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Alcuin · Archilocus · Bishop Richard Cumberland · Bruce Schneier, Secrets and Lies - Digital Security in a Networked World -- by Bruce Schneier - ISBN 0-471-25311-1 · Bryan Culbertson · Charles Dickens, The Old Curiosity Shop · Charlotte Cushman · Chinese Curse · Clifford Geertz, "Cultural Anthropology" by Nanda · Collen McCullough · Constantin Brancusi · Cuban Proverb · Cullen Hightower · Curt Simmons · Curtis Dahl · Curtis Grant · Cyrus H. Curtis · Dan Custer · David McCullough · Denis Leary, No Cure for Cancer · Derek Curtis Bok · Dirk Van Der Elst, Culture as Given, Culture as Choice · Donald Culross Peattie · Donald Curtis · Dwight D. Eisenhower, A speech to the National Defense Executive Reserve Conference in Washington, DC on Nov. 14, 1957 · e e cummings · E. E. Cummings · e. e. cummings, on the death of Warren G. Harding, 1923 · e.e. cummings · Ecclesiasticus · Ecclesiasticus 614 Bible · Ed Cunningham · Edward Cullen · Edwina Currie · Epicurus · Eve Denise Curie · Father Jerome Cummings · FBI agent on why it was difficult to negotiate with David Koresh · Fernando Botero, Columbian painter and sculptor · Frank Scully · Frederic Joliot-Curie, quoted by M.A. Markov, "A Random Walk in Science" compiled by R. L. Weber, edited by E. Mendoza · George W. Bush, Gov. of Texas, state leading in executions · George William Curtis · Georges Jacques Danton, to his executioner · Gerard Houllier, UEFA Cup Final 2001 pre-match team talk · Gordon Moore, in a keynote address at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco in 2003 · Hanna Gray, current president of the University of Chicago · Harper Lee, spoken by character Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird · Hermocrates of Syracuse · Ibycus · James Marcus Bach · Jamie Lee Curtis · Jason Culverhouse · Joan L. Curcio · John Adams, Instructions to his son Johnny in the biography "John Adams" by David McCullough (p. 19) · John F. Kennedy, 28 October 1962, after receiving word from Khrushchev that he agreed on a plan to end the Cuban Missile Crisis · John Philpot Curran · Jonathan Swift, A Critical Essay upon the Faculties of the Mind (1709) · Jose Luis Chilavert, Goal keeper for Paraguay, said during France 98 World Cup (soccer/football) · Kurt Vonnegut, Hocus Pocus · Lao Tse, In a discussion with Confucious about the true nature of humanity. · Leonardo DaVinci, The notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci by Macurdy · Lucan (Marcus Annaeus Lucanus) AD 39-65, The Civil War, bk. I, 128 · Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (1922) · Madame Curie · Mahatma Gandhi, 1922 Circuit House speech (court) charged with "attempting to disaffect towrds his majestys government" · Marcus · Marcus Aelius Aurelius · Marcus Aristides · Marcus Aurelius · Marcus Aurelius Antoninus · Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, "Meditations", book 2. · Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, "Meditations", book 5. · Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, "Meditations", book 6. · Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, "Meditations", book 9. · Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Meditations · Marcus Aurelius, Meditations · Marcus Aurelius, Meditations - Book Eleven · Marcus Aurelius, Meditations – Book Seven · Marcus Aurelius, Meditations – Book Six · Marcus Aurelius, Meditations – Book Ten · Marcus Aurelius, Meditations – Book Three · Marcus Aurelius, Meditations – Book Twelve · Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book nine · Marcus Aureluis · Marcus Aureluis, Meditations, Book nine · Marcus Dolengo · Marcus Garvey · Marcus Terentius Varro · Marcus Tullius Cicero · Marcus Tullius Cicero De Officiis · Marcus Tullius Cicero, On Duties I · Marcus Valerius Martialis · Marcus Valerius Martialis, Epigrams · Margery Cuyler · Marie Curie · Marie Curie, Lecture at Vassar College, May 14, 1921 · Marie Curie, letter to her brother, 1894 · Mario Cuomo · Mario M Cuomo · Martha Dandridge Custis Washington · Nichita Stănescu · Oscar Wilde, As he passed through customs · Paterculus · Paul Duncun · Pittacus · Quintus Horatius Flaccus [Horace] 65BC - 8BC · R. D. Cumming · Ralph Reed, Executive Director, the Christian Coalition · Richard Nixon, discussing Watergate · Robert J. Sawyer, "Calculating God", 2000 · Ronald Cunningham · Saint Thomas More, upon being executed · Samuel Cunningham · Silius Italicus · Space Ghost, Space Ghost - Musical Bar-b-cue · Stanley Marcus · T. L. Cuyler · Tecumseh · Ted Klauber, Senior Executive, FCB Worldwide · Theodore Ledyard Cuyler · Vida D. Scudder · Wendy Northcutt, Darwin Awards - literature · Will Cuppy · William Cullen Bryant · William Shakespeare, Hamlet. Polonius says this as Hamlet kills him behind the curtain. · William T. Cummings · William Tecumseh Sherman

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