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We'll all be riding that streetcar of desire.
– Robert Joseph Bob DoleRate it:
We'll always be indebted to our parents for giving us the most precious gift of life, and to our teachers for illuminating our life with knowledge. All our achievements of today are the fruits of selfless contributions and relentless efforts by our parents and teachers, who like candlesticks consumed themselves just to brighten our lives.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
We'll race like this until we kill somebody, then [NASCAR] will change it.
– Carl EdwardsRate it:
We'll talk without listening to each other that is the best way to get along.
– Alfred De MussetRate it:
We're a fucked up generation
– Aviv GeffenRate it:
We're a planet of nearly six billion ninnies living in a civilization that was designed by a few thousand amazingly smart deviants.
– Scott AdamsRate it:
We're a sentimental people. We like a few kind words better than millions of dollars given in a humiliating way.
– Gamal Abdel NasserRate it:
We're actors - we're the opposite of people.
– Tom StoppardRate it:
We're all capable of mistakes, but I do not care to enlighten you on the mistakes we may or may not have made.
– Dan QuayleRate it:
We're all Destiny's Children, and as such we are the ones, and not the stars in the sky, who hold and embrace our own Destny. She is not to be looked arond and waitedf for, because she is always with us and within us. In reality, the only person we are destined to become is the person that we design with our character, choices and actions.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
We're all generous, but with different things, like time, money, talent -- criticism.
– Frank A. ClarkRate it:
We're all going to go crazy, living this epidemic every minute, while the rest of the world goes on out there, all around us, as if nothing is happening, going on with their own lives and not knowing what it's like, what we're going through. We're living through war, but where they're living it's peacetime, and we're all in the same country.
– Larry KramerRate it:
We're all human and we all goof. Do things that may be wrong, but do something.
– Newt GingrichRate it:
We're all in crashing plane, and everybody is fighting over who gets to sit in first class.
– Aaron NordquistRate it:
We're all in this alone.
– Lily TomlinRate it:
We're all proud of making little mistakes. It gives us the feeling we don't make any big ones.
– Andrew A. RooneyRate it:
We're all puppets, Laurie. I'm just a puppet who can see the strings.
– Alan MooreRate it:
We're always what we think. Our thoughts dictate our actions, confidence, self-esteem and achievements; or lack thereof. So, always think high and dream big, and take the high road.
– Deodatta V. Shenai-KhatkhateRate it:
We're drowning in information and starving for knowledge.
– Rutherford D. RogersRate it:
We're going to find out who did this and we're going after the bastards referring to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon
– Orrin HatchRate it:
We're going to have the best-educated American people in the world.
– J Danforth QuayleRate it:
We're going to raise a lost generation of children unless they are properly disciplined and properly spanked.
– Charles Eddie WisemanRate it:
We're gonna have to sweeten some of these jokes. That’s a showbiz term for “Add sugar to”.
– Mitch HedbergRate it:
We're in greater danger today than we were the day after Pearl Harbor. Our military is absolutely incapable of defending this country.
– Ronald ReaganRate it:
We're in the hands of the state legislature and God, but at the moment, the state legislature has more to say than God.
– Edward Irving KochRate it:

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