [1994]Message [1976]
Message From Moonbase Alpha [1999]Message from Nam [1993]
Message in a Bottle [1999]Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc [1999]
Messengers [2004]Messer im Kopf [1978]
Metal Gear Solid [1998]Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty [2001]
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater [2004]Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes [2004]
Meteor [1979]Metoroporisu [2001]
Metro [1997]Metroland [1997]
Metropolis [1927]Metropolitan [1990]
Mexican [2001]Mexican Dream [2003]
Mexican Spitfire's Elephant [1942]Miami Blues [1990]
Miami Rhapsody [1995]Miami Vice [1984]
Michael [1996]Michael Blanco [2004]
Michael Clayton []Michael Collins [1996]
Michael Jackson's Ghosts []Michael Moore Hates America [2004]
Mickey Blue Eyes [1999]Mickey's Christmas Carol [1983]
Mickey's Fire Brigade [1935]Mickey's House of Villains [2002]
Mickey's Mellerdrammer [1933]Mickey's Nightmare [1932]
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas [1999]Mickey's Rival [1936]
Mickey's Surprise Party [1939]Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas [2004]
Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musket… [2004]Micki + Maude [1984]
Microwave Massacre [1983]Midnight [1939]
Midnight Clear, A [1992]Midnight Club II [2003]
Midnight Club: Street Racing [2000]Midnight Conflict [1998]
Midnight Cowboy [1969]Midnight Express [1978]
Midnight Hour [1985]Midnight Hour [2000]
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil [1997]Midnight Lace [1960]
Midnight Madness [1980]Midnight Offerings [1981]
Midnight Patrol [1933]Midnight Run [1988]
Midnight Runaround [1994]Midnight Tease [1994]
Midnight Tease II [1995]Midsommer [2003]
Midsummer Night's Dream, A [1935]Midsummer Night's Dream, A [1999]
Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, A [1982]Midway [1976]
Mies vailla menneisyyttä [2002]Mighty [1998]
Mighty Aphrodite [1995]Mighty Ducks [1992]
Mighty Joe Young [1998]Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie [1995]
Mighty Quinn [1989]Mighty Wind, A [2003]
Mikaël [1924]Mikado [1992]
Mike Bassett: England Manager [2001]Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! [1987]
Mike's Murder [1984]Mike's New Car []
Mikey [1992]Milagro Beanfield War [1988]
Mildred Pierce [1945]Milk []
Milk Money [1994]Milkman [1932]
Milkman [1950]Millennium [1989]
Miller's Crossing [1990]Million Dollar Baby [2004]
Million Dollar Hotel [2000]Million Dollar Kid [1944]
Million Dollar Legs [1939]Million Dollar Mystery [1987]
Million to Juan, A [1994]Millions [2004]
Mimi wo sumaseba [1995]Mimic [1997]
Mimic: Sentinel [2003]Mind Benders [1963]
Mind Reader [1933]Minder on the Orient Express [1985]
Minder: An Officer and a Car Salesman [1988]Mindhunters [2004]
Minds of Terror [2003]Mindwalk [1990]
Mine Own Executioner [1947]Miniver Story [1950]
Minnâ-yatteruka! [1995]Minnie's Yoo Hoo [1930]
Minor Difficulties [1999]Minority Report [2002]
Minus Man [1999]Miracle [2000/I]
Miracle [2004]Miracle [1959]
Miracle Landing [1990]Miracle Mile [1988]
Miracle of Morgan's Creek [1944]Miracle on 34th Street [1947]
Miracle Woman [1931]Miracle Worker [1962]
Mirage [1965]Miranda [2002]
Mirror Crack'd [1980]Mirror Has Two Faces [1996]
Mirror Images II [1994]Mirror, Mirror 2: Raven Dance [1994]
Mirrormask []Misadventures of Margaret [1998]
Misérables, Les [1935]Misérables, Les [1998]
Mischief Destroy [2003]Misery [1990]
Misfit Brigade [1987]Misfits [1961]
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters [1985]Miss Congeniality [2000]
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous []Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous [2005]
Miss Firecracker [1989]Miss Jerry [1894]
Miss Julie [1986]Miss Pacific Fleet [1935]
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day []Miss Sadie Thompson [1953]
Missing [2003/I]Missing in Action 2: The Beginning [1985]
Mission [1986]Mission Kashmir [2000]
Mission to Mars [2000]Mission: Impossible [1996]
Mission: Impossible II [2000]Mission: Impossible III []
Missionary [1982]Mississippi Burning [1988]
Mississippi Hare [1949]Mississippi Masala [1991]
Missouri Breaks [1976]Mister Roberts [1955]
Mistress [1992]Misty Beethoven: The Musical! [2004]
Mitchell [1975]Mixed Nuts [1994]
Mo' Better Blues [1990]Mob [1951]
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The Movie - En… [2000]Mobsters [1991]
Moby Dick [1930]Moby Dick [1956]
Mockingbird Don't Sing [2001]Mod Squad [1999]
Modern Adventures of Tom Sawyer [1998]Modern Girls [1986]
Modern Problems [1981]Modern Romance [1981]
Modern Times [1936]Mogambo [1953]
Mohabbatein [2000]Mohawk [1956]
Mokey [1942]Mole People [1956]
Moll Flanders [1996]Molly Grows Up [1953]
Mom and Dad Save the World [1992]Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire [2000]
Moment by Moment [1978]Moment of Grace, A [2004]
Mommie Dearest [1981]Mon beau-frère a tué ma soeur [1986]
Mona Lisa [1986]Mona Lisa Smile [2003]
Monday Night War: WWE Raw Vs. WCW Nitro [2004]Monde selon Bush, Le [2004]
Mondo Trasho [1969]Money from Home [1953]
Money Pit [1986]Money Talks [1997]
Money Train [1995]Moneyball []
Mongol []Monk [2002]
Monkey Business [1931]Monkey Business [1952]
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge [1991]Monkey Shines [1988]
Monkey's Paw [2003]Monkeybone [2001]
Monolith [1993]Mononoke-hime [1997]
Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran [2003]Monsieur Verdoux [1947]
Monsoon Wedding [2001]Monster [2003]
Monster a-Go Go [1965]Monster in the Closet [1987]
Monster Island [2004]Monster Man [2003]
Monster Mash: The Movie [1995]Monster on the Campus [1958]
Monster Squad [1987]Monster That Challenged the World [1957]
Monster! [1999]Monster's Ball [2001]
Monster-in-Law [2005]Monsters University []
Monsters vs. Aliens []Monsters, Inc. [2001]
Monstrosity [1964]Montana [1998]
Montana Belle [1952]Monte Carlo [1930]
Monte Walsh [2003]Montezuma's Revenge: The Inferno Reunion [2004]
Montreal Writer [2002]Monty Python and the Holy Grail [1975]
Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl [1982]Monty Python's Flying Circus: Live at A… [1998]
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life []Moon Child []
Moon of the Wolf [1972]Moon Over Miami [1941]
Moon Over Parador [1988]Moon Pilot [1962]
Moon's Our Home [1936]Moon-Spinners [1964]
Moonbase [1998]Moonlight and Valentino [1995]
Moonlight Mile [2002]Moonlighting [1982]
Moonlighting [1985]Moonraker [1979]
Moonrise Kingdom []Moonrunners [1975]
Moonstruck [1987]Moontrap [1989]
Moonwalker [1988]More American Graffiti [1979]
More Moron Movies [1986]More the Merrier [1943]
Morgan's Ferry [1999]Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment [1966]
Morning After [1986]Morning Departure [1950]
Morning Glory [1933]Morocco [1930]
Moron Movies [1985]Mort en direct, La [1980]
Mortal Kombat [1992]Mortal Kombat [1995]
Mortal Kombat 4 [1997]Mortal Kombat: Annihilation [1997]
Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins [1995]Mortal Thoughts [1991]
Morte a Venezia [1971]Moscow on the Hudson [1984]
Moses [1996]Mosquito [1995]
Mosquito Coast [1986]Mosquito Squadron [1969]
Most Dangerous Game [1932]Most Outrageous Game Show Moments [2002]
Most Wanted [1997]Mosura 3 [1998]
Mosura tai Gojira [1964]Motel Hell [1980]
Moth [2003]Mother [1970]
Mother [1996/I]Mother [1996/II]
Mother Night [1996]Mother, Jugs & Speed [1976]
Mothman Prophecies [2002]Motocrossed [2001]
Motor City Motormouth [2000]Motor Mania [1950]
Moulin Rouge [1952]Moulin Rouge! [2001]
Mountain Men [1980]Mountain Rhythm [1939]
Mountain Road [1960]Mountaintop Motel Massacre [1986]
Mouse Comes to Dinner [1945]Mouse Divided, A [1953]
Mouse Mazurka [1949]Mouse That Roared [1959]
Mouse Trouble [1944]Mousehunt [1997]
Movie Maniacs [1936]Movie Movie [1978]
Moving [1988]Moving Malcolm [2003]
Moving Violations [1985]Mr 3000 [2004]
Mr. & Mrs. Smith [1941]Mr. Arkadin [1955]
Mr. Baseball [1992]Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House [1948]
Mr. Boogedy [1986]Mr. Brooks []
Mr. Christie [2001]Mr. Death []
Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A.… [1999]Mr. Deeds [2002]
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town [1936]Mr. Destiny [1990]
Mr. Holland's Opus [1995]Mr. James and the Plug of Mystery [2004]
Mr. Jealousy [1997]Mr. Jones [1993]
Mr. Krueger's Christmas [1980]Mr. Magoo [1997]
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium []Mr. Majestyk [1974]
Mr. Mike's Mondo Video [1979]Mr. Mom [1983]
Mr. Moto in Danger Island [1939]Mr. Nanny [1993]
Mr. Peabody & Sherman []Mr. Reliable [1996]
Mr. Saturday Night [1992]Mr. Show and the Incredible, Fantastica… [1998]
Mr. Skeffington [1944]Mr. Smith Goes to Washington [1939]
Mr. Stitch [1996]Mr. Wong, Detective [1938]
Mr. Wrong [1996]Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris [1992]
Mrs. Brown [1997]Mrs. Dalloway [1997]
Mrs. Doubtfire [1993]Mrs. Miniver [1942]
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle [1994]Mrs. Winterbourne [1996]
MTV Backstage Pass: Summer Sanitarium T… [2003]MTV Bash: Carson Daly [2003]
Much Ado About Nothing [1993]Mud []
Mudge Boy [2003]Mudlark [1950]
Mughal-E-Azam [1960]Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios [1988]
Mulan [1998]Mulan II [2004]
Mule Skinner Blues [2001]Mulholland Dr. [2001]
Mulholland Drive []Mulholland Falls [1996]
Multiple Maniacs [1970]Multiple Personality: Reality and Illus… [1999]
Multiplicity [1996]Mumford [1999]
Mummy [1932]Mummy [1959]
Mummy [1999]Mummy Returns [2001]
Mummy's Hand [1940]Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly [1969]
Munchies [1987]Munje! [2001]
Munnabhai M.B.B.S. [2003]Munster, Go Home [1966]
Muppet Christmas Carol [1992]Muppet Family Christmas, A [1987]
Muppet Monster Adventure [2000]Muppet Movie [1979]
Muppet Musicians of Bremen [1972]Muppet Race Mania [2000]
Muppet Treasure Island [1996]Muppet*vision 3-D [1991]
Muppets From Space [1999]Muppets Take Manhattan [1984]
Muppets Treasure Island [1996]Murder at 1600 [1997]
Murder at Midnight [1931]Murder at the Gallop [1963]
Murder at the Presidio [2005]Murder by Death [1976]
Murder by Decree [1979]Murder by Invitation [1941]
Murder by Numbers [2002]Murder by Phone [1982]
Murder in the First [1995]Murder Is Announced, A [1985]
Murder of Dr. Harrigan [1936]Murder on a Honeymoon [1935]
Murder on the Blackboard [1934]Murder on the Orient Express [1974]
Murder She Said [1961]Murder with Pictures [1936]
Murder! [1930]Murder, Inc. [1960]
Murder, My Sweet [1944]Murder-Set-Pieces [2004]
Murderers' Row [1966]Murders in the Rue Morgue [1971]
Muriel's Wedding [1994]Murphy's Law [1986]
Murphy's Romance [1985]Muscle Beach Party [1964]
Muscle Up a Little Closer [1957]Muse [1999]
Mush and Milk [1933]Music [2000]
Music and Lyrics []Music Box [1989]
Music Box [1932]Music From Another Room [1998]
Music Lovers [1970]Music Man [1962]
Music Man [2003]Musketeer [2001]
Mutant Aliens [2001]Mutant on the Bounty [1989]
Mutiny on the Bounty [1935]Mutiny on the Bounty [1962]
Mutiny on the Bunny [1950]Mutters Courage [1995]
Mutters Maske [1988]Mutual Love Life [1999]
My American Cousin [1985]My Baby's Daddy [2004]
My Beautiful Laundrette [1985]My Beautiful Son [2001]
My Best Friend Is a Vampire [1988]My Best Friend's Birthday [1987]
My Best Friend's Wedding [1997]My Big Fat Greek Wedding [2002]
My Bloody Valentine 3D []My Blue Heaven [1990]
My Blueberry Nights []My Bodyguard [1980]
My Boss's Daughter [2003]My Boyfriend's Back [1993]
My Brilliant Career [1979]My Brother's Keeper [2002]
My Brother's Keeper [2004]My Bunny Lies Over the Sea [1948]
My Chauffeur [1986]My Cousin Vinny [1992]
My Darling Clementine [1946]My Date with the President's Daughter [1998]
My Dear Secretary [1949]My Dinner with Andre [1981]
My Dog Skip [2000]My Fair Lady [1964]
My Father the Hero [1994]My Favorite Blonde [1942]
My Favorite Brunette [1947]My Favorite Duck [1942]
My Favorite Martian [1999]My Favorite Spy [1951]
My Favorite Wife [1940]My Favorite Year [1982]
My Fellow Americans [1996]My Femme Lady [2002]
My First Mister [2001]My Gal Sal [1942]
My Giant [1998]My Girl [1991]
My Girl 2 [1994]My Horrible Year! [2001]
My Last Love [1999]My Left Foot [1989]
My Life [1993/I]My Life as a Movie [2003]
My Life So Far [1999]My Life Without Me [2003]
My Little Chickadee [1940]My Little Duckaroo [1954]
My Little Eye [2002]My Little Pony: The Movie [1986]
My Man Godfrey [1936]My Man Godfrey [1957]
My Name Is Buttons [2002]My Name Is Julia Ross [1945]
My Own Private Idaho [1991]My Pal Trigger [1946]
My Pal Wolf [1944]My Science Project [1985]
My Stepmother Is an Alien [1988]My Sweet Satan [1994]
My Teacher's Wife [1995]My Therapist [1984]
My World Dies Screaming [1958]My Yacht [2004]
Myra Breckinridge [1970]Myst [1993]
Myst III: Exile [2001]Mysterious Affair at Styles [1990]
Mysterious Island [1961]Mysterious Mr. Wong [1934]
Mystery Date [1991]Mystery Men [1999]
Mystery of Mamo []Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen [1937]
Mystery of the Wax Museum [1933]Mystery Science Theater 3000: Shorts [1998]
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie [1996]Mystery Street [1950]
Mystery Train [1989]Mystery, Alaska [1999]
Mystic Pizza [1988]Mystic River [2003]
Mystic Voices: The Story of the Pequot … [2004]Myth of Fingerprints [1997]

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