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Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time.
– Jean Cocteau
Art requires imagination. It requires Creativity. Creativity requires experience and experience comes from your life. And your life is expressed in your art.
– Bruce Lee
Art strives for form, and hopes for beauty.
– Rose Elizabeth Bird
Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
– Pablo Picasso
Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday living.
– Pablo Picasso
Art washes away the dust of everyday life.
– Pablo Picasso
Art! Who comprehends her? With whom can one consult concerning this great goddess?
– Ludwig van Beethoven
Art, it seems to me, should simplify finding what conventions of form and what detail one can do without and yet preserve the spirit of the whole -- so that all that one has suppressed and cut away is there to the reader's consciousness as much as if it were in type on the page.
– Willa Cather
Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere.
– G. K. Chesterton
Arthur Schopenhauer Only he is successful in his business who makes that pursuit which affords him the highest pleasure sustain him.
– Henry David Thoreau
Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
– Unknown
Artificial Intelligence the art of making computers that behave like the ones in movies.
– Bill Bulko
Artificial Intelligence: the art of making computers that behave like the ones in movies
– Bill Bulko
Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything.
– Eugene Delacroix
As a bathtub lined with white porcelain, when the hot water gives out or goes tepid, so is the slow cooling of our chivalrous passion, o my much praised but-not-altogether-satisfactory lady.
– Ezra Pound
As a big creature, if you do not respect small creatures, you will be even much smaller than them!
– Mehmet Murat ildan
As a child my family's menu consisted of two choices take it, or leave it.
– Buddy Hackett
As a child, many folks dream of running away to join the circus, but then many of these dreamers grow up, and find proper jobs. Still, some of them must be following their dreams, otherwise the circuses won't be around.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate
As a cure for worrying, work is better than whiskey.
– Thomas Edison
As a doctor, as a man of science, I can tell you there is no such thing as curses Everything just happens as a question of probability. The statistical likelihood of a specific event.
– Andrew Schneider
As a footballer you always want to test yourself against the best.
– David Beckham
As a general rule the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.
– Benjamin Disraeli
As A general rule, people marry most hapily with their own kind. The trouble lies in the fact that people usually marry at an age where they do not really know what their own kind is.
– Robertson Davies
As a good man, if you throw a stone to a bad person, you yourself become a bad man!
– Mehmet Murat ildan
As a kid, I dreamed of a knight in shining armor coming to rescue me. Now, I just dream of equal pay for equal work.
– Ingrid Weir

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