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History has proven, God has never given anyone a dream Without also including the power to achieve that dream It is up to us to claim the power and go after that dream, Or just claim , it was only a dream.
– UnknownRate it:
History has taught us time and again that political power always raises its angry fist when timeless principles are lost. We know that without the scale of self-evident truths grounded in the laws of nature and nature's God, every culture eventually finds itself subject to the rule of the gang or the tyranny of the individual. Recognizing this, scholars of all ages have confidently given their hearts and minds to the words, You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.
– Everett PiperRate it:
History is a better guide than good intentions.
– Jeane J. KirkpatrickRate it:
History is a cyclic poem written by Time upon the memories of man.
– Percy Bysshe ShelleyRate it:
History is a living horse laughing at a wooden horse. History is a wind blowing where it listeth. History is no sure thing to bet on. History is a box of tricks with a lost key. History is a labyrinth of doors with sliding panels, a book of ciphers with the code in a cave of the Saragossa sea. History says, if it pleases, Excuse me, I beg your pardon, it will never happen again if I can help it.
– Carl SandburgRate it:
History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.
– James JoyceRate it:
History is a nightmare from which we are trying to awaken.
– James JoyceRate it:
History is a pact between the dead, the living, and the yet unborn.
– Edmund BurkeRate it:
History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside.
– John Fitzgerald KennedyRate it:
History is a set of lies agreed upon.
– Napoleon BonaparteRate it:
History is a vast early warning system.
– Norman CousinsRate it:
History is a vision of God's creation on the move.
– Arnold ToynbeeRate it:
History is a voice forever sounding across the centuries the laws of right and wrong. Opinions alter, manners change, creeds rise and fall, but the moral law is written on the tablets of eternity.
– James A. ForudeRate it:
History is always best written generations after the event, when clouded fact and memory have all fused into what can be accepted as truth, whether it be so or not.
– Theodore Harold WhiteRate it:
History is an account mostly false, of events mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools.
– Ambrose Gwinett BierceRate it:
History is an orphan. It can speak, but cannot hear. It can give, but cannot take. Its wounds and tragedies can be read and known, but cannot be avoided or cured.
– Kedar JoshiRate it:
History is bunk.
– Henry FordRate it:
History is fables agreed upon.
– Francois Marie Arouet VoltaireRate it:
History is full of surprises.
– Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.Rate it:
History is hard to know, because of all the hired bullshit, but even without being sure of history it seems entirely reasonable to think that every now and then the energy of a whole generation comes to a head in a long fine flash, for reasons that nobody really understands at the time -- and which never explain, in retrospect, what actually happened.
– Hunter S. ThompsonRate it:
History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.
– Edward GibbonRate it:
History is like a ghost. It is as dead as alive.
– Kedar JoshiRate it:
History is littered with the wars which everybody knew would never happen.
– Enoch PowellRate it:
History is little else than a picture of human crimes and misfortunes.
– Francois Marie Arouet VoltaireRate it:
History is made at night. Character is what you are in the dark.
– Lord John WhorfinRate it:

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