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Literature should not be surpressed merely because it affects the moral code of the censor.
– William Orville DouglasRate it:
Literature that is not the breath of contemporary society, that dares not transmit the pains and fears of that society, that does not warn in time against threatening moral and social dangers -- such literature does not deserve the name of literature; it is only a fa?ade. Such literature loses the confidence of its own people, and its published works are used as wastepaper instead of being read.
– Aleksandr SolzhenitsynRate it:
Literature... is condemned (or privileged) to be forever the most rigorous and, consequently, the most reliable of terms in which man names and transforms himself.
– Paul de ManRate it:
Litigation A form of hell whereby money is transferred from the pockets of the proletariat to that of lawyers.
– Frank McKinney HubbardRate it:
LITTERATURE: le meilleur papier hygiénique du siècle
– Mihail CosmaRate it:
Little by little, one travels far.
– J. R. R. TolkienRate it:
Little children are still the symbol of the eternal marriage between love and duty.
– George EliotRate it:
Little deeds of kindness, little words of love, help to make earth happy like the heaven above.
– Julia A. Fletcher CarneyRate it:
Little details have special talents in creating big problems!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Little friends may prove great friends.
– AesopRate it:
Little Girl No thanks, I take it black, like my men.
– AirplaneRate it:
Little girls are the nicest things that happen to people. They are born with a little bit of angelshine about them, and though it wears thin sometimes there is always enough left to lasso your heart-even when they are sitting in the mud, or crying temperamental tears, or parading up the street in mother's best clothes.
– Alan Marshall BeckRate it:
Little learning is dangerous.
– Dr. Jose P. RizalRate it:
Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortunes; but great minds rise above them.
– Washington IrvingRate it:
Little minds try to solve the matters through violence and darkness; great minds try to solve the matters through love and light!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
Little ol' boy in the Panhandle told me the other day you can still make a small fortune in agriculture. Problem is, you got to start with a large one.
– Jim HightowerRate it:
Little opportunities should be improved.
– François FénelonRate it:
Little persons try to be perfect while great ones do not know they are great.
– Vikrant ParsaiRate it:
Little said is soonest mended.
– Miguel de CervantesRate it:
Little strokes fell great oaks.
– Benjamin FranklinRate it:
Little things affect little minds.
– Benjamin DisraeliRate it:
Little, vicious minds abound with anger and revenge, and are incapable of feeling the pleasure of forgiving their enemies.
– Earl of ChesterfieldRate it:
Live a life as a monument to your soul.
– Ayn RandRate it:
Live a simple life so others can simply live
– Priyanka ChopraRate it:
Live all you can - it's a mistake not to. It doesn't so much matter what you do in particular, so long as you have your life. If you haven't had that, what have you had
– Henry JamesRate it:

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