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A Conspiracy is like an Iceberg........there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye
A failure is just the wrong way of looking at a missed opportunity!!!
A perfect leader is like the nose..... Always leads from the front however knows when to let others take charge
A true friend has no definition ...... as its only you who knows who they are!!!!
Acceptance is the slow poison plaguing today's society
Alcohol is like a batsman, it takes time to set in, but is a delight afterwards
Ambitions are the Dreams we Believe can be fulfilled
An inquisitive mind is the only means of travelling from the world of expectations to Reality
At times you don't have enough time to live and regret a wrong split second decision!!!!
Be Like the crayon...... Blunt,sharp,Long or Short...... Always add colours to others lives
Being Passionate about something will always leave its imprints on or in your body and eventually on your soul.
Clothes are like children.... the smaller they are the more care they need
Dependence is a two-sided sword…….. it kills the person on either side of it!!!!
Determination is the binoculars for EFFORT!!!!Helps to visualize our target.
Disguise is what enhances the experience of a BLESSING!!!!
Don't mess with your memories.... only they have the power to return from the dead.
Ego is like our shadow.... when enlightenment is at its best there is no ego and we live well within ourselves.... however as soon as the sun (of sanity)starts setting our ego starts outgrowing us.
English is a funny language..... De(a)dication can lead you to all the success in Life
Every Relationship would be perfect..... If only a third person didn't give his/her free advice
Everyone has a different finger print.... Not to distinguish onself , but to give us an equal opportunity to leave a mark on the world.
Everyone is good at heart.............its only a matter of how deep you see
Exceeding your own expectations can often leave things incomplete
Fame is like walkin on the Beach.... every step, whether right or wrong, leaves its imprint.
Fatality is doing the right things at the wrong time!!!!
God made the world round, to teach us , its not always wrong to reach right where we started
God Made us all equal only to give us an opportunity to make anyone feel special!!!!
Going fast is never the problem... It begins the moment one realises that things are out of control...
Greatness is when people impersonate rather than outperform you!!!!
Half the battle is already won, if you conquer your fear of failure....
Hard Work is to Success like vaccinations are to good health, if timely done.... the result is always the latter!!!!
If life was all about preparing for the worst.... We won't be prepared for anything
If life was perfect...... There would be nothing worth living for!!!
If there are no limitations to effort.... capability is unlimited.
If there were no mirrors .... we would always look down on ourselves
If we don't learn from the mistakes of others...we ought to make them ourselves
If we had options in life..... there would never have been anything knows as destiny!!!
If your dreams and destiny meet........ you haven't dreamed up to your potential
Ignorance.... the cause and cure for every problem.
In a relationship both the U's(W,Double U) need to flip from ME to make a WE
In a stiff competition.... the beneficiary is always a third person!!!!
In the journey called life, we often forget to enjoy the scenery in our efforts to stay on the road
In trying circumstances..... never let someone down and always pick yourself up
Inflation is like a woman's waistline the figure(s) is(are) always more than what is potrayed....
It doesn't ring, till it doesn't sting...
It is very Hard to let go of things you never had...........But always wanted
Its not about what you have achieved…its about what people around you lost meanwhile.
Its not the wall that prevents us from exploring the other side, it’s our character.
Lately..... all a girl desires from a guy is a GOOD SOUL(Standard of Ur Living)!!!!!
Life is like a glass of water... one may change its colour or flavour , but its all not worth it if you start spilling it around.
Life is like a vicious circle.... only the ones on the edge know what it is to face Highs and lows
Life is like driving on the road.... Most of those who are right , Loose patience and change lanes(paths) and are generally the ones to reach the destination quickly. However if they are not careful they may end up in disarray.
Love is the lubricant required in life.... everyone can do without it, but life seems smoother at times with it.
Luck is an excuse You give for not understanding God's planning
More anticipated the beginning.... Less welcome is the end.... and vice versa
Often we forget to acknowledge the brilliant minds around us, in the process of impressing the small minds.
Only smart people can make silly mistakes.
Pamper yourself as if GOD made you the Ambassador of Perfection!!!!!
Patience is never served on the platter...
Patience is when you don't eat your egg only to let it turn into a chicken and pay higher dividends
Perseverance is for people with belief in their own ability, complacency is one arrogant step ahead.... for people with no clue of others' ability.
Playing Sports without a team, is like living life without a family.
Purity is the immunity against the barriers between your heart and your expressions.
Reasons are to an argument as Obstacles are to a bullet The Weak ones get wrecked while the stronger ones force it to change its course!!!!
Reminiscing success gives more pleasure than the moment itself!!!!
Restlessness is God's way of urging us!!!!
Routines catch us unawares after evolving into weaknesses!!!!
Sometimes its best to walk in darkness...... It helps to focus on the ray of light!!
Sometimes losing hope means you have planned for a new start!!!!
Sometimes You got to face it to avoid it!!!!
Success is shortlived when accompanied by contentment
Success is when you have stretched your limits even by a whisker...
Superstitions are born from success stories, allow them to motivate...
Talent is like a stream....when pertinently channelised it can beget the unimaginable , however when unguided ,it can lead to a catastrophe
Temper is like Blood...... you only see it when you lose it!!!
The Faster you want to go, lesser the time you have to make decisions
The Heart has the greatest retention power...... Things which touch the heart remain in memory forever, while the others fade away eventually!!!!
The Mirror may have many uses however sooner or later one uses it for introspection!!!!
The most vulnerable moment for your enemy is when they are thinking that everything is going according to plan.
The MOUSE , The KEYBOARD and The Monitor over the years came closer and closer and became a family known as LAPTOP
The need to appreciated should always be backed by the courage to be criticized.
The Only thing worse than making a wrong decision is ...... to endure the consequences!!!!
The pain of falling APART is felt only after you have been A PART!!!!
The thought : " I wish I had" is the best way to waste your present.
The toughest task of late for a HUMAN BEING is BEING HUMAN!!!!
The voids that cannot be filled need to be shielded.
The world around you starts changing, the moment you allow the world to change you.
Today's Success is tomorrow's Stepping Stone....
TRUTH can never be RUTHless
Trying to find the right path........ is to be on the right path itself
Two wrongs may not make a right, but they can surely mislead a right.
UNITY helps in bringing a successful end to OPPORTUNITY!!!!
Using Initials was the first step by mankind towards secularism
Waste is the word coined by mankind to hide their incapabilities & unawareness to use something usefully
When you deserve something....... Don't expect it, because Expectation is the root cause of dissapointment
When you feel lonely, think about all the moments you wanted to be left alone...
Women are like Records.... chasing them always leads to dissapointment.
You know you're over it .... if you don't need to laugh it off and still have a smile on your face.
You will always be a victim of circumstances if you want to fall prey........... else you would be its enemy

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