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Es tan corto el amor, y tan largo el olvido.
(Love is so short, and forgetting is so long.)

– Pablo Neruda
Eschew that friend, if thou art wise, who consorts with thy enemies.
– Sa?di
Escritura honesta y veraz viene directamente del corazón, y revela todo lo que incluso la realidad oculta.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate
Espresso is to Italy, what champagne is to France.
– Charles Lauller
ESSAY -- A loose sally of the mind an irregular indigested piece not a regular and orderly composition.
– Samuel Johnson
Essays, entitled critical, are epistles addressed to the public, through which the mind of the recluse relieves itself of its impressions.
– Margaret Fuller
Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful.
– George E. P. Box
Eşti considerat geniu nu numai prin ceea ce ai scris, ci şi prin ceea ce ai evitat să scrii.
– Gavriil Stiharul
Et tu, Brute
– William Shakespeare
Et tu, Brute!
– William Shakespeare, "Julius Caesar", Act 3 scene 1
Et tu, Brute. You also, Brutus.
– Julius Caesar
Et tu, Brute.
[You also, Brutus.]

– Julius Caesar, from Suetonius, Lives of the Caesars
Eternal brightness is as scary as the eternal darkness.
– Mehmet Murat ildan
Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it.
– Woody Allen
Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty--power is ever stealing from the many to the few.
– Wendell Phillips
Eternity has nothing to do with the hereafter... This is it... If you don't get it here, you won't get it anywhere. The experience of eternity right here and now is the function of life. Heaven is not the place to have the experience here's the place to have the experience.
– Joseph Campbell
Eternity is a glorious word but eternity is ice.
– Dejan Stojanovic
Eternity is a long time, especially towards the end.
– Woody Allen
Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke.
– Hermann Hesse
Eternity is a terrible thought. I mean, where's it going to end?
– Tom Stoppard
Eternity is not something that begins after you are dead. It is going on all the time. We are in it now.
– Charlotte P Gilman
Eternity is the stopped heart of Time.
– Sorin Cerin
Eternity is very long, especially towards the end.
– Woody Allen, Just Six Numbers, Martin Rees, page 71
Eternity's a terrible thought. I mean, where's it all going to end
– Tom Stoppard
Eternity. It is the sea mingled with the sun.
– Arthur Rimbaud

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