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Where there's a wire there's a way. Also true for wireless.
– Bryce BolandRate it:
Where there's no correction and discipline, men fall into pit.
– Dean Keak TegnRate it:
Where there's a risk, there's a wealth
– sipho nkosiRate it:
Where there's marriage without love, there will be love without marriage.
– Benjamin FranklinRate it:
Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings. (Dort, wo man B├╝cher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen)
– Heinrich Heine, From his play Almansor (1821)Rate it:
Where today are the Pequot Where are the Narragansett, the Mohican, the Pokanoket, and many other once powerful tribes of our people They have vanished before the avarice and the oppression of the White Man, as snow before a summer sun. Will we let ourselves be destroyed in our turn without a struggle, give up our homes, our country bequeathed to us by the Great Spirit, the graves of our dead and everything that is dear to us I know you will cry with me, NEVER NEVER.
– TecumsehRate it:
Where we go and what we do advertises what we are.
– Author UnknownRate it:
Where we have strong emotions, we're liable to fool ourselves.
– Carl SaganRate it:
Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
– Oliver Wendell HolmesRate it:
Where will you be a year from now?
– Jen RamseyRate it:
Where wise actions are the fruit of life, wise discourse is the pollination.
– Bryant McGillRate it:
Where would this country be without this great land of ours?
– Ronald ReaganRate it:
Where you are coming from i.e. your starting point doesn't matter. Yes, what really matters is where you're heading to i.e. your final destination. Thus, never mind your starting point. Just be more concerned with what will be your end.
– Emeasoba GeorgeRate it:
WHERE you are TODAY is RESULT of the DESSICIONS of your PAST ... You Make Your Tomorrow ... So be WISE of what you Do TODAY
– Shely E. RodriguezRate it:
Where you end up isn't the most important thing. It's the road you take to get you there. The road you take is what you'll look back on And call your life. Not reaching success isn't the end of the world. Not trying to reach it is.
– Tim WileyRate it:
Where you find the laws most numerous, there you will find also the greatest injustice.
– ArcesilausRate it:
Where you find true friendship, You find true love.
– UnknownRate it:
Where you see valid achievements or virtue being attacked, it's by someone viewing them as a mirror of their own inadequacy instead of an inspiring beacon for excellence.
– Vanna BontaRate it:
Where you start is not as important as where you finish.
– Zig ZiglarRate it:
Where you tend a rose, my lad, a thistle may not grow.
– Frances Hodgson BurnettRate it:
Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.
– Edna St. Vincent MillayRate it:
Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling into at night. I miss you like hell.
– Edna St. Vincent MillayRate it:
Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure where your treasure, there your heart where your heart, there your happiness.
– Saint AugustineRate it:
Where's the beef?
– Cliff FreemanRate it:
Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home- so close and so smallthat they cannot be seen on any map of the world. Yet they arethe world of the individual person: the neighborhood he lives in; the school or college he attends; the factory, farm, or office where he works. Such are the places where every man, woman, and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity, and equal dignity without discrimination. Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere. Without concerted citizen action to uphold them so close to home, we shall look in vain for progress in the larger world.
– Eleanor Anna Roosevelt, Remarks at presentation of booklet on human rightsRate it:

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