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Affairs are easier of entrance than of exit and it is but common prudence to see our way out before we venture in.
– Aesop
Affairs succeed by patience, and he that is hasty falleth headlong.
– Sa?di
Affectation is a very good word when someone does not wish to confess to what he would none the less like to believe of himself.
– G. C. Lichtenberg
Affection cannot be manufactored or regulated by law. If one has no affection for a person or a system, one should be free to give the fullest expression to his disaffection, so long as he does not contemplate, promote, or incite to violence.
– Mahatma Gandhi, 1922 Circuit House speech (court) charged with "attempting to disaffect towrds his majestys government"
Affection, like melancholy, magnifies trifles; but the magnifying of the one is like looking through a telescope at heavenly objects; that of the other, like enlarging monsters with a microscope.
– James Henry Leigh Hunt
Affirmations are like prescriptions for certain aspects of yourself you want to change.
– Jerry Frankhauser
Afflicted by love's madness all are blind.
– Sextus Propertius
Affliction is a treasure, and scarce any man hath enough of it.
– John Donne
Affliction is not sent in vain, young man, from that good God, who chastens whom he loves.
– Robert Southey
Afford every soul you encounter the wide and free passage they need to give birth to the dear expressions they feel are important.
– Bryant McGill
After 'the war to end war' they seem to have been pretty successful in Paris at making a "Peace to end Peace.
– Archibald Wavell
After 3, a body has a mind of its own.
– H Hahn Blavatsky
After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in esthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest sceintists are always artists as well.
– Albert Einstein
After a heated argument on some trivial matter Nancy Astor . shouted, If I were your wife I would put poison in your coffee Whereupon Winston Churchill answered, And if I were your husband I would drink it.
– John Fellows Akers
After a person makes his mark in the world, a lot of people will come around with erasers.
– Joe Moore
After all has been said and done, a lot more will have been said than done.
– Tom Zegan
After all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done.
– Unknown
After all is said and done, a lot more will have been said than done.
– Unknown
After all it is those who have a deep and real inner life who are best able to deal with the irritating details of outer life.
– Evelyn Underhill
After all there is but one race -- humanity.
– George Moore
After all these years I see that I was mistaken about Eve in the beginning it is better to live outside the Garden with her than inside it without her.
– Mark Twain
After all, all he did was string together a lot of old, well-known quotations.
– H.L. Mencken
After all, harming others means you first harm yourself.
– Vikrant Parsai
After all, he thought he was God.
– FBI agent on why it was difficult to negotiate with David Koresh
After all, life is really simple; we ourselves create the circumstances that complicate it.
– Author Unknown

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