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There is not less wit nor less invention in applying rightly a thought one finds in a book, than in being the first author of that thought.
– Pierre Bayle
There is not much difference between a greedy person and a pauper.
– Vikrant Parsai
There is not much less vexation in the government of a private family than in the managing of an entire state.
– Michel de Montaigne
There is not one female comic who was beautiful as a little girl.
– Joan Rivers
There is not one in a hundred of either sex who is not taken in when they marry . It is, of all transactions, the one in which people expect most from others, and are least honest themselves.
– Jane Austen
There is nothing as strong as tenderness,
And nothing as tender as true strength.

– Saint Francis de Sales
There is nothing better for the spirit or the body than a love affair. It elevates the thoughts and flattens the stomachs.
– Barbara Howar
There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend.
– Katharine Butler Hathaway
There is nothing but comparison that makes people happy or miserable.
– Vikrant Parsai
There is nothing can pay one for that invaluable ignorance which is the companion of youth, those sanguine groundless hopes, and that lively vanity which makes all the happiness of life.
– Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
There is nothing capricious in nature and the implanting of a desire indicates that its gratification is in the constitution of the creature that feel it.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
There is nothing easier than lopping off heads and nothing harder than developing ideas.
– Fyodor Dostoevsky
There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
– William Shakespeare
There is nothing fantastic or ultradimansional about crab grass... unless you are an sf writer, in which case pretty soon you are viewing crab grass with suspicion. What are it's real motives And who sent it here in the first place It only looks like crab grass. That's what they want us to think it is. One day the crab grass suit will fall off and their true identity will be revealed. By then the Pentagon will be full of crab grass and it'll be too late. The crab grass, or what we took to be crab grass, will dictate terms.
– Philip K. Dick
There is nothing funny about Halloween. This sarcastic festival reflects, rather, an infernal demand for revenge by children on the adult world.
– Jean Baudrillard
There is nothing glamorous in what I do. I'm a working man. Perhaps I'm luckier than most in that I receive considerable satisfaction from doing useful work which I, and sometimes others, think is good.
– Saul Bass
There is nothing glorious in dying, anyone can do it.
– John Lydon
There is nothing hidden between Heaven and Earth.
– Venezuelan Proverb
There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.
– Richard Buckminster Fuller
There is nothing in machinery, there is nothing in embankments and railways and iron bridges and engineering devices to oblige them to be ugly. Ugliness is the measure of imperfection.
– H. G. Wells
There is nothing in the Constitution that authorizes or makes it the official duty of a president to have anything to do with criminal activities.
– Sam James Ervin, Jr.
There is nothing in the world more powerful than an idea. No weapon can destroy it; no power can conquer it except the power of another idea.
– James Roy Smith
There is nothing in the world more stubborn than a corpse: you can hit it, you can knock it to pieces, but you cannot convince it.
– Alexander Herzen
There is nothing in the world so enjoyable as a thorough-going monomania...
– Agnes Repplier
There is nothing in the world so much admired as a man who knows how to bear unhappiness with courage.
– Seneca

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