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We are not without accomplishment. We have managed to distribute poverty equally.
– Nguyen Co Thatch, Vietnamese foreign minister
We are nothing here but just candles burning in the wind.
– Vikrant Parsai
We are obliged to respect, defend and maintain the common bonds of union and fellowship that exist among all members of the human race.
– Cicero
We are one, after all, you and I. Together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other.
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
We are only now on the threshold of knowing the range of the educatability of man -- the perfectibility of man. We have never addressed ourselves to this problem before.
– Jerome Seymour Bruner
We are only what our thinking makes us.
– Vikrant Parsai
We are prisoners of ideas.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
We are punished by our sins, not for them.
– Elbert Hubbard
We are quick to flare up, we races of men on the earth.
– Homer
We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times; where there are no secrets from government.
– William O. Douglas
We are rarely proud when we are alone.
– Voltaire
We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur.
– Dan Quayle
We are rich only through what we give, and poor only through what we refuse.
– Anne-Sophie Swetchine
We are rich only through what we give; and poor only through we refuse and keep.
– Madame Swetchine
We are right to take alarm at the first experiment upon our liberties.
– James Madison
We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.
– Johann von Goethe
We are shaped by each other. We adjust not to the reality of a world, but to the reality of other thinkers.
– Joseph Chilton Pearce
We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think.
– Buddha
We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.
– Buddha, The Dharmapada
We are shut up in schools and college recitation rooms for ten or fifteen years, and come out at last with a bellyful of words and do not know a thing.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
We are slaves to whatever we don't understand
– Vernon Howard
We are slow to believe that which if believed would hurt our feelings.
– Ovid
We are so bound together that no man can labor for himself alone. Each blow he strikes in his own behalf helps to mold the universe.
– Jerome K. Jerome
We are so vain that we even care for the opinion of those we don't care for.
– Marie Ebner von Eschenbach
We are sometimes made aware of a kindness long passed, and realize that there have been times when our friends' thoughts of us were of so pure and lofty a character that they passed over us like the winds of heaven unnoticed when they treated us not as what we were, but as what we aspired to be. -- from A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers
– Henry David Thoreau

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