Gordana Biernat

Gordana Biernat is an inspirational Speaker and Thought Strategist. She writes about consciousness and quantum reality, works as a Mentor and Art Expert.

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Be in the Present because that is the only moment in which anything new or old can be created.Rate it:
All you truly "own" is your SELF. Everything else is borrowed in the illusion of time and space. Treasure yourself.Rate it:
Resistance to Change comes from your Ego.Rate it:
Consciousness is the fabric of the Universe. YOU are a focus-point of awareness. Everything is ONE.Rate it:
Creativity flourishes when we are allowed to express our uniqueness for the JOY of it. No competition, just the delight of CREATING.Rate it:
Do not confuse your SELF with your beliefs. Thoughts and feelings come and go. YOU remain.Rate it:
Dream your life and live your dream!Rate it:
Every time you deny a desire, ignore a passion, neglect a true calling or silence a truth within you, your SPIRIT fades. Follow your BLISS!Rate it:
Ideas are etheric like dreams. Use them NOW they will escape from your Reality.Rate it:
Be courageous! Do not judge! Do not act in fear! Remember who you are!Rate it:
EGO wants to be confirmed. It needs "company" to expand. The more you know your SELF, the less approval from others you need.Rate it:
Enjoy being YOU, because after all, BEING YOU is what you came here to do.Rate it:
Every THING around you, comes and goes, like waves on water. The only "thing" remaining, is YOU - The OceanRate it:
Every Thing starts in Your Mind as a Thought, Dream or a Fantasy. Use your Imagination!Rate it:
Every ”Now-moment” is an opportunity to change not only the Future but also the Past.Rate it:
If you are always planning the FUTURE, you will never live in the PRESENT. Be HERE. Be YOU. Be NOW.Rate it:
Intuition is the ability to cover a greater "area" of Reality with your awareness.Rate it:
It does not matter who you WERE. All that really matters is who you ARE.Rate it:
KARMA is nothing more than a REMINDER that we are ONE. Harming others we ultimately end up harming ourselves.Rate it:
Leadership is always about how YOU lead YOURSELF. The rest comes as a natural result of that. Would YOU follow YOU?Rate it:
Life is full of "presents" if YOU are in the present.Rate it:
Many of us have become embodied "Consumers-Of-THINGS" ignoring our original soul purpose as "Collectors-Of-EXPERIENCES".Rate it:
Nothing is as it seems, YOU are the ONE creating dreams, love and fear, darkness and light. YOU are the ONE with all the creative might.Rate it:
SOUND vibrations of your words affect the space around them. You literary TOUCH others with what you say.Rate it:
Stop waiting for others to validate YOU. Your own approval is all you need.Rate it:
SUCCESS is not a question of how much power or money you have acquired. It is a question of how satisfied you are with WHO YOU ARE.Rate it:
Successful people do what they love, not what they are told to do.Rate it:
The wise understand without judging. The ignorant judge without understanding.Rate it:
There is no "inside" or "outside". There is only YOU. There is no yesterday or tomorrow. There is only NOW.Rate it:
To ACCEPT something and suffer is to become a victim. To accept that something is AS IT IS and then let it go or say no is to be ENLIGHTENED.Rate it:
True power can never be gained by depriving others from it. True power always comes from within.Rate it:
We SEE things OUTSIDE of ourselves but we are practically BLIND to the Beauty and Power from WITHIN.Rate it:
What you LOVE in your life IS the MEANING of your life.Rate it:
Whatever you give your focus and emotion to becomes your reality. Life is precious. Choose wisely.Rate it:
Why are we so afraid of Change? The only thing that is constant in the Creation of Reality is CHANGE!Rate it:
You are an infinite SOUL enjoying the wonderful illusion of a solid BODY in a beautiful physical World.Rate it:
You attract circumstances, relationships and things in alignment to your awareness. How conscious, of who YOU really are, are you?Rate it:
You have a free will and there is always a choice. Your power resides in that moment of choice.Rate it:
Your consciousness is the portal through which your Immediate Reality is continuously created.Rate it:
Your POWER always resides in the moment of CHOICE.Rate it:
It is not what you say out loud, but what you THINK when you are alone that has the greatest impact on how your life unfolds.Rate it:
What You THINK today becomes Your REALITY tomorrow.Rate it:
You become what you think. All limitations are self imposed. There is no failure, only feedback. Your imagination is infinite.Rate it:
YOU are a FREE spirit. JOY is your NATURAL state of BEING. Everything else is conditioned.Rate it:

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