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Every person, all the events of your life are drawn there because you have them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you.
– Richard Bach
Every person, all the events of your life, are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you.
– Richard Bach
Every persons are bounded within a secrete line.
– Prakash Adhikari
Every philosophy is tinged with the coloring of some secret imaginative background, which never emerges explicitly into its train of reasoning.
– Alfred North Whitehead
Every pilot needs a co-pilot, and let me tell you, it is awful nice to have someone sitting there beside you, especially when you hit some bumpy air.
– Eric Wald, View From The Top, 2003
Every plant teaches us. When the blossom dies, the fruit appears in it.
– Vikrant Parsai
Every poem can be considered in two ways--as what the poet has to say, and as a thing which he makes.
– C. S. Lewis, A preface to "Paradise Lost"
Every political good carried to the extreme must be productive of evil.
– Mary Wollstonecraft
Every political system is an accumulation of habits, customs, prejudices, and principles that have survived a long process of trial and error and of ceaseless response to changing circumstances. If the system works well on the whole, it is a lucky accident -- the luckiest, indeed, that can befall a society.
– Edward C. Banfield
Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country.
– George Washington
Every powerful storm will help us to make a stronger shelter!
– Mehmet Murat ildan
Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.
– Richard Bach
Every production of genius must be the production of enthusiasm.
– Benjamin Disraeli
Every pursuit is great when greatly pursued.
– Oliver Wendell Holmes
Every queen is a woman, but not every woman is a queen.
– Mehmet Murat ildan
Every quotation contributes something to the stability or enlargement of the language.
– Samuel Johnson
Every reasonable human being should be a moderate Socialist.
– Thomas Mann
Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess, that itself will need reforming.
– Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Every relationship takes you either towards your dreams or away from them.
– Vikrant Parsai
Every Relationship would be perfect..... If only a third person didn't give his/her free advice
– Siddharth Astir
Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy
– Franz Kafka
Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy.
– Franz Kafka
Every revolution was first a thought in one man's mind.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
Every revolutionary ends up either by becoming an oppressor or a heretic.
– Albert Camus
Every right implies a responsibility; Every opportunity, an obligation, Every possession, a duty.
– John D. Rockefeller

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