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Farrah was one of the iconic beauties of our time. Her girl-next-door charm combined with stunning looks made her a star on film, TV and the printed page.
– Hugh Hefner
Fascism conceives of the State as an absolute, in comparison with which all individuals or groups are relative, only to be conceived in their relation to the State.
– Benito Mussolini
Fascism is capitalism in decay.
– Lenin
Fascism is capitalism plus murder.
– Upton Sinclair
Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them.
– Jean-Paul Sartre
Fascism is not in itself a new order of society. It is the future refusing to be born.
– Aneurin Bevan
Fascism should rightly be called corporatism as it is a merger of state and corporate power.
– Benito Mussolini
Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.
– Edna Woolman Chase
Fashion changes, style remains.
– Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel
Fashion eats up the body.
– Japanese Proverbs: Wit and Wisdom
Fashion for the most part is nothing but the ostentation of riches.
– John Locke
Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.
– Oscar Wilde
Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.
– Coco Chanel
Fashion is like the ashes left behind by the uniquely shaped flames of the fire, the trace alone revealing that a fire actually took place.
– Paul de Man
Fashion is made to become unfashionable.
– Coco Chanel
Fashion is something that goes in one year and out the other.
– Unknown
Fashion is the art of making the unimportant indispensable.
– Perry Brass
Fashion is the science of appearances, and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be.
– Michel de Montaigne
Fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds.
– Gautama Buddha
Fashion, which elevates the bad to the level of the good, subsqequently turns its back on bad and good alike.
– Eric Bently
Fashions are the only induced epidemics, proving that epidemics can be induced by tradesmen.
– George Bernard Shaw
Fashon is the abortive issue of vain ostentation and exclusive egotism it is haughty, trifling, affected, servile, despotic, mean and ambitious, precise and fantastical, all in a breath -- tied to no rule, and bound to conform to every whim of the minute.
– William Hazlitt
Fast money? Would you rather get boardwalk on your first roll or would you rather win the game of monopoly?
– Anthony J. Colon
Fatalism is the lazy man's way of accepting the inevitable.
– Natalie Clifford Barney
Fatality is doing the right things at the wrong time!!!!
– Siddharth Astir

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