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No national political party is going to nominate another right-wing candidate for a long time.
– Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Playboy Interview - May 1966Rate it:
No need to teach an eagle to fly.
– Greek ProverbRate it:
No news at 430 a.m. is good.
– Lady Bird JohnsonRate it:
No nice men are good at getting taxis.
– Katharine WhitehornRate it:
No normal man ever fell in love after thirty when the kidneys begin to disintegrate.
– H. L. MenckenRate it:
No object is mysterious. The mystery is in your eye.
– Elizabeth BowenRate it:
No one and nothing outside of you can give you salvation, or free you from the misery. You have to light your own lamp. You have to know the miniature universe that you yourself are.
– Banani RayRate it:
No one becomes forty without incredulity and a sense of outrage.
– Clifford BaxRate it:
No one but a fool is always right.
– David HareRate it:
No one but a fool would measure their satisfaction by what the world thinks of it.
– Oliver GoldsmithRate it:
No one but a theorist believes his theory; everyone puts faith in a laboratory result but the experimenter himself.
– Albert Einstein, quoted in Scientific American, September 2004, page 69Rate it:
No one can avoid aging, but aging productively is something else.
– Katharine GrahamRate it:
No one can be a great thinker who does not recognize that as a thinker it is his first duty to follow his intellect to whatever conclusions it may lead. Truth gains more even by the errors of one who, with due study, and preparation, thinks for himself, than by the true opinions of those who only hold them because they do not suffer themselves to think.
– John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, 1859Rate it:
No one can be an unbeliever nowadays. The Christian Apologists have left one nothing to disbelieve.
– SakiRate it:
No one can be good for long if goodness is not in demand.
– Bertolt BrechtRate it:
No one can be right all of the time, but it helps to be right most of the time.
– Robert HalfRate it:
No one can build his security upon the nobleness of another person.
– Willa CatherRate it:
No one can cheat you out of ultimate success but yourself.
– Ralph Waldo EmersonRate it:
No one can deny that much of our modern advertising is essentially dishonest; and it can be maintained that to lie freely and all the time for private profit is not to abuse the right of free speech, whether it is a violation of the law or not. But again the practical question is, how much lying for private profit is to be permitted by law?
– Carl L. BeckerRate it:
No one can disgrace us but ourselves.
– Josh BillingsRate it:
No one can dub you with dignity. That's yours to claim.
– OdettaRate it:
No one can earn a million dollars honestly.
– William Jennings BryanRate it:
No one can ever win by defeating someone; you only win by letting someone win.
– Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:
No one can give you authority. But if you act like you have it, others will believe you do.
– Karin IrelandRate it:
No one can give you better advice than yourself.
– Marcus Tullius CiceroRate it:

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