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There is nothing sadder in this world than the waste of human potential. The purpose of evolution is to raise us out of the mud, not have us grovelling in it.
– Andrew Schneider
There is nothing so absurd but some philosopher has said it.
– Cicero
There is nothing so agonizing to the fine skin of vanity as the application of a rough truth.
– Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
There is nothing so annoying as to have two people talking when you're busy interrupting.
– Mark Twain
There is nothing so consoling as to find one's neighbor's troubles are at least as great as one's own.
– George Moore
There is nothing so disagreeable, that a patient mind cannot find some solace for it.
– Lucius Annaeus Seneca
There is nothing so easy but that it becomes difficult when you do it reluctantly.
– Terence
There is nothing so easy to learn as experience and nothing so hard to apply.
– Josh Billings
There is nothing so habit-forming as money.
– Don Marquis
There is nothing so ridiculous absurd* but some philosopher has said it.
– Marcus Tullius Cicero
There is nothing so ridiculous but some philosopher has said it.
– Cicero
There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.
– Peter Drucker
There is nothing strange about fear: no matter in what guise it presents itself it is something with which we are all so familiar that when a man appears who is without it we are at once enslaved by him.
– Henry Miller
There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.
– Han Suyin
There is nothing that fear and hope does not permit men to do.
– Luc de Clapiers, marquis de Vauvenargues
There is nothing that gives a man consequence, and renders him fit for command, like a support that renders him independent of everybody but the State he serves.
– George Washington
There is nothing that makes its way more directly to the soul than beauty.
– Joseph Addison
There is nothing that puts a man more in your debt than that he owes you nothing.
– Mark Caine
There is nothing the body suffers which the soul may not profit by.
– George Meredith
There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
– Franklin D. Roosevelt
There is nothing to winning, really. That is, if you happen to be blessed with a keen eye, an agile mind, and no scruples whatsoever.
– Alfred Hitchcock
There is nothing to write about, you say. Well then, write and let me know just this - that there is nothing to write about or tell me in the good old style if you are well. That's right. I am quite well.
– Pliny the Younger
There is nothing training cannot do. Nothing is above its reach. It can turn bad morals to good; it can destroy bad principles and recreate good ones; it can lift men to angelship.
– Mark Twain
There is nothing truer than myth: history, in its attempt to realize myth, distorts it, stops halfway; when history claims to have succeeded, this is nothing but humbug and mystification. Everything we dream is realizable. Reality does not have to be: it is simply what it is.
– Eugène Ionesco
There is nothing which you have presently that's actually an entitlement to you. I mean, your riches, wealth, fame, qualifications, job, career, business, houses, cars, husband, wife, children and stuffs like that are all end-results of God's infinite grace and mercy. So come on, show gratitude to God for his infinite mercy and grace upon your life.
– Emeasoba George

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