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Art is I; science is we.
– Claude Bernard
Art is like baby shoes. When you coat them with gold, they can no longer be worn.
– John Updike
Art is long, life short judgment difficult, opportunity transient.
– Johann von Goethe
Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.
– Frank Zappa
Art is merely the refuge which the ingenious have invented, when they were supplied with food and women, to escape the tediousness of life.
– W. Somerset Maugham
Art is never finished, only abandoned.
– Leonardo DaVinci, (maybe)
Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.
– Leo Tolstoy
Art is not a study of positive reality, it is the seeking for ideal truth.
– George Sand
Art is not necessary at all. All that is necessary to make this world a better place to live in is to love --to love as Christ loved, as Buddha loved.
– Isadora Duncan
Art is on the side of the oppressed. Think before you shudder at the simplistic dictum and its heretical definition of the freedom of art. For if art is freedom of the spirit, how can it exist within the oppressors?
– Nadine Gordimer
Art is one of the means whereby man seeks to redeem a life which is experienced as chaotic, senseless, and largely evil.
– Aldous Huxley
Art is one thing that can go on mattering once it has stopped hurting.
– Elizabeth Bowen
Art is science made clear.
– Jean Cocteau
Art is the beautiful way of doing things. Science is the effective way of doing things. Business is the economic way of doing things.
– Elbert Hubbard
Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.
– Amy Lowell
Art is the final cunning of the human soul which would rather do anything than face the gods.
– Iris Murdoch
Art is the illusion of spontaneity.
– Japanese Proverb
Art is the imposing of a pattern on experience, and our aesthetic enjoyment is recognition of the pattern.
– Alfred North Whitehead
Art is the indespensible medium for the communication of a moral idea.
– Ayn Rand, The Romantic Manifesto
Art is the most intense form of individualism that the world has known.
– Oscar Wilde
Art is the only thing that can go on mattering, once it has stopped hurting.
– Elizabeth Bowen
Art lives where absolute freedom is because when it is not, there can be no creativity.
– Bruce Lee
Art may make a suit of clothes but nature must produce a man.
– David Hume
Art may make a suit of clothes: but nature must produce a man.
– David Hume
Art must be parochial in the beginning to be cosmopolitan in the end.
– George Moore

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