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Minds, like bodies, will often fall into a pimpled, ill-conditioned state from mere excess of comfort.
– Charles DickensRate it:
Mine honour is my life both grow in one take honour from me and my life is done.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Mine honour is my life; both grow in one; take honour from me and my life is done.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Mingle some brief folly with your wisdom.
– HoraceRate it:
Ministries come and go, but the mission of the Church remains constant.
– Francis Cardinal George, OMIRate it:
Minor surgery is surgery someone else is having.
– J. Carl CookRate it:
Minusem wyruszą w nieznane wody nie jest wcale tak katastrofalne, jak nie pozostawiając brzeg, i bez końca czekać na łodzi przyjechać na ratunek. zaryzykować i skoczyć do nieznanych wodach na nowo swoją potental i wzmocnić siebie.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
Minutes without seconds and hours without minutes cannot exist! Respect the links before respecting the chain!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Minutes without seconds and hours without minutes cannot exist! Respect the links of the chain before respecting the chain!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Miracles are like meatballs, because nobody can exactly agree what they are made of, where they come from, or how often the should appear.
– Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Hostile HospitalRate it:
Miracles do not, in fact, break the laws of nature.
– C. S. LewisRate it:
Miracles happen to those who believe in them.
– Bernard BerensonRate it:
Miracles You do not have to look for them. They are there, 24 7, beaming like radio waves all around you. Put up the antenna, turn up the volume - snap... crackle... this just in, every person you talk to is a chance to change the world...
– Hugh ElliottRate it:
Mire Hacia Las Estrellas. Look At The Stars.
– Raul E. SanchezRate it:
Mirrors should reflect a little before throwing back images.
– Jean CocteauRate it:
Misanthropes need people without a steady supply, the misanthrope cannot fully apply his art.
– Polly WhitneyRate it:
Misanthropy ariseth from a man trusting another without having sufficient knowledge of his character, and, thinking him to be truthful, sincere, and honourable, finds a little afterwards that he is wicked, faithless, and then he meets with another of the same character. When a man experiences this often, and more particularly from those whom he considered his most dear and best friends, at last, having frequently made a slip, he hates the whole world, and thinks that there is nothing sound at all in any of them.
– PlatoRate it:
Miserable mortals who, like leaves, at one moment flame with life, eating the produce of the land, and at another moment weakly perish.
– HomerRate it:
Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.
– William ShakespeareRate it:
Misery is when grown-ups don't realize how miserable kids can feel.
– Suzanne HellerRate it:
Misery is when you make your bed and then your mother tells you it's the day she's changing the sheets.
– Suzanne HellerRate it:
Misery loves company, but company does not reciprocate.
– Addison MiznerRate it:
Misery no longer loves company. Nowadays it insists on it.
– Russell BakerRate it:
Misfortune is mostly an awkwardness!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Misfortune shows those who are not really friends.
– AristotleRate it:

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