Vikrant Parsai

Vikrant Parsai, who belongs to Khargone City (M.P), is an author of "A Journey From Cradle to Grave" as well as of many Grammar books on English Language.

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Maturity is the ability to discern the ignorant without discussing them.
The greatest crime you can commit in the desert is to find water and remain silent about it.
What attracts a man’s attention does not guarantee his respect.
E = mc2 if the government doesn't get its hands on it first.
A bachelor must not waste time looking for a faultless woman to marry her.
A bikini is a bathing suit with a lot of nothing usually worn by a girl with a lot of something.
A book of quotations is one which is filled with God’s wisdom for a happy life.
A borrower may not lend the thing he borrowed.
A bridegroom is a man who agrees to marriage before marriage disagrees with him.
A bridegroom is a man who spends a lot of money on a new suit that nobody notices.
A child learns lessons in life more from his unhappy parents than his happy ones.
A child will behave as he has been taught. Tolerance is one of the first lessons to be learnt.
A clear conscience yields a good night’s sleep; without fear even in the desert.
A clever man tells a woman he understands her but a stupid man tries to prove it.
A devil is the one who knows what is right but will not do it.
A dog does not enter a home where he suffers from hunger.
A donkey that goes to Mecca will not come back as a pilgrim.
A fine quotation has really no meaning only when one reads without getting any inspiration from it.
A fool’s excuse is always bigger than the mistake he made.
A friend in need is a friend indeed, but if he is really your friend then he should never be in need.
A friend who visits you when you are suffering is your best friend.
A girl puts a little into a bikini but gets a lot out of it.
A good marriage is a game in which both players win.
A good quote is like a handle of the bicycle which has the power to take you onto the beautiful path of life.
A good teacher has a love of teaching. A great teacher has a love of learning.
A good thought is something that makes a person feel great before others whenever he speaks to them no matter whoever quoted it.
A great quote remains great when we not only read it but also apply it to our daily life.
A happy man is one who wants what he has. An unhappy man gets what he wants but never stops wanting.
A hero is not the person who fights with his enemy but who turns his enemy into his friend.
A home without a mother is a desert.
A learned woman is a lost woman.
A little knowledge may or may not be a dangerous thing. It will certainly soon be more expensive.
A man having no ambition in life is a ship having no rudder in the sea.
A man is known by the company he keeps, but a woman by the man who keeps her.
A man is not a man until he leaves his home or has a house of his own.
A man makes his reputation not by what he writes, but by what others write about him.
A man one year elder to you is one cunning year elder to you.
A man starts growing old when his wishes turn into regrets.
A man without happiness is neither good nor well.
A man’s appearance shows how much he is earning and his wife’s appearance shows how much he is spending.
A man’s character may be judged by how he gives you response to the same question asked by you the third time.
A man’s present can sometimes be judged by his past.
A marriage is the official licence to exploit the labour of wedded husband.
A mirror can do something better for you which maybe your best friend can’t. Cry and it will cry with you, laugh and it will laugh with you, feel alone and it will be with you.
A miser is a person who is reluctant to spend and saves for those who will bury him.
A mistake doesn't make you a fool, but denying it surely makes you one.
A naked person is one whom even a thousand people cannot undress.
A person can be used as a tool only if he doesn’t know for what he is being taken.
A person can understand almost everything deeply through quotations.
A person having no sickness is happy and having no debts is rich.
A person is always ready to favour him from whom he received a gift in the past.
A person is not ready to know if he knows that you know it.
A person learns as long as he lives and still dies a fool.
A person shows himself through how he acts with others.
A person soon forgets about God as soon as he recovers from sickness.
A person who does not share what he is given will never share what he has in his barn.
A person who has not done any good in his life dies like a beast.
A person who is always nice is not always nice.
A person who is angry with one is angry with the other.
A person who is not ashamed will do whatever he wants.
A person who takes warning from the mishaps of others will always be happy.
A person who thinks that he knows something better doesn’t know that his wife knows better than him.
A person without learning is like a beast dressed up in man’s clothes in the field.
A person’s real attitude can be seen when he is in danger.
A poor man is nothing but just like a wheel without a tyre in his own bicycle.
A poor man who marries a rich woman is not his wife, but a ruler.
A quotation in the right place at the right time is like water in a desert.
A real poor person is the one who can’t promise anything.
A really great unfortunate person is one who cannot find water even in the sea.
A skilled teacher and a few good books can always cure ignorance.
A small man is like a small dog, always barking about what he can do.
A smile on your face may delay sorrow for today and tomorrow.
A smile that lights the face will also warm the heart.
A spare tyre is something that you don't check until you have a punctured one.
A successful marriage depends upon two things: to find the right person and to be the right person.
A tree that allows birds to nest in it should never complain about its shred leaves.
A tree that grows in the shade of another one will die small.
A wife’s advice is not worth much, but woe to the husband who refuses to take it.
A woman can be judged by her cooking, her dressing and her husband.
A woman has either something to put on or nothing to take off.
A woman will go for poverty with love rather than wealth without love.
Absence never makes the heart grow fonder because those who are out of sight are out of mind.
After all, harming others means you first harm yourself.
Always do your job without caring what others will think about it.
Always encourage others to do their very best, for God may be giving you one big test.
Always forgive, for it is symbol of strength and never apologise, for it is a symbol of weakness.
Always keep good thoughts in mind and judge everyone and everything by them and definitely each and every time you will be successful.
Always keep in mind of those who show you encouragement when you are down.
Always learn to accept ups and downs of life, because it clearly does offer.
Always listen closely to what children have to say, because really we learn more from them each day.
Always put your trust or faith in God, because man will only disappoint you.
Always take quite time for yourself, or you will be useless for anyone else.
Always talk to the man about people in such a way that he might tell them everything whatever you said about them, good or evil and in the end, it should make no difference to you whether he tell them or not.
Always treat your students as if their parents were sitting beside them in the classroom.
An alarm clock is a device to wake a man up who has no plans or intentions for the future that could make him wake up himself.
An alarm clock is a proof that man has to get up and work hard.
An apology is an expression of regret where the voice rarely matches the words.
An apology is saying the right thing after doing the wrong thing.
An educated man without ambition is as badly off as an ambitious man without education.
An enemy is like boiling water in a pot on the stove whose button may sometimes be in your hands.
An excuse is a spoke of your bike which you take out of it on your highway to success.
An ignorant person is poorer than the man who has no money.
An old man marrying a young girl is like buying a car for somebody else to drive.
Anger in the body is like a termite in the wood.
Another reason for unhappy marriage is that men can’t fool their wives as they could their mothers.
Anyone who says that they love you, wait and see what they do for you.
Are you angry because they lied or are you angry because you believed it?
As long as a language lives, the war will not perish.
As long as the words in your mouth, it is your own; when they are once spoken, they are another’s.
Ask for advice, and then use your brain.
Ask someone else for advice but keep your knowledge to yourself.
Bad things should be written in the sand and Good things carved in stone so that they could be remembered.
Barking dogs seldom bite, but beware of those dogs that know this proverb.
Be an inspiration to others who have a negative outlook on life. Hold their hands and guide them toward the light.
Be careful with whom you share your secrets. Don’t forget your best friend has a best friend, and your best friend’s best friend – also has a best friend.
Be just to all, but trust not all.
Be like a dog, love like a God, work like a slave and eat like a pauper.
Be like a train, it gets to its destination on time by staying on the track.
Be strong and capable. Do whatever you set your mind to. Fill yourself with strength and confidence.
Bear in mind that you are better than what you are; even an empty pistol can scare hundred people.
Beautiful words make beautiful face, beautiful manners make beautiful life.
Before eating food, always take time to thank God.
Before marriage, her parents wonder when he will go home; after marriage, she wonders when he will come home.
Before marrying a woman make sure that you can support her.
Before money, woman is the root of all evil because if woman didn’t exist, money would have no meaning.
Being alone by oneself is much better than being alone with another.
Believe no man more than yourself when you are spoken of.
Beware of a naked person who promises to buy you clothes.
Beware of a wicked man who is trying to be generous.
Beware of laugh at and laugh with; the only people who laugh at you are the ones who pretend to laugh with you.
Beware of the dog that doesn’t bark and the man who says nothing.
Beware of the person who speaks without modesty because he will always break his promises.
Beware of those who don’t like bread and children.
Books are for only those who can live without television.
Borrowing money from a bank is sometimes like borrowing money from your children.
Both mother and God are verb, not noun.
Bring up your children in the way you think other people’s children should go.
By doing; you inspire others to try, so keep doing.
By getting angry, one shows that he is wrong.
Car accidents usually result from one person being in too great a hurry and the other not being in a hurry at all.
Challenges are the most truthful and strictest of teachers.
Charity should be done from the heart not from the pocket.
Children are like the rain, we shouldn’t be angry with them because they just don’t know how to fall upwards.
Children who get everything they ask for seldom succeed in life.
Congress is where the liars and thieves meet.
Credit is what enables people to pay 20% to 35% extra for that product which they probably don't need.
Credit is what enables people to spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.
Dance with the Devil and he may make you the king of Hell.
Darkness shows no wrong path to those who get what they want before dark.
Death does not come free of charge, for it costs us our life.
Death is just a noun which takes all the parts of speech of life with it.
Death is not a laughing matter, so laugh while you are alive.
Death is nothing but the body of a dead who has just died.
Death is the bride of Life and Suicide is the brother of Death.
Death is the last thing you will ever do.
Death makes everybody's I.Q. the same.
Death respects nobody.
Death to me is nothing but a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.
Debt is born when you want to spend money before you have earned it.
Define yourself. Never give anyone any chance to define you by their definitions.
Do it today! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow it might be forbidden.
Do not create in anger what you lack in reason.
Do not leave to the morning the business of the evening.
Do not run into debt with a rich man, or promise anything to a poor one.
Do not stir up the water if you do not know how to catch fish.
Do only one thing at a time. It is lazy people who want to do everything at the same time.
Do today what you want to postpone until tomorrow.
Do you wait until you have nothing to lose before you choose?
Does anyone ever lie to us more than we lie to ourselves?
Doing good to the devil is like planting a seed in the sea.
Don't ever give up, know there is someone out there for you, who will love, respect and admire you too.
Don't ever in life feel you have lost hope, GOD didn't place us here without ways to cope.
Don't regret having lost your money; maybe, if you kept it, it would have lost you.
Don't think that you are not good enough; others will think that for you.
Don’t allow problems of the past to clog your happiness. Work diligently to unravel yourself from your past history.
Don’t be afraid of criticism; criticise yourself often.
Don’t be afraid of falling. By falling we learn to go safely.
Don’t be an example in someone else’s theory, write yours using your own examples.
Don’t be led by the exterior. Give more attention to what lies beneath the skin.
Don’t bury the past if you have intentions of visiting the grave on its anniversary.
Don’t care about what people think about you. They don’t put food on your table or pay your bills.
Don’t complain that your wife doesn’t make meals like your mother used to make if you don’t make money like your father used to make.
Don’t criticize or speak ill of a blind man.
Don’t deceive yourself with you age, it is just a number.
Don’t dig your own grave with your tongue.
Don’t ever try to fight with those who have either nothing or everything.
Don’t expect from others what you can’t promise them yourself.
Don’t forget three rules for success : Never tell anyone everything you have, you know and you can do.
Don’t give me advice. I would rather take money than advice.
Don’t judge me if you don’t know even a little about me.
Don’t judge me just because you probably did the same thing.
Don’t let anyone know about your secret money.
Don’t let sleeping dogs lie if they are lying on your way to success.
Don’t let your habit follow you to bed, or it will follow you to the grave.
Don’t look at the shape -- look at the character.
Don’t make decision at night for it may be changed in the morning.
Don’t make haste because it is the invention of the devil.
Don’t make yourself poor to one who won’t make you rich.
Don’t marry a man who doesn’t love his mother and a woman who hasn’t been a good daughter.
Don’t praise a man by his dog.
Don’t praise your wife before a year.
Don’t praise your wife or neighbour’s wife in front of your neighbor.
Don’t quarrel with a person whose voice is louder than yours.
Don’t re-think; pre-think.
Don’t say your day is good till evening, for you don’t know what may happen before it.
Don’t spend precious time pondering the past. Leave your old emotional baggage behind, embrace the present and celebrate your existence with a blast.
Don’t spend time with people who don’t respect you.
Don’t spend time worrying about tomorrow, when today is passing you by.
Don’t spend your life just crawling. Recognize the wings God has gifted you and learn to fly.
Don’t strike the iron while it is hot, but keep striking it until it is hot.
Don’t take advice from people while building a house otherwise you will have a crooked house.
Don’t talk too much because ignorance is greater and more dangerous than your knowledge.
Don’t teach your children how to walk on the path of life, but teach them what the path is made up of?
Don’t tell your children how to live, live and let them watch you do it.
Don’t think God is blind he can’t see us. He is just wearing glasses called TIME through which he is constantly looking at us each and every moment.
Don’t trust a swearing man and a weeping woman.
Don’t trust in smile every time because evil always enters smiling.
Don’t trust the man who always keeps smiling.
Don’t try to make someone hate the person he loves, for he will still go on loving, but he will hate you.
Don’t wait for respect, just act like an idiot and everyone will respect you.
Don’t waste your precious time talking about things which are none of your business and believe me 90 % of the people do this.
Don’t worry about finding your station in life; there is always someone who will tell you where to get off.
Don’t worry about having no master, for time will teach you everything.
Don’t worry about making mistakes, they are just opportunities.
Drink often drives a man to misfortune and misfortune often drives a man to drink.
Each morning when you start your day, glance in the mirror, and simply say "This will be a marvellous Day!
Education begins within the threshold of one’s own house.
Education is something that you know and get which is not in the book.
Education is the poor man’s haven and the ignorant man’s hell.
Education teaches a man how to speak, now how long or how often.
Even God cannot satisfy everyone.
Even if no one can love and be wise at the same time, but they can flirt and be wise at the same time.
Even if you are in paradise, it is still hell if you are all alone.
Even if you are not asked anything, you just have to speak something to make someone believe that you are still a fool.
Even the clock shows the time without knowing anything.
Even when you are alone, always try to be in good company.
Every man for himself and the Devil for all.
Every now and then the government must defend itself against itself.
Every plant teaches us. When the blossom dies, the fruit appears in it.
Every relationship takes you either towards your dreams or away from them.
Everybody hurts somebody somewhere.
Everybody wishes to know, but nobody is ready to pay the price.
Everyone thinks that his own thoughts are best but finds no inspiration.
Everyone wants to be best, but I just want to be better than those.
Everything has its shadow if you bring it in the light.
Everything in life is a matter of luck. If luck is with you, people will know where you live.
Everything you want in your future is already in your present.
Experience is as effective a teacher as a woman because one does tend to remember her lessons.
Explaining to an ignorant person is like knocking at the door of a deaf man.
Failure is necessary in life. If you cannot fail, you cannot succeed.
Failure is nothing but wishes plus lack.
Failure remains failure if we don’t learn something from it.
Failure yesterday, failure today, failure tomorrow, at least I am a success at being a pessimist.
Fall down seven times stand up eight. - Could anyone show me how?
Fathers should teach their sons how to earn money because mothers teach their daughters how to spend it.
Fear not the man who fears God, but the one who fears you.
Few things are exact. You either have more than you need or need more than you have.
First improve yourself, and then judge others.
For a happy marriage the husband should be the head and the wife the heart.
For me, the person whose thoughts are still spoken is never dead.
For the beggar, everything is always out of fashion.
Forgive the person who confesses his fault because it is already half redressed.
Forgiveness is not the removal of your memory but the removal of your pain.
Fortune is like a wall that falls on those who lean on it.
Friends are not perfect, sometimes they have funny ways, always laugh with them and not at them.
Get the money honestly if you can, if not, any idea will do.
Getting things on credit is like getting them for nothing and paying for them later is like throwing the money away.
Girls who chatter don’t much matter.
Give challenges to those who have the character to face them.
Give me some good advice and I promise you that I will not follow it.
Give something to your child if you think he must give it later to those when they need it badly.
Give yourself to God. He can do more with it than you can.
Giving advice to others is not really as helpful as if you yourself act upon that.
Giving advice to the fool is like sowing water in the ocean.
Giving advice to the ignorant is like sowing the seeds in the desert.
Giving God a challenge is like lighting a candle to challenge the sun.
Giving something without promising is better than promising something before giving.
Giving what one does not possess is always a sign of charity.
God doesn’t go to bed because he has to wake us up every day and we are the ones who forget to thank him every morning.
God gave you life not for how you define him but he wants to see that how you can define yourself.
God gives each of us according to the quality of our hearts.
God has never shown mercy on the poor.
God helps and also remembers those who help others before they help themselves.
God is not alive for many of us.
God is not so powerful as you think nor can he do everything as you believe.
God lives in the centre of a circle and circumference is the only way we have to cover to find him and it can be covered only by worshipping.
God really doesn’t reside in any temple, he is just an imposter who stays outside it for some time and meanwhile we fail to recognise and miss him.
God sits on high and he sees far.
God will never demand the thing you don’t have; he will always demand the thing you want to keep.
Good advice is like a mini-skirt. It is short but covers the most important part.
Good knowledge of an art or profession is essential to be successful in life. A man with insufficient knowledge will always cause harm to himself and others.
Good looking and good luck rarely walk the same road.
Good manners are made up of letting people tell you what you already know.
Hang out with the powerful and people will kneel before you wherever you go.
Hang out with wise people and you will realize that there is nothing better for man than silence.
Harsh words are like a boll, it doesn’t stick to the wall, but it will surely leave a mark.
Hate is something we do when we are afraid to love.
Hating people is like throwing stones at the tree which can’t give you any fruit.
Having difficulties in life is nothing but only a matter of choice.
Having too many friends is as bad as having no friends at all.
He has nothing, for whom nothing is enough.
He is a fool who thinks that another does not think.
He is the best teacher who makes his pupil suffer the most.
He that is cruel to his own will not be cruel to others.
He that is rich will not be called a fool.
He was so poor that he couldn’t afford a funeral that’s why he is still alive.
He who borrows will have to pay again with shame or loss.
He who carries the word “no” with him will never be poor even when he is old.
He who does good and throw it in the Nile will be rewarded by God in the desert.
He who does not know how to walk cannot climb a ladder.
He who doesn't go to temple in bad weather will go to hell when it is fair.
He who doesn’t know what life is knows nothing.
He who explains things to an intelligent person need not tire himself out talking.
He who has no house of his own is everywhere at home.
He who has no shame before the world has no fear before God.
He who is accustomed to evil is offended by good.
He who is afraid to die, has already died.
He who is everybody’s friend is either very poor or very rich.
He who is everywhere is nowhere except God.
He who is honest rarely trusts anybody but who is not, trusts everybody.
He who is in the habit of sitting in the shade will not take an axe to the tree.
He who is not grateful for the good things he has won’t be happy with the things he wishes he had.
He who knows how to beg can always leave his money at home.
He who knows how to live, knows more than enough.
He who knows not when he has enough, is poor.
He who knows nothing is as blind as him who cannot see.
He who knows quotations can overcome any type of difficulty in life.
He who knows that he doesn't know, knows what he needs to know.
He who knows, knows. He who doesn’t know, learns.
He who leaves a good name does not die poor.
He who leaves and then returns will have a good trip.
He who never goes to your house doesn’t want you in his house.
He who never has enough, never has anything.
He who says he is happy in the desert means he knows where the well is.
He who shares the meat is always left with the bone.
He who steals in order to give to God can only get advice from the devil.
He who strikes his father or mother his hand will grow out of the grave.
He who studies MA in English Literature but fears the name Shakespeare is one who studies shadow but afraid of its statue.
He who tells his own secret will hardly keep another’s.
He who thinks to deceive God has already deceived himself.
He who tries little of everything accomplishes much of nothing.
He who wants everything every time will lose everything any time.
He who wants to kill a dog says that he has urinated against the mosque.
He who wants to make his friend his enemy should lend him some money.
He who wears a smile instead of worrying is always the strongest.
He who works before dawn will soon be his own master.
He whose needs are the least will always be the nearest to God.
Heaven is empty and hell is full, wait for me I am also coming there.
Heaven is exactly where you are, hell is exactly where you are, now tell me exactly where you are.
Hello my little sunny it is money that begets money.
Home is where you live your life and build your memories.
Honeymoon is a trial period in which no complaints will be accepted.
Hope lights up our darkness.
How strange! When people borrow money, they bow to you and when you collect it, you have to bow to them.
Hunger brings people down, but pride can help them get up.
I always advise people not to act upon the advice that I give them.
I always take my anger lightly. I examine my anger and learn from it every time.
I am a writer. Books are my home and words are my friends.
I am lovable and each day it becomes easier for me to love myself.
I am not afraid of ghosts now because I have realized that people nowadays are scarier than ghosts.
I am not sure anyone loves you if you hate yourself but many will hate you if you love yourself.
I am not telling you not to keep money but let not money keep you.
I am not the boy that I was before but I will be the man I am not now.
I am so much afraid of making enemies that I don’t make even the dog my friend.
I don’t believe that somebody’s first impression is their last impression, for it may change after sometime.
I don’t ever educate people by teaching English, I just make them realize what really is it? and nothing else.
I don’t know about man’s love, but every day is a child loving day.
I don’t like the word sorry because sorry is generally said when something wrong is going to happen again.
I don’t regret wasting my time, for I had been waiting for nobody since I wasn’t born.
I don’t think you should believe the words of a person on whose tree the crows sit most of the time cawing.
I don’t want something tomorrow what I paid for yesterday.
I don’t want to become a rich man but a poor man with a lot of money.
I don’t want you any money in your pocket but a true soul in your heart.
I fell in love and got broken, for it is said that everything that falls gets broken.
I have a habit of breaking my habits.
I have no particular objection to death by its very nature; it pays all bills.
I have the courage to ask for support when I need it. I am willing to support others when they need my help.
I have yet to meet that person who has been angry and never become cool again.
I have yet to meet two types of people; unknown and those who are known to only unknown.
I know life is damn busy but if you can’t find time to pray in the morning, then I don’t think you will have time afterwards either.
I know the quotes, you know the quotes, but does the dog know the quotes?
I know what would you do if you were me but what would you do if you were you?
I know your I.Q. the moment when you open your mouth.
I like to travel on the road where quotations are its signposts.
I really didn’t intend to become an author, but I just happened to fall into it.
I tell you the world is full of fools and only fools call each other fools.
I think it is better to fight a person in a battle than to argue with him at the dinner table.
I think that spending each moment of two minutes in God is much better than spending each moment of two days in hospital.
I thought a thought which I never thought that it would be thought by me.
I will judge my success in life by how many people feel safe enough to cry in my arms.
If a friend tells you “You can't do that” and makes you believe it, then I believe you should get a new friend.
If a man is born, he should be born either a king or a fool.
If a man is in love, he is hungry, even if he is not hungry.
If a man is miser he will certainly have a prodigal son.
If a man marries a wicked woman from a wicked family, certainly he will die the day he needs life.
If a person can give you a finger he will also give you the whole hand.
If a woman so much loves money, she will not fail to share her secret with fools.
If dogs could start talking to man, I don’t think God would send them on earth.
If everything belongs to everybody, then nothing belongs to nobody.
If one is in harmony with his family, he has found the secret of success.
If one puts a rope around his neck, many will be happy to drag him by it.
If practice makes a man perfect then what perfect practice makes a man?
If someone hates you, don’t let them find you hateful.
If someone whom you lent money and won’t pay you back will always hate you.
If the clock didn’t have the hands, it would be useless.
If the knocking at the door is loud and long, it is not opportunity, it is your relatives.
If the lions would start telling stories to their children, the hunter can’t beat them.
If the sea turned to honey, the poor would lose their spoon.
If there is no crisis in your country, don't worry, the government will create one.
If there were no God, the Government wouldn’t take too much time to take the position.
If we could predict the future, we would sit beside the God.
If we could see ourselves as others see us, we would never wish a second look.
If we don’t fight we remain equals, if we do fight then one of us wins.
If you are a dog, you have to bark! Know who you are and really be that person in every word and action.
If you are always looking at the sky, you will never discover anything on the ground.
If you are an egg seller, you should never start a fight in the market.
If you are better than all others, then you are greater than all those.
If you are dependant on others, then you must make friends with the dog.
If you are going to die, you will die in the dark even if you have candle business.
If you are good at playing cards then you know how and when to discard your opponent.
If you are in a game and you always win, then remember it is not a game.
If you are looking for a fly in your food it means that you are not hungry.
If you are looking for a friend without a flaw, you will never find one.
If you are looking for happiness, then you know nothing about it at all.
If you are no trouble to your children now, they will be a trouble to you when they grow up.
If you are working to succeed, bear it in mind that many people who aspired to be like you didn't reach their destination.
If you can get up when you are down, you don't notice that everyone around you was down, for it is only when you are down you notice others are up.
If you can hide love and a cough, then I say you can hide your ignorance too.
If you can’t forgive yourself, I am sure you can’t forgive anyone else.
If you complain about the taste of food, it means you are not hungry.
If you design a future that inspires others as much as it inspires you, the world will conspire to make it happen.
If you do good, you may forget it; but if you do ill, you will always remember it.
If you do not honor your parents, your children will not honor you.
If you do not want to work in the heat, you will have to starve in the cold.
If you do what you always did you will always remain what you are.
If you don't know what to be thankful for, be thankful for all the troubles you haven't had yet.
If you don’t belong to any religion, then you must be the suspect.
If you don’t fail to try, you can’t fail to win.
If you don’t feel jealousy, then you are not in love.
If you don’t have any enemies, then you are not as wise as you think.
If you don’t honor your wife, you also dishonor yourself.
If you don’t like dogs, you don’t like people; if you don’t love dogs, you don’t trust people.
If you don’t make mistakes, you are not wise; you are a fool.
If you don’t plant, you get nothing but weeds.
If you ever play cards with your enemies, you must never expect them of having the joker.
If you find a reason for your happiness, you will never be happy.
If you find breads and water in the desert, you are bound to find God somewhere too.
If you give away what you have, you will not yearn for what you see.
If you give me rice, I’ll eat today; if you teach me how to grow rice, you’ll never see me again.
If you give the poor wool today, God you will have a sheep tomorrow.
If you go to bed hungry, you will wake up without having slept.
If you go too near your relatives, they will not respect you.
If you happen to come across your lost loved one, use this time your brain instead of heart.
If you have a dog and you love him too much, then some day you will have to bark yourself.
If you have a friend who is a doctor, then send him to your enemy’s house.
If you have both money and bread, you can select with whom your daughter to wed.
If you have no money in your pocket, then you should have fair words on your lips.
If you have no money then you are not worth listening to.
If you have no money, you have no friends; but if you have it, then they are not friends.
If you have no time to take care of your sickness, you get time to die.
If you have nothing better to do, go to bed with your own wife.
If you have people then you are richer than those who have only money.
If you have wine for your dinner, you will have water for your breakfast.
If you learn how to be happy when you are down, then you may never be down.
If you learn you can teach; if you teach you will learn.
If you lend something you may lose it, but not if you give it. Giving is much better than Lending.
If you love a woman from afar, you are not a wise man.
If you love somebody, don’t lend them.
If you love someone and they say A, then you shouldn’t say A, you should say B.
If you love someone and they want to leave you, let them go because they never belong to you.
If you make God your best friend, you can’t go wrong.
If you marry money, it will give birth to the devil.
If you never take advice, you will never have anyone to blame things on.
If you push anyone to fall, you will be pushed before you fall.
If you really love your son, then make him leave home.
If you really want to judge me, then judge not me at first sight.
If you rest your chin on your hand when you think, it will help you keep your mouth shut.
If you say that money is God, then you should also remember that it is also the root of all evil.
If you say your God is bigger than mine, than you just show your religion in the name of God.
If you serve everybody, you will get thanks from nobody.
If you shout at home you will bark away from home.
If you sleep under a tree, you can’t prevent the leaf from falling on you.
If you tell quotation to a fool, it has to be explained to him.
If you tell somebody to sit on your shoulders, he will try to climb on your head.
If you tell the secret to the Nile you should not be surprised if the desert knows it.
If you think about things too long, good thoughts will soon disappear.
If you think of failure in your mind, you are one step farther away from success.
If you think that you must grow corn, then it would better be on good terms with monkeys.
If you trust nobody then you are just as foolish as when you trust everybody.
If you try, you may fail others, but if you don’t, you fail yourself.
If you want my money, you have authorized me to examine how you spend yours.
If you want success in life, then just learn how to walk like a turtle instead of flying.
If you want to avoid weddings then attend funerals.
If you want to be loved by all, first love God, then your mother and father.
If you want to buy something, ask at least three merchants.
If you want to destroy your enemy, give him an elephant as a gift.
If you want to feel rich, try to sell the thing which you love more than yourself.
If you want to get the best conversation with people, then talk to them about themselves.
If you want to hear the whole truth about yourself, make your neighbour angry.
If you want to keep the light in the marriage; you must also accept the shadows.
If you want to know how a person is, just put some kind of hard choice in front of him.
If you want to know if someone has money, observe his beard and his boots.
If you want to know the secret to success, ask those who have not succeeded in their lives.
If you want to know where God lives, go to desert searching for a well.
If you want to live in peace, you must not tell everything that you know, nor judge everything that you see.
If you want to make God count something, make a woman weep and He will count her tears.
If you want to make God laugh, pray to him for wealth.
If you want to marry for love, you will always live in pain.
If you want to please, never say things are going well.
If you want to remain something a secret forever, then never do anything.
If you want to talk with the dogs, you must learn to bark, and bark like an old dog because he doesn’t bark without reason.
If you wish for light from God when there is darkness in your life, then remember you can’t see anything, even yourself once it is gone, so struggle in life instead of wishing an easy one.
If you wish to be in good repute, let not the sun find you in bed.
If you wish to know what a man is, make him king.
If your presence doesn't make a difference, your words can never create effect.
Ignorance always makes people create an argument and it is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in it.
Ignorance is darker than night.
Ignorance is the only weapon that the devil can forcefully use against you.
In a fight with a fool it’s a wise man who quits.
In anger a man becomes dangerous to himself and to others.
In every journey, there is a starting point; therefore, don’t forget where your journey started from.
In life, sometimes we fail and sometimes we succeed, but usually we learn most from the journey.
In life, we spend most of our time searching for what we already have.
In marriage, sometimes you have to fight, just so you can learn more from each other.
In my opinion, the most wonderful thing you can do in your life is to forgive someone whom you can’t forgive.
In my opinion, you are a fool and in yours, I am too.
In order to succeed you have to decide what can you do after what you do?
In order to understand others, you must understand yourself first.
In politics, it is better never to have loved at all than to have loved and lost.
In temple, in the pubs and in coffins all men are equal.
In the dictionary of the Devil, the word God is always missing.
In the game of life, we don’t know all the rules but still we are playing where God is umpiring.
In the marriage, dialogues and sounds of the woman are written and directed by the man.
In this world generous people have no money and those with money are not generous.
Instead of asking God to make something easier, ask him to make you stronger.
Instead of giving your son a vineyard, teach him how to grow it otherwise he may not give you even a grape later.
It doesn’t matter of what colour you are as long as there is green clolur in your pocket.
It doesn’t mean you are alive because you are out of bed but you are probably dead if you are in bed.
It is a mistake to assume that a man is worth a lot of money just because he has it.
It is always better to help the needy than the poor.
It is better one time to see things than one hundred times to hear about them.
It is better to be completely ignorant than to be ill taught.
It is better to be on your own than with people you don’t like.
It is better to be poor than to live alone.
It is better to choose a wife with your ears than with your eyes.
It is better to dance in the rain than to sit under a leaking roof.
It is better to deal with the devil we know than the devil we don’t know.
It is better to have what you can't love than to love what you can't have.
It is better to know yourself than someone to tell you who you are.
It is better to like what you have than to have what you like.
It is better to pay and have little than to have much and be in debt.
It is better to talk to a woman and think of God, than talk to God and think of a woman.
It is better to trust your eyes than your ears, but not at the time of choosing your wife.
It is better to weave a net than to stand by the water longing for fish.
It is common to follow the path of others; it is courageous to create your own.
It is difficult to forgive those who steal our time.
It is easier for the son to ask from the father than for the father to ask from the son.
It is easier to be human than to be a human being.
It is easier to change rivers and mountains than human character.
It is easier to know your enemies than to know your friends.
It is easy to die, anyone can die anywhere -- the difficulty lies in living.
It is easy to forget when you borrow money but easy to remember when you lend it.
It is easy to pick out the best people. They will help you to do it.
It is foolish to lend your sword to anyone during the battle.
It is impossible to find a man who has everything, but it is possible to find one who enjoys the things he has.
It is never life of death; life is here and death is on its way.
It is never too late to give to those who do not have.
It is no use of discussing how long a snake is when he is in his house.
It is not good for a husband to talk of pretty girls in front of his wife.
It is not good manners to show your learning before ladies.
It is not what you have in life that counts, but what you are.
It is not what you know that counts; it's how you use what you know.
It is not what you say, it is the questions you ask that are important. The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.
It is really disgraceful to hate the one whom you praise.
It is really no use of getting closer to someone now and then who doesn’t love and care about you.
It is sad to see people squandering money and know you can’t help them.
It is the company which makes the occasion, not the surroundings.
It is the crime that causes the shame, and not the punishment.
It is the thoughts that matter.
It is up to you to make yourself happy. No one can make you unhappy unless you let them.
It is very difficult to tickle a hungry person.
It seems one must leave home to learn the definition of life.
Jealousy is considering other person received the thing that you deserved.
Jealousy is the evidence that you haven’t discerned yet your own assignment.
Jude a man by the comments of his neighbour rather than by the words of his mother.
Judge a man by his ability to ignore how other men judge him
Judge a person not by his ability to make money but by his ability to retain it.
Judge everything not by the eye but by the heart.
Judging people by appearances is like judging yourself by your own shadow.
Just because a thing is funny doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a mystery.
Just because anyone can pilot a ship in the sea doesn’t always mean that they also know how to swim in it.
Just because someone looks good doesn’t mean that they should be respected and trusted.
Just because we know more about people, that’s why they don’t dare to change themselves.
Just because you are a good friend of a scorpion doesn't mean that you can't be stung by a bee.
Just because you are living and breathing doesn’t mean you are alive.
Just because you don’t deserve punishment for your thoughts doesn’t mean you have to think only poor ones.
Just because you find a thought somewhere with somebody’s name written after it doesn't mean they really said it.
Just because you say you are great doesn’t mean you are.
Just one thing you have to do to God is prayer and he will decide whether it is steering wheel or your spare tire.
Just stand still beside me and watch people, you can observe a lot instead of talking to them.
Karma is the mother and karma is the father, karma is God.
Keep building your word-power. Read, read, read. That way you will be able to say what you really feel.
Keep in touch with the people who have something to gain rather than those who have nothing to lose.
Keep yourself away if there is a quarrel between a husband and his wife.
Keeping a woman to her word is like trying to hold an alligator by its tail.
Keeping your word is never a problem; giving your word gets you in trouble.
Knowing everything about a man doesn’t take as much time as knowing about an animal.
Knowledge is everything but without practice is nothing.
Leave your wife sometimes alone if you would really love her.
Lend money to a fool and you become the new fool.
Let me give a tip. You can't be right with God if you are not right with others.
Let me look at your house and I will tell you who you are.
Life consists of thoughts. The better your thoughts, the more beautiful your life will be.
Life is a bank where everybody has deposited time but will never know the balance.
Life is a garden, don’t water the weeds.
Life is full of changes; if you don’t change, it will change you.
Life is full of good times, but the ups and downs of life have made it so difficult to understand.
Life is hard and it can be made easier only by working hard.
Life is just a book of chapters written by God which you have to read very carefully before it finishes.
Life is just a game to be played according to the rules in an arena from where you can’t survive anyway.
Life is just like a running train without driver, we can’t jump out of it to find the platform of our choice.
Life is like a wheel. Now up, now down; we cannot always expect to be on top.
Life is measured by the number of things you are alive to.
Life is precious and you are unique so never forget to remind yourself every day.
Life is the trump card of love and love is the wild card of reality.
Life may not be a spectator sport but many spend time watching it go by.
Life will show you what you did not know.
Life, a game; you, a player; earth, a playground; money, your score; God, umpire, death, out of game.
Life’s a journey for everybody but somebody has stolen my map.
Listen with your ears, look with your eyes, but keep silent with your mouth.
Little persons try to be perfect while great ones do not know they are great.
Live in such a way that if the devil happened to come to your way, he would change his direction.
Loneliness is worse but the worst kind of loneliness is when you are in a crowd of people.
Look at the man you serve and you will see how much you are esteemed.
Looking forward to a world of opportunity is great. Looking back on missed opportunity is not. Grab it now!
Love and war do not follow the ordinary rules of life.
Love is a dangerous weapon that kills anyone.
Love is a disease which cannot be cured by medicinal herbs.
Love is blind because it is lawless.
Love is like hunting, you can begin when you like and stop when you can.
Love is strictly a travelling. It is better to travel than to arrive.
Love is the light of life; in marriage, it is the electricity bill.
Love someone as if they were about to die tomorrow.
Love your children more than money because you can laugh happily with them, but not with money.
Loving someone that does not love you is like shaking the tree that bears no fruit.
Lower your phone bill; talk to God.
Make the best use of time. Don’t spend time brooding over past mistakes or worrying about the future. Remember, time lost can never be regained.
Make your own path. The well trodden path is not always the right path.
Make yourself a noble man before advising others.
Make yourself solely responsible for resolving problems with other people. If you wait for the other party to do something you may be waiting a long time.
Man is so intelligent animal on earth that if he was empowered as much as God, he would start battling with him to get his position.
Man makes money, money doesn’t make man but it makes monkey of him.
Man proposes, God disposes is not the matter, the matter is what man possesses.
Many accidents in the home occur in the kitchen, more in the bathroom but most occur in the bedroom.
Many people count other people’s faults and ignore their own.
Many people in the world are killed by supper rather than by the sword.
Many people sow rice in their fields and expect to harvest maize.
Many people worry about more things what most people don’t care at all.
Marriage is a device originated by women for looting the men.
Marriage is a hunting permit that entitles you to only one dear at a time.
Marriage is a stupidity that is celebrated for two.
Marriage is an association of two persons for the purpose of making one the beneficiary.
Marriage is functional in which the woman must cook the food every day and the man has to eat it every day.
Marriage is something women do when they forget what their mother went through.
Marry a poor woman and it is God who will make you rich.
Marry a relative! If it goes wrong, it is at least in the family.
Memory is life’s clock and clock is life’s moments.
Men are attached to two types of women : those who wear well and those who wear little.
Millions saw an apple falling but only Newton asked why; because the apple didn’t fall onto his head but into his mind.
Mind your own business or you will undermine your own business.
Mistakes will happen, but must you give them so much help?
Money can buy you everything except a father and a mother.
Money can’t buy happiness, because you never have enough money.
Money doesn’t ask anyone to show the way, it always makes its own way.
Money doesn’t come for the asking. Often one has to adjust to the whims of one’s superiors, to flatter them and to please them. In the process one ceases to be free.
Money doesn’t grow on trees but it speaks beautifully without grammar.
Money has wings but you have to cut your wings to prevent it from flying.
Money is our private plane but only few know how to pilot it.
Money is power, wealth is a defence, how do you desire them?
Money kills people more than weapons do.
Money makes a man; even if he were a monkey before to start with.
Money may not make you happy but it is sure lets you choose your anxieties.
More mistakes happen to the successful than to the man who has failed.
Most of us can do more than we think but usually do less than we think we have.
Most of us would get along well if we used the advice we give others.
Most people don't know how hard it is to be a success, says the successful failure.
Much money, many friends; little money, no friends.
My philosophy is : there is no use of trying to be kind to those who are always rude to you.
My tongue is a knife that is very sharp and you know, it can hurt you very easily.
My wife is a flower of the garden and I am her fence around it.
Neither lend money to a great man nor borrow it from a powerful one.
Never accept your life as it is now, always strive for improvement somehow.
Never build your future around your past.
Never expect anything from those who don’t love and care about you and those who really do will already fulfil your expectations before you wish.
Never give advice even if it is asked.
Never give anyone your time to make you feel sad or hatred for them. Just be happy and enjoy your life.
Never have more faith in the world that you do in yourself.
Never help a person who doesn’t help anybody else.
Never interfere in a person’s decisions about what he will do with his possessions.
Never judge a man by his relatives; he didn’t choose them.
Never lose faith in anyone you meet, for you may need it, when you feel defeat.
Never love the person who can’t protect you.
Never play with the Devil if you are afraid to shake the dice because you will never throw a six.
Never pluck flowers if you love them, for a thorn loves them more than you do.
Never put in front of you what you don’t want inside you.
Never put off anything until tomorrow except anger and jealousy.
Never refuse an invitation or a good offer.
Never scold or beat a child until he starts asking you questions whose answers you are unable to give.
Never take for granted one's love for you, always strive to be honest, loving and true.
Never take safety for granted. Always shake the bushes before you enter.
Never trust a man who can forget his debt.
Never trust a man whose dog barks at him.
No doesn't always mean no; sometimes it means not right now.
No man really knows how to live if he did, he would never die.
No matter how beautiful the shoes are, they still have to go on the ground.
No matter how busy idle people are, they always find time for everything.
No matter how generous you are, you don’t give your wife away.
No matter how misbehaved a child, the parents will accept.
No matter how strong you are, you always find someone stronger.
No matter how tall the mountain is, there is always a road to the top of it.
No matter if you know a thousand things, still consult him who knows one.
No matter if you wait for tomorrow or not, it will come tomorrow.
No matter if you walk like a turtle until you don’t stop.
No matter where you go searching for something, you will come back and find it at home.
No one can tell more about you if you close your eyes.
No one has ever been offended by someone with good manners and courteous behaviour.
No one is more afraid of ghosts than those that don’t believe in them.
No one is perfect except two people : those who are dead and those who have not been born yet.
No one really knows about you better than your own shadow.
No one should ever think of catching an eagle merely by standing at the top of mountain.
No questions, boy, then you won’t get no lies.
Nobody in this world can explain you the meaning of life, but I can explain it only in four words and these are – I also don’t know.
Nobody loves the way he ought to, he loves the way he has to or is allowed to.
None of us knows who we are.
Nothing comes out of nothing but something always comes out of everything.
Nothing is as bad that it isn’t good for something.
Nowadays, many of those who are incapable of learning, being forced to enter the field of learning.
Once somebody was nobody for you, but now he/she is everything to you and now you can do anything for him/her without worrying about anyone.
One good quotation is often worth more than two good friends.
One learns compromise by accepting the good with the bad.
One must work really hard to reach the top, especially the one who is at the bottom.
One of the keys to be happy is to always get in touch with oneself.
One of the major reasons for the downfall in many relationships is; too much “me” in “we”.
One way to get rid of your weight is to leave it on your plate.
One who does not like to read is equal to one who cannot read.
One who does not obey the parents’ word will be taught by the world.
One who is not moved by words is rarely moved by the stick.
One word of wisdom is as good as a hundred ordinary words.
Only a fool gives lectures on drowning during a drought.
Only do what your teacher says but not what he does.
Our life is like a movie directed by God which has no beginning and ending, just interval in which we have to play our whole role.
Our life is like a tree which is pruning itself.
Our parents teach us to speak and the world teaches us to be silent.
Parents usually know where a teen-age son is: he is in the family car; but they don’t know where the car is.
Pay what you owe and you will know what you are worth.
Pay what you owe and you’ll know what you’re worth.
People are known by the way they walk, talk and balk.
People are like pepper, you don’t know them until you have ground them.
People are like trees and if they have no branches or leaves, they accuse the sun of partiality instead of blaming themselves.
People are like trees, the leaves are many but the root is one and remember only a good foundation guarantees success and longevity.
People are sometimes not ready to accept what they are able to do something or not.
People can’t learn anything from buying but from selling.
People don’t desire their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future.
People of great thoughts can become people of great deeds.
People rarely discuss the things that trouble them most.
People see what you are before they hear what you are.
People who wrestle with their consciences usually go for two falls out of three.
Perfect wife is the one who knows that no man is perfect.
Philosophy makes the shy people strong and the strong people stronger.
Plant ‘if’ and ‘when’ and you will grow ‘nothing’.
Play every game as if it were going to be the game breaker.
Practice makes perfect. How many times have parents uttered those words to encourage their children …?
Practice never makes anyone perfect, it only increases their improvement.
Praise is something when a person tells you about yourself that you have suspected all along.
Prepare yourself for when the water comes up to your knees.
Put your troubles in your bag and drop them over the bridge on your way.
Putting wings on your body can’t make you an eagle.
Quarrelling with a drunkard is like disputing with a man who is not present there.
Question to you – who will remember you after you are dead?
Quotations in conversation are torches in darkness.
Real love is when you don’t need to tell each other everything.
Remember, those are not all your friends who laugh with you.
Say nothing when you are giving -- only say something when you are receiving.
Science is the father of war and Nature is the mother of peace.
Science will always give answer to the first question but refuses to the last one.
Sex is the only field where the amateur is favoured and the professional is disapproved.
Shakespeare said “all the world is a stage” if it is then I suggest you to perform better than anyone else.
Show kindness to your near and dear ones, first. Help them. Ensure their happiness. Only then set out to wipe the tears from the eyes of others.
Show me your wife and I will tell you what kind of a husband she has.
So many people who desire poverty get it quickly, but those who desire wealth never have it.
So you want to be a man? You will become a man on the day that you profoundly respect every woman you meet.
Society is made up of two classes those who get more than they earn and those earn more than they get.
Solitude is the nest of thoughts.
Solitude is the only thing that will never help you make your character.
Solution is always simple once you have the technique.
Some people are in the habit of complaining about everything; even about the noise made by opportunity that knocks on the door.
Some people don’t know the difference between thinking for yourself and thinking of yourself.
Some people get up and go others just get up and goof.
Some people go about doing good other people just go about.
Some people teach you to love, others teach you to live but the good ones teach you both.
Some people use language to express thought, some to conceal thought, and others instead of thoughts.
Some people will slap you on the back behind your face and then slap you in the face behind your back.
Some women never talk about other women; they are too busy talking about themselves.
Some women spend the first part of their lives looking for a husband, and the last part wondering where he is.
Something is everything for nothing and now everyone is ready to do anything to achieve nothing.
Something you are doing everyday is what your children will remember the rest of their lives.
Somewhere something is good for somebody as well as bad for someone else.
Speak well of your enemies; after all you made them.
Spending half as much money and twice as much time on children is a good rule to follow to bring up them.
Spending money is like pouring water into sand and earning it is like taking water back from sand.
Spending money more than you can earn is spinning a rope around your own neck.
Stop talking the moment when you find that you are not being heard.
Strangers are friends whom we yet to meet and our foes are nobody but strangers.
Stress is the proof you are attempting something that God didn't order you.
Strong and decided measures prevail best with troublesome people.
Students are the only consumers who do not want what they pay for.
Students should always be reminded that the best days for studying are days that end with the letter Y.
Success doesn’t come through what has been done, but what remains to be done.
Success is a ladder cursed to those who don’t have hands but what about you, my dear?
Take what life gives you if there is no more than a second chance.
Taking revenge from someone may be easier for you, but it is really harder to live afterwards.
Talking about lions is not the same as facing them in the forest.
Teach your tongue to say “I don’t know” instead of making up something.
Teaching a learned person is like teaching an eagle to fly.
The advantage of having many children is that one of them may not turn out like the rest.
The age of a man doesn't determine his respect on earth.
The anvil never takes advice from the hammer.
The bad news is time flies like an arrow and the good news is the bow is in your hands.
The benefit of good thoughts in life is that even if they are forgotten they don't perish.
The best form of flattery is to master the art of listening.
The best kind of mind is that which minds its own business.
The best time to learn to change the tyre of your life is before you have a flat one.
The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him your friend but remember an old one will never become your friend.
The best way to find happiness is not to search for it.
The best way to spend the happiest life is to know nothing.
The brute is an imperfect animal compared to man who is a perfect beast.
The child weeps for its good and the old man for his ill.
The child who is being raised strictly by the book is probably a first edition.
The child who is given everything he asks for usually won’t succeed in life.
The course of true love never remains the same according to its syllabus.
The day you get angry at your failures is the day you start winning.
The deadliest relationship is life is the person who destroys your hope.
The death of a parent is expected, the death of a child is unexpected, and I expect everyone will die.
The doctor asks the patient what is wrong, and then the patient asks the doctor what is wrong.
The earth revolves around money.
The end of your life is just the start of heaven or hell.
The enemy of a father will never be friends of his son.
The failure is often someone who has tried the more difficult things in life and has the average results.
The first duty of a woman in her all life is to obey.
The first service a child does his father is to make him foolish.
The fool calls everyone around him a fool and everyone around the fool calls the fool a fool.
The fool doesn't think anything well done except what he did or what he is doing.
The fool speaks when he has nothing to say.
The fool thinks he is wise and the wise thinks he is not a fool.
The future is simply a servant to those who decide to master it.
The future is that time when you will wish you had done what you are not doing now.
The future of every man is determined by the woman he trusts.
The glory of man is knowledge, but the glory of woman is to renounce knowledge.
The good thing about a secret is that women don’t know what a secret is.
The greatest charity is to enable the poor to earn a living.
The greatest courage you can have is the courage to admit your mistakes.
The greatest gift one person can give their children is love.
The greatest secret of life is to hear lessons and not teach them.
The hand which gives is far better than the one which receives.
The hardest thing you need to learn in this world is ‘how to live’, for it is the only thing which is too difficult to be understood.
The important thing in dealing with the Indian is not to believe everything you hear.
The key to success is not seeing how much you can do, but doing one thing you love most with excellence.
The key to success is not to find and ask those people who have locks.
The key to success is to prepare yourself first before doing anything else.
The land where the stones know you is worth more than the land where the people know you.
The least is the worst enemy of the most.
The less you say, the more you don’t have to apologize.
The loss which your neighbour does not know is no real loss.
The man and his woman is like the grave and its dead.
The man trying to find a horse or a wife without fault has neither steed in his stable nor angel in his bed.
The man who desires to become rich, desires to become rich quickly and quickly fail if he wants to become rich quick.
The man who doesn’t know how to confer a kindness has not the right to ask any for himself.
The man who is looking for a wife will not speak contemptuously of women.
The man who leaves his family will be left by God.
The man who never lends his books probably remembers how he acquired them.
The man who seeks your advice too often is probably looking for praise rather than information.
The man who steals in order to give to God will only get advice from the devil.
The man who talks to his wife about his dog instead of singing a love song is a wise man.
The man who uses big words is afraid that if people knew what he was talking about, they would know he didn’t know what he was talking about.
The marriage certificate is a licence that is obtained before the driving test.
The men who are really busiest have the most leisure for everything.
The more mistakes you make, the fewer mistakes are left have to be made.
The most difficult master is the servant who became master.
The mouse never takes the advice from the cat.
The mouth of a man is a terrible opening and his tongue is a terrible fire dragon.
The mouth of an old man may smell but the advice coming form it is sweet.
The one who does not risk anything does not gain nor lose.
The only excuse for failure is “I am dead”.
The only man who doesn’t think a woman talks too much is the man who is in love with her.
The only mistake I really don’t make is that I never make the same mistake again.
The only rule of science is that it has no rule.
The only success you can achieve in your life is to live well.
The only thing money won’t buy is an item which is not for sale.
The only time you don’t have a chance is when you don’t take a chance.
The only truth about shadows is that you can’t see them in the dark.
The opportunity knocks only once and does not wake up those that are asleep.
The people who are comfortable with your weakness are only making it easier for you to fail.
The people who ask questions decide the quality of their conversation.
The people who live everywhere are the same as those who live nowhere.
The person who is always criticizing others is usually the one who deserves criticism the most.
The person whose stomach is full does not know what a hungry person feels.
The person with no friends is not alone, he is very alone.
The place where you are happy is better than the place you were born.
The pleasure of finding something is worth more than what you find.
The pleasure that forgiveness gives you can’t be achieved from revenge.
The powerful are never faithful and the rich are seldom.
The problem of life can be solved only by living.
The purpose of life is to live an ordinary life in an extraordinary manner.
The quality of your work is the seed for the quality of your life.
The quickest way to succeed is to keep your mistakes closer than your desire for success.
The real tragedy of life is that only some of the people in this world succeed in making use of the second chance when God offers them.
The reason why most people don’t reach their destination is that they are so afraid to fall that they open their parachute before they jump from the sky.
The reward of the fool is that they make you feel as if you were God.
The rich man thinks about the future the poor man thinks about today.
The road to success is never paved with excuses.
The road to success is there is no secret road to success.
The roar of an angry crowd is much louder than that of a lion.
The secret of long marriage? ~ It's simple: You just have to find the right woman and old enough.
The size of a man is measured by what it takes to upset him.
The study of great quotations is worth more than a college education.
The temple is nearby, God is far away.
The time will come soon when you learn to fly after jumping and falling from the sky again and again.
The tragedy is not that the fool talks but that we listen.
The trouble with life is that by the time you know how to play the game, you are too old to make the team.
The trouble with people these days is that they want to reach the promised land without going through the wilderness.
The water from the river becomes salty when it gets into the ocean.
The weak can become strong in the presence of the bold.
The wedding lasts for two or three days, but the trouble stays longer.
The wife carries the husband on her face; the husband carries the wife on his clothes.
The willingness to become something in life is a prediction to your success.
The wise man stops being wise when he gets angry.
The wise man will say I don't know and the unknowing fool will answer.
The word of a man is a man, so make your words worthwhile.
The world can be divided into two categories: those who eat to live and those who live to eat.
The world could be a lot better if people correct their own mistakes rather than criticizing others’.
The worst kind of person is one whose power of speech is greater than his power of thought.
The worst thing about proverbs and quotations is that the fools make no use of them.
There are a lot of books showing on how to live longer, but none on why.
There are lights in the streets and shadows in the house.
There are many colours of roses to be used in different situations, but there must be a colour invented that could turn an enemy directly into a friend when we would give it to.
There are more people dead than alive; we all will be in the majority one day.
There are people in the world having greater faith in those things which they do not understand.
There are people in the world who deserve paradise for their thoughts and hell for their deeds.
There are people in the world who sometimes waste their time trying to fix the thing which is not broken.
There are people who plant thorns in their garden expecting to gather roses.
There are some people who are always in the conversation when they are not there.
There are things that you don’t do when you know that people are watching you.
There are three most important things to get success in life. The first is to work hard. The second is to work hard, and the third is to work hard.
There are three things most men love but never understand; females, girls and women.
There are times when you have to change your tune to keep harmony.
There are two kinds of dieters: those who are always telling you what to eat and those who are always telling you what not to eat.
There are two kinds of people in the world; those who are rich and those who are happy.
There are two kinds of people: those who don't do what they are told, and those who do only that.
There are two kinds of women who like to talk a lot; the married women and the single ones.
There are two reasons why some people don’t mind their own business. One is that they have no mind, and the other is that they have no business.
There are two things that are without law, God and necessity.
There are two things that corrupt a man: money and women. Working to avoid it is great wisdom.
There are two types of people I have seen : those who fish and those who only disturb the water.
There can be nothing worse for a man when he realize that he married the wrong woman.
There is a first time for everything and last for nothing.
There is absolutely nothing worse than real failure if you give up too soon.
There is always someone who loves you and someone who hates you.
There is no charity without love.
There is no harm in reminding your relatives and friends that it is better to give than to receive.
There is no mother like your own mother.
There is no poverty where there is character, and no wealth or honour where character is missing
There is no such thing as bad food when you are really hungry.
There is no use of running when you are on the wrong way.
There is not much difference between a greedy person and a pauper.
There is nothing but comparison that makes people happy or miserable.
There is nothing worse than a person looking for a quarrel.
There is only one road to God which is locked with the key of prayer and you are that key.
There would be more incentive to success if successful men seemed to enjoy life more.
They really don’t care about your answers if they ask you wrong questions.
Think before you speak but do not speak everything that you think.
Those who are free from corruption are only those who haven’t been born yet.
Those who are successful have failed more times than you.
Those who are trying to impress others must puff themselves up.
Those who can’t stand perpendicular shouldn’t blame those who are on the horizontal position.
Those who collect pebbles rarely climb mountains.
Those who don’t value their own words are not capable of valuing yours.
Those who end their day by watching television rarely start it by setting up an alarm clock.
Those who know how to praise also know how to lie.
Those who say that simple things don’t matter should ask a lion how he feels when a fly enters a nostril.
Those who search for the defects of others don’t know their own defects.
Those who sleep both day and night do have empty evenings.
Those with less ability should work harder instead of making excuses.
Though manners makes, yet apparel shapes.
Three things must be carefully governed by you; time, money and yourself.
Time is a river of passing events and we are the fish searching for an ocean.
Time is God’s patience which can heal everything sooner or later, but the trouble in this world is most people run faster than time.
Time is like cancer without treatment which is eating us away day by day.
Time is nothing but just a well without water in the desert when you are thirsty and hope that it must be somewhere.
Time may be money, but the best thing parents can spend on their children is not money, but time.
Time spent in minding other people’s business is about the greatest waste of time there is.
To a man talking about God is like using a spoon to get water from the Nile.
To an ignorant, a small garden is a forest.
To be successful in love, one must know how to begin and when to stop.
To be unhappy over what one lacks is to waste what one already possesses.
To be without knowledge is to be without light.
To become rich in no time is very easy. The only thing you have to do is to look at those who are poorer than you.
To err is human; to forgive takes time.
To follow good manners willingly is like paving the road and to tell somebody to follow them is like the road which is always in under construction.
To forgive someone will definitely help you for not being hurt yourself anymore.
To give in order to receive is not to give, but to beg.
To know and know that you know, not to know and know that you don’t know, that is to know.
To know someone is not to know their face, but to know their heart.
To love is to remember. If you are forgotten, you are dead.
To master a lesson or any art there is no short cut. One has to work hard, practise for hours, keep on doing it till one gets it right.
To the person who thinks the world is full of fools, look in the mirror.
To try to make somebody love you is as hard as to try to walk on snow leaving no footprints.
Today will always run faster than yesterday in search of tomorrow.
Too much familiarity breeds contempt.
Too much of anything can’t help you make your life better or happy.
Treat your thoughts as if they were guests and wishes as if they were children.
Trust those you think you can before you trust those you know you can’t.
Trusting God is something we do in the same manner as reading instructions; when everything else fails.
Trying to make money without working is like trying to milk a cow with your hands in your pockets.
Two people may become enemies when their ideas are the same.
Usually the only time you will say something wrong is at the end of the conversation which means you have talked too long.
War is created by people who are too old to fight for those who are too young to die.
We all know that God doesn’t live on earth but only he knows why?
We all want to be great, but we don't want people to know we want to be great.
We always learn more from those whom we hate than those whom we love.
We always remember our faults when they are known to people.
We are all only God’s joke here having the same punch line.
We are always ready to make friends with those who look more stupid than us and sometimes we love them just for being so.
We are nothing here but just candles burning in the wind.
We are only what our thinking makes us.
We must first positively influence and lead ourselves before we can positively influence or lead others.
We must live not as we like, but as we can.
We were sent as God’s messenger on earth, but unfortunately we have forgotten the message.
Wealth is when you have a lot of something you love.
What you love and what you hate reveal what you are.
Whatever it is you would like to achieve needs a beginning; why not start today?
When a man doesn’t go straight home, his wife’s remarks do.
When a man is not wanted in the village, he is always accused of raising dust even when he falls in a pool of water.
When a man's temper gets the best of him, it reveals the worst of him.
When a person is not as he used to be, he does not behave as he used to behave.
When all men say you are a dog, it is time to bark.
When God closes a door he opens a window to explore. You have no idea what he has in store, perhaps something you desired a whole lot more.
When God gives you, he doesn’t ask whose son you are.
When God wants to help you, he comes all the way to your house.
When I was a child, I didn’t have any watch but all my friends had, but now today I have a watch but don’t have time.
When raising your children, do the best you can, with love and respect to be a better woman or man.
When someone offends you, it simply means that you haven’t given him enough love.
When the devil changes the music, people also change the dance.
When the fool knows when to be silent, he would be sitting among the wise.
When violence enters the house, law and justice flee through the window.
When you are in doubt what to do, it is wise to do nothing.
When you are working to succeed, keep it in mind that failure is at the corner of the house.
When you go into the temple you are like the beggar who sits beside the temple, but if you don’t give him something then you are like the dog that sits beside the beggar.
When you go to fetch water and do not return, they do not inquire about the pot.
When your mind stops working, don’t forget to turn off the sound.
Whoever keeps his mouth shut when he realizes that he is wrong is wise and he who holds the mouth even if he is right is married.
Whom the gods love die young, that’s why the gods love war.
Why is it OK to kiss someone in the mouth but not OK to drink from the water bottle?
Woman was created last so she wouldn’t have to wait for someone to talk to.
Work is anything you don’t like to do.
Worry is a ladder that never goes up to a hill.
Worry is like shadow, the more you think about it the more it spreads.
Yesterday is gone, forget it; tomorrow isn't here, don't worry about it; today is here, use it.
Yesterday is history we write today to repeat it tomorrow.
You appreciate some people most when they deprive you of the pleasure of their company.
You are all you have to offer the world. Know yourself, love yourself and be yourself.
You are good enough. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone - just to yourself.
You are judged not by what you have but by what you do with that you have.
You can complain about the house where the husband is the wife.
You can discover the true love of your wife only in the days of hunger.
You can do anything in this world if you are ready to face the consequences.
You can learn good manners from those who don’t have any.
You can measure your desire for going to Heaven by what you have done to others.
You can separate corruption from politics only when democracy becomes government of the people, for the people and by the people.
You can stop speaking to someone, but you cannot stop being related.
You can tell more about a person by how he spends his money and time.
You can't make other people understand what you are trying to explain if you don't understand it yourself.
You can’t get money by just looking at somebody or something.
You can’t judge a woman by her clothes, insufficient evidences!
You can’t live the future until it becomes the present.
You can’t raise your child probably if you don’t sometimes raise your voice.
You can’t really know yourself until you discover how corrupt you are.
You can’t see the way unless you start walking.
You can’t tell from a man’s clothes how much he makes: look at his wife.
You can’t understand hard things merely by doing hard work.
You don’t have to be the brightest bulb in the house; when the darkness comes, you will be 100 watt.
You don’t need to please everybody but the one whom you love more than anybody.
You don’t need to take advice from somebody. Wait for your time, it is the best advisor.
You don’t need to worry if people call you ordinary -- only if you are ordinary.
You have to be nice until you earn your first million, and after that people will be nice to you.
You know war has already decided to invite us before we think of giving it our invitation card.
You know whom you love, but you can’t know who loves you.
You know you are old when you discover that your children are learning in history class what you studied in current events.
You know your child is growing up when he starts looking at girls the same way he used to look at dessert.
You know, the things that matter in life are really hard to get.
You know, we are all graveyard traveller, and we get there only when we stop travelling.
You lose your repute the moment when you compare yourself with unworthy people.
You may laugh at people for what they do, but never laugh at what they are.
You may make fun of those who are under 6 and over 70 if you will, because they will get neither angry nor sad. Moreover, they will not even hurt you by their words.
You must know something about a person before you hate him.
You need to learn to crawl before you try to walk.
You rarely frighten a woman who sees everyone as a cockroach.
You should be afraid of a silent dog rather than a barking one.
You should remember, my dear, that beauty is in the lover’s eye.
You shouldn’t waste your time trying to judge the person whose name has been written after this quote.
You want what you want and they want what they want, but God does what He wants.
You will always be right if you suspect that you are always wrong.
You will find many to like you if you keep making a fool of yourself.
You will have to walk on the road yourself, it will not tell you what lies ahead.
You will never get disappointed if you do not desire what you do not deserve.
You will never lose a battle if you know your own situation as well as that of the enemy.
You will soon get run over if you stay in the middle of the road too long.
You would never give up if you knew how close you were, would you? So never give up because you are always too close.
Your attitude is a multitude of aptitude and rectitude which decides your altitude in plenitude.
Your dreams become illusion when you are working in the opposite with your shadow.
Your enemy is not the one who harms you, but the one who makes you evil.
Your eye is the only way you can judge things.
Your happiness is determined by something you do, not something you know.
Your life can get better if you realize it is better never to expect anything from anyone, not even from God.
Your mother can see the greatness in you, why can't you?
Your outside doesn't determine your inside; it is your inside that controls the outside.
Your tongue is more foolish than you but your ears are wiser than you.
Your vacation depends upon the book that tells you where to go, and it is called your cheque book.
You’ll become a lot better if you think about your death.
You’re young if you’re healthy and rich if you have no debts.

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