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If you make God your best friend, you can’t go wrong.
– Vikrant Parsai
If you make it plain you like people, it's hard for them to resist liking you back.
– Lois McMaster Bujold
If you make money your god, it will plague you like the devil.
– Henry Fielding
If you make people think they are thinking, they will love you. If you really make them think, they will hate you.
– Art Costa
If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you But if you really make them think, they'll hate you.
– Don Marquis
If you make ships in a bottle, I bet the thing that really makes your heart sink is when you look in, and there at the wheel is Captain Termite.
– Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
If you make the world a little better, then you have accomplished a great deal.
– Unknown
If you marry money, it will give birth to the devil.
– Vikrant Parsai
If you marry you will regret it. If you do not marry you will regret it. If you marry or do not marry, you will regret it.
– Soren Kierkegaard, Either/Or
If you measure the wrong thing, and then you reward the wrong thing, don't be surprised if you get the wrong thing.
– Lee Copeland
If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.
– Gaius Julius Caesar
If you must choose between two paths, either of which will bring death and defeat, then choose the path wherein you die fighting for honor and justice.
– Pan Ku
If you must hold yourself up to your children, hold yourself up as an object lesson and not as an example.
– Sir Walter Besant
If you must love your neighbor as yourself, it is at least as fair to love yourself as your neighbor.
– Sebastien-Roch Nicolas
If you must play, decide on three things at the start the rules of he game, the stakes, and the quitting time.
– Chinese Proverb
If you must speak ill of another, do not speak it . . . write it in the sand near the water's edge.
– Napolean Hill
If you must tell me your opinions, tell me what you believe in. I have plenty of doubts of my own.
– Johann von Goethe
If you need anything don't just continue waiting for it. Rather, dare to go for it. For, the more you wait the more it delays and delay is often dangerous.
– Emeasoba George
If you need medicine for your medicine, I would suggest reconsidering that medicine.
– Brandon A. Trean
If you neglect to recharge a battery, it dies. And if you run full speed ahead without stopping for water, you lose momentum to finish the race.
– Oprah Winfrey
If you never budge, don't expect a push.
– Malcolm Stevenson Forbes
If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good!
– Dr. Seuss
If you never take advice, you will never have anyone to blame things on.
– Vikrant Parsai
If you not know history, you will not understand geogrpahy.
– Abderrahman Hassi
If you obey all of the rules, you miss all of the fun.
– Katherine Hepburn

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