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Young pigs grunt as as old pigs grunted before them.
– Danish proverb
Young, R&b and pop presented by the bay area cofield twins that brings Duality to their audience
– Duality
Youngsters lack wisdom; elders lack energy! When wisdom and energy comes to gather, great things are destined to happen!
– Mehmet Murat ildan
Your actions ought to be louder than your words. Moreover, your actions do tell people more about you rather than your words. Besides, it's the collection of your actions that will eventually beget your reputation and never your words.
– Emeasoba George
Your actions should be so dedicated that no one should have to ask you what you want."
– Steve Maraboli
Your agreement with reality defines your life."
– Steve Maraboli
Your aspirations are your possibilities.
– Samuel Johnson
Your Attitude determines your Socioeconomic Altitude
– Med Jones
Your attitude is a multitude of aptitude and rectitude which decides your altitude in plenitude.
– Vikrant Parsai
Your beauty puts me in such grace that I cannot move, like a dead rabbit to a roman hunter. - Anthony "Kubilay" Girit
– Anthony Girit
Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.
– Mahatma Gandhi
Your body is just the place your memory calls home.
– Deepak Chopra, Quantum Healing
Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.
– Buddha
Your brain can only absorb what your ass can endure.
– P. Dan Wiwchar
Your central self is totally untouched By grief, confusion, desperation.
– Vernon Howard
Your chances of success are directly proportional to the degree of pleasure you desire from what you do. If you are in a job you hate, face the fact squarely and get out.
– Michael Korda
Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself... You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
– Kahlil Gibran
Your children need your presence more than your presents.
– Jesse Louis Jackson
Your confession is bound to be your possession sooner or later. Besides, every creation including you is a product of the spoken word of God. Now that signifies, you ought to use your mouth positively by professing/confessing positivities/possibilities and not at all negativities/impossibilities. Listen up, God knows what/all you need but he expects/demands you to undoubtedly/emphatically profess it/them over and over again to his hearing/ears until you possess it/all of them. Yes, even the scripture says in (Psalms chapter 81 : 10). It says, open up your mouth wide and then he (God) will fill it up with positivities/possibilities/realities. That's just what the scripture says and that evidently indicates, you should use your mouth ceaselessly to confess/profess positivities/possibilities and never negativities/impossibilities. Because, your mouth is equally meant/made for confessing/professing positivities/possibilities and not just only for mere eating/talking. Therefore come on, hence forth go ahead/dare to seal/solidify your faith with the words of your mouth.
– Emeasoba George
Your confidence in the people, and your doubt about them, are closely related to your self-confidence and your self-doubt.
– Kahlil Gibran
Your consciousness is the portal through which your Immediate Reality is continuously created.
– Gordana Biernat
Your Constitution is all sail and no anchor.
– Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1st Baron Macaulay
Your creative contribution to the world is your service to God.
– Oscar Bonga Nomvete
Your culture is your limit; if you can't go beyond it, you will remain as a frog of your little lake!
– Mehmet Murat ildan
Your decision to be, have and do something out of ordinary entails facing difficulties that are out of the ordinary as well. Sometimes your greatest asset is simply your ability to stay with it longer than anyone else.
– Brian Tracy

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