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My Apology dose not mean I am admitting my wrong doing and you are Right. It only means that I value our Relationship more than the pride and Ego.
– The Omani ShedRate it:
My art, my greatest art, is the skill to live within me.
– Alireza Salehi NejadRate it:
My awareness of myself and my own issues enables me to relate to and feel compassion towards the vulnerability of being human. Its is the thing we share and it gives us a strong foundation to build upon.
– Paul HokemeyerRate it:
My basic principle is that you don't make decisions because they are easy you don't make them because they are cheap you don't make them because they're popular you make them because *they're right*.
– Theodore HesburghRate it:
My belief has always been ... that wherever in this land any individual's constitutional rights are being unjustly denied, it is the obligation of the federal government-at point of bayonet if necessary-to restore that individual's constitutional rights.
– Ronald ReaganRate it:
My belief is that to have no wants is divine.
– SocratesRate it:
My beloved Anastasia was fifteen when I saw her for the last time in the summer of 1916. She would have been twenty-four in 1925. I thought Mrs. Anderson looked much older than that. Of course, one had to make allowances for a very long illness ... All the same, my niece's features could not possibly have altered out of all recognition. The nose, the mouth, the eyes were all different. ... As soon as I sat down by that bed in the Mommsen Nursing Home, I knew I was looking at a stranger. … I had left Denmark with something of a hope in my heart. I left Berlin with all hope extinguished.
– Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of RussiaRate it:
My best advice to anyone who wants to raise a happy, mentally healthy child is: Keep him or her as far away from a church as you can.
– Frank ZappaRate it:
My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.
– Henry FordRate it:
My best inorganic friend is science!
– Mehmet Murat ildanRate it:
My biggest emotional defeat and the greatest emotional pain I've had as an actor was when 'Wild Wild West' opened up to $52 million. The movie wasn't good. And it hurt so bad to be the No. 1 movie, to open at $52 million and to know the movie wasn't good.
– Will SmithRate it:
My biggest fear is that the world may become drowned in artistic mediocrity.
– Alex PriorRate it:
My birth was just an incident but my death will not go unnoticed
– Nishad AbubakarRate it:
My Blood flows towards India ,bcoz India is in my Heart.
– Gaddameedi Pavan KumarRate it:
My boat goes west, your's east. Heaven's a wind for both journeys.
– Chao Li-huaRate it:
My body is an avatar.
– Vanna BontaRate it:
My boredom threshold is low at the best of times but I have spent more time being slowly and excruciatingly bored by children than any other section of the human race.
– William H. BorahRate it:
My boy will learn by what I am and what I do far more than what I tell him.
– Norman Lewis SmithRate it:
My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.
– Nikola TeslaRate it:
My brain is open.
– Paul ErdősRate it:
My brilliant Daddy!…1000000 times kiss your feet and hands and bow to you. Loving you. Your faithful daughter 13-year-old lass, first name Nastasya (Shvybzik), last name A.N.R.P.K.Z.S.G. Patron of the Popskiy, Atamanskiy (Chieftains) Regiment. Artichokes, ‘artechokes’ and ‘elmond’-trees and ‘elmond’-trees. Never grow on the nose never grow on the nose I wish they did I wish they did (thrice and more).
– Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of RussiaRate it:
My brother Bob doesn't want to be in government -- he promised Dad he'd go straight.
– John Fitzgerald KennedyRate it:
My business is not to remake myself, But make the absolute best of what God made.
– Robert BrowningRate it:
My business is not to remake myself, but to make the absolute best of what God made.
– Robert BrowningRate it:
My candle burns at both ends It will not last the night But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends - It gives a lovely light.
– Edna St. Vincent MillayRate it:

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