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Hate no one, for hate is a starving beast who has just found its prey.
– Kristen Ashley RothRate it:
Hate no one; hate their vices, not themselves.
– J. G. C. BrainardRate it:
Hate not your enemies; love thy rivals, for this is the only way to convert them into your friends and your partners!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Hate pollutes the mind.
– Author UnknownRate it:
Hate the sin and love the sinner.
– Mohandas Karamchand GandhiRate it:
Hate the sin, love the sinner.
– Mahatma GandhiRate it:
Hate: return to sender; address unknown.
– Vanna BontaRate it:
Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.
– HomerRate it:
Hath any wronged thee, be bravely revenged. Slight it, and the work?s begun; forgive it, and ?tis finished. He is below himself that is not above an injury.
– Francis QuarlesRate it:
hating is a common thing which everyone feels easy than understanding..
– V V ANILRate it:
Hating people is like burning down your house to get rid of a rat.
– Harry Emerson FosdickRate it:
Hating people is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat.
– Harry Emerson FosdickRate it:
Hating people is like throwing stones at the tree which can’t give you any fruit.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Hating the Yankees is as American as pizza pie, unwed mothers, and cheating on your income tax.
– Mike Royko, columnistRate it:
Hatred - The anger of the weak.
– Alphonse DauletRate it:
Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.
– BuddhaRate it:
Hatred does not cease in this world by hating, but by not hating; this is an eternal truth.
– Buddha, The DhammapadaRate it:
Hatred is a boomerang which is sure to hit you harder than the one at whom you throw it.
– Author UnknownRate it:
Hatred is self-punishment. Hatred it the coward's revenge for being intimidated.
– Hosea BallouRate it:
Hatred is the anger of the weak.
– Alphonse DaudetRate it:
Hatred is the polar opposite (the complete opposite) of love just like sadness is the polar opposite of happiness, as well forgiveness is the polar opposite of unforgivingness and comparing love to hatred is like comparing light to darkness, just like comparing happiness to sadness is like comparing heaven to hell. Thus, choose love over hatred, choose forgiveness rather than unforgivingness and choose happiness over sadness (come what may). ~Emeasoba George
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
Hatred is toxic waste in the river of life.
– MicronRate it:
Hatred may be engendered by good deeds as well as bad ones.
– Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince (1513)Rate it:
Hatred of dishonesty generally arises from fear of being deceived.
– Marquis de VauvenarguesRate it:
Hatred of enemies is easier and more intense than love of friends. But from men who are more anxious to injure opponents than to benefit the world at large no great good is to be expected.
– Lord Bertrand RussellRate it:

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