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There is likelihood that you will get stuck on where you've been or where you are, when you fail to focus only on where you can be.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.
– W. Clement StoneRate it:
There is little friendship in the world, and least of all between equals.
– Francis BaconRate it:
There is luxury in self-reproach. When we blame ourselves, we feel no one else has a right to blame us.
– Oscar Fingall O'Flahertie Wills WildeRate it:
There is many a good man to be found under a shabby hat.
– Chinese ProverbRate it:
There is measure in all things.
– HoraceRate it:
There is more learning in the question itself than the answer.
– Andrew WeremyRate it:
There is more sophistication and less sense in New York than anywhere else on the globe.
– Don HeroldRate it:
There is more stupidity then hydrogen in the universe and it has a longer shelf life.
– Frank ZappaRate it:
There is more than a verbal tie between the words common, community, and communication.... Try the experiment of communicating, with fullness and accuracy, some experience to another, especially if it be somewhat complicated, and you will find your own attitude toward your experience changing.
– John DeweyRate it:
There is more to life than increasing its speed
– Mahatma GandhiRate it:
There is more to life than increasing its speed.
– Mohandas Karamchand GandhiRate it:
There is much more mystery in the shadow of a man walking on a sunny day, than in all religions of the world.
– Giorgio de ChiricoRate it:
There is much pleasure ot be gained from useless knowledge.
– Bertrand RussellRate it:
There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.
– Bertrand RussellRate it:
There is much to be learned from the little kids and from the little animals! Little things teach us big things! Small candles too challenge the huge darknesses!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
There is much to be said for failure. It is more interesting than success.
– Max BeerbohmRate it:
There is neither happiness nor unhappiness in this world; there is only the comparison of one state with another. Only a man who has felt ultimate despair is capable of feeling ultimate bliss. It is necessary to have wished for death in order to know how good life is to live.
– Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte CristoRate it:
There is never a bad joke, it's adressing to a wrong audience that makes it look bad!
– Ramana PemmarajuRate it:
There is never enough time, unless you're serving it.
– Malcolm ForbesRate it:
There is no "inside" or "outside". There is only YOU. There is no yesterday or tomorrow. There is only NOW.
– Gordana BiernatRate it:
There is no "royal road" to geometry.
– Euclid, Said to king Ptolemy IRate it:
There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.
– Pablo PicassoRate it:
There is no absurdity so palpable but that it may be firmly planted in the human head if you only begin to inculcate it before the age of five, by constantly repeating it with an air of great solemnity.
– Arthur SchopenhauerRate it:
There is no accident so disastrous that a clever man cannot derive some profit from it nor any so fortunate that a fool cannot turn it to his disadvantage.
– La RochefoucauldRate it:

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