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A good title is the title of a successful book.
– Raymond ChandlerRate it:
a good tooth, gets no gold
– Severin MeilandRate it:
A good way to enjoy the experiences of summer early is to get a winter sunburn.
– Jared WalczakRate it:
A good word is an easy obligation but not to speak ill, requires only our silence, which costs nothing.
– John TillotsonRate it:
A good word is an easy obligation; but not to speak ill, requires only our silence, which costs nothing.
– John TillotsonRate it:
A good writer is a magician; she unfolds the dark secrets of the mind.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
A good writer is better than the best street fighter demanding justice.
– Anuj SomanyRate it:
A good writer is not necessarily a good book critic. No more so than a good drunk is automatically a good bartender.
– Jim BishopRate it:
A good writer must be like the birds of a dark forest; you can’t see them, but you can hear their mysterious and wise voices!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
A good writer sees the world, not through his own eyes, but through his reader's mind.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch.
– James BeardRate it:
A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.
– Gerald R. FordRate it:
A government is the only known vessel that leaks from the top.
– James RestonRate it:
A government must not waiver once it has chosen it's course. It must not look to the left or right but go forward.
– Otto von BismarckRate it:
A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away.
– Barry GoldwaterRate it:
A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
– George Bernard ShawRate it:
A government which is not liked by the artists is certainly a bad government, because artist sees very well what is behind the masks!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
A graceful and honorable old age is the childhood of immortality.
– PindarRate it:
A grain of gold will gild a great surface, but not so much as a grain of wisdom. - from Live Without Principle
– Henry David ThoreauRate it:
A grand passion is the privelege of people who have nothing to do.
– Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian GrayRate it:
A great artist is always before his time or behind it.
– George MooreRate it:
A great beauty is a muse for the mind, a great mind a muse for the soul.
– Simon GillespieRate it:
A great biography should, like the close of a great drama, leave behind it a feeling of serenity. We collect into a small bunch the flowers, the few flowers, which brought sweetness into a life, and present it as an offering to an accomplished destiny. It is the dying refrain of a completed song, the final verse of a finished poem.
– André MauroisRate it:
A great chessplayer is not a great man, for he leaves the world as he found it.
– William Hazlitt, on the Pleasure of HatingRate it:
A great city is not something that should be judged by our elders... We should learn from our mistakes, not look back on them, we should use the knowledge that we have to move forward....
– Christopher gordonRate it:

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