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"Swampman" on Quartz · Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf · Adolf Hitler, Mien Kampf · Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf · advice given to Herbert Humphrey by an American Indian from New Mexico · Aeschylus (525-456 B.C.), Frag. 146 (trans. by Plumptre). · Alan Simpson · Alexis Templeton · Andrea Thompson · Andrew Soloman, “The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression”, on his belief that grief is profoundly important for the human cond · Angus Campbell · Angus Sampson · Anne Rice, Interview with a Vampire · Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat · Annie Dillard, "Winning Words" Compiled by Allen Klein Portland House, 1998 · Anthony Sampson · Antony Jay / Jonathon Lynn, Sir Humphrey Appleby from the · Antony Jay / Jonathon Lynn, Sir Humphrey Appleby from the "Yes, Minister" Series · Archbishop William Temple, 1955 · Ashlee Simpson, In her album Autobiography. · Attorney Benjamin Crump · Benjamin Crump · Benjamin Disraeli, campaign speech at High Wycombe, England, November 27, 1832 · Brendan Campbell · Bruce Campbell · Bruce Kemper · Bruce Leverett - "Register Allocation in Optimizing Compilers" · Button from the Computer Museum, Boston, MA · C. V. R. Thompson · Champa Devi · Charles Thompson · Chris Beauchamp · Christopher Hampton · Colin Campbell · Comptroller Scott Stringer · Computer Museum · Count Benjamin Thompson Rumford · Dalton Camp · Dave Camp · David Frye impersonating Nixon · Dean Riesner, Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in "Sudden Impact", 1983 · Dennis Miller (told to me by a CV employee) · Dick Simpson · Dom Perignon, at the moment of his discovery of champagne · Donald J. Trump · Donald Trump · Dorothy Thompson · Emma Thompson · Emma Thompson, Vanity Fair · Emperor Sigismund · Emprezz · Eric Temple Bell · Ernest Thompson Seton · European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager · Eustache Descamps · Forrest Gump · Fortran manual for Xerox Computers · Francis Thompson · Fred Thompson · Frederic Joliot-Curie, quoted by M.A. Markov, "A Random Walk in Science" compiled by R. L. Weber, edited by E. Mendoza · Frederick Locker-Lampson · G. Campbell · G. Campbell Morgan · George M. Humphrey · Georges Pompidou · Gerald G. Jampolsky · Gerald Jampolsky · Gerald Weinberg, "The Psychology of Computer Programming" · Glen Cook, The Black Company · Graham Campbell · H. G. Wells, Preface of "The Complete Science-Fiction Treasury of H.G. Wells" · H.S. Thompson · Hazrat Ali Ibn-e- Abi Talib, Nahj-ul-Balagha (Sermon and sayings compilation) · Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib, Nahj-ul-Balagha (Sermons and sayings Compilation) · Henry David Thoreau, Simplify Simplify · Herman Van Rompuy · Homer Simpson · Homer Simpson, The Simpsons · Horace Rumpole · Hubert H. Humphrey · Hubert Humphrey · Humphrey Bogart · Humphrey Davy · Hunter S Thompson · Hunter S Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas · Hunter S. Thompson · Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas · Hunter S. Thompson, Generation of Swine · Hunter S. Thompson, Kingdom of Fear · Hunter S. Thompson, The Proud Highway · Imperial Sugar · Independent Olympic Athlete · Ivana Trump · Jack Kemp, Seattle, Washington, Winter 1996/97 lecture series, when asked if he would run for president in 2000 · Jacques Champagne de Labriolle · Jason DeBruin, The poem "Temporary Shame" · Jerome Champagne · Jessie Sampter · JMPearson · Joan B. Campbell · Joan Klempner · Joanne Simpson · Joe Darion, "The Impossible Dream" · John Adams, last words after a lifetime competing with Thomas Jefferson · John Champion · John F. Kennedy, Comment after the Vatican scolded him for supporting separation between church and state during his campaign, 1 · John J. Plomp · John Van de Kamp · John Wood Campbell, Jr. · Jose Maria Peman, Spanish writer, El Divino Impaciente · Joseph Campbell · Joseph P. Thompson · Joseph Schumpeter · Joseph Trumpeldor · Josiah Stamp, Attibuted to Sir Josiah Stamp (1849 - 1941) HM Collector of Inland Revenue. · Justin Chase Campbell · Ken Thompson · Ken Thompson, quoted by Dennis Ritchie · Kristy Campbell · Kurt Angle, Gold Medal Olympic Wrestler · Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions · Kurt Vonnegut: Breakfast of Champions · Lee Simpson · Leisha Campbell · Leo Szilard, "A Random Walk in Science" compiled by R. L. Weber, edited by E. Mendoza · M. Thompson · Mahatma Gandhi, 1922 Circuit House speech (court) charged with "attempting to disaffect towrds his majestys government" · Marcel Duchamp · Marissa Biscamp · Marius Croucamp · Mark Twain, "A Plan for the Improvement of English Spelling" · Martin Dempsey · Mary R. Thompson · Matt Compton · Matthew Gump · Matthew Trump · Michael Simpson · Michael Thompson · Miguel de Cervantes, Exemplary Novels (1613) · Mrs Patrick Campbell, to George Bernard Shaw · Mrs. Patrick Campbell · Nathan Campbell · National Lampoon · National Lampoon, "Deteriorata" · New Hampshire State Motto · Nicholas Negroponte, Director of the MIT Media Lab, stating his ideal model of human-computer interaction · Nick Compton · Olympian Anne Warner Cribbs · Olympic Committee Secretary General · Olympic Motto · Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance, Act 3 · Oscar Wilde, as he sipped champagne on his deathbed · Oscar Wilde, Jack from The Importance of Being Earnest · Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest · Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest, 1895, Act I · Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Ernest · Patricia Sampson · Paul Tabori, _The Natural Science of Stupidity_. (New York: ChiltonCompany, 1960), p. 104. · Paul Tsongas, campaigning in New Hampshire · Paula Simpson · Peter Tompkins · Phil Kemp · Plato, Symposium · President George Bush, to New Hampshire legislators · Ray Kurzweil, The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence · Reverend John Vaughan, Financial administrator for the Archdiocese of Miami (when asked why they held stock in companies that ma · Richard Kemph · Robert A. Humphrey · Robert Francis Kennedy, 1968 presidential campaign · Sally Kempton · Salvador Dali, from Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp, by Pierre Cabanne, 1987, pp. 13-14 · Samuel Gompers, said in 1908 · Scott Campbell · Seen on a bumper sticker · Selwyn Champion · Sergeant Trent Crump · Shelley, incomplete, poets · Shirley Temple · Shirley Temple Black · Sir Compton MacKenzie · Sir Francis Bacon, Of Empire · Sir John Collins Squire, "A Random Walk in Science" compiled by R. L. Weber, edited by E. Mendoza · Sir W Temple · Sir W. Temple · Sir William Temple · Stanislaw J. Lec, "Unkempt Thoughts" · Stanislaw J. Lec, Unkempt Thoughts · Stanislaw Lec, "Unkempt Thoughts" · Stone Temple Pilots · Thomas a Kempis · Thomas a Kempis, quoted in the LDS Church News 8/20/2005 · Thomas Campbell · Thomas Kempis · Tom Margerison, "A Random Walk in Science" compiled by R. L. Weber, edited by E. Mendoza · Tom Thompson · Topps Company · Ty King, Written for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, episode Passion, voice over by David Boreanaz · Virgil Thompson · William F. Buckley Jr., "The Wit and Wisdom of Vlad the Impaler" · William Shakespeare, "The Tempest", Act 1 scene 1 · William Shakespeare, "The Tempest", Act 1 scene 2 · William Shakespeare, "The Tempest", Act 2 scene 2 · William Shakespeare, "The Tempest", Act 3 scene 2 · William Shakespeare, "The Tempest", Act 3 scene 3 · William Shakespeare, "The Tempest", Act 5 scene 1 · William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act 1 Scene 2 · William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act 4 Scene 1 · William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act II scene 1 · William Simpson, A.C.L.U. · William Temple

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