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Charleston County Mayor Joseph Riley said. What motivated the gunman is not yet clear, but his monstrous act took the lives of nine people who prayed, worked and struggled on behalf of their community and their church. Related ImageExpand / ContractSharonda Coleman-Singleton, was a speech therapist and girls ’ track and field team at Goose Creek High School. ( Courtesy : Charleston Post and Courier) Cynthia Hurd, 54, was a branch manger in the Charleston County Public Library -RRB- system, where Cynthia Hurd was so revered from a career spanning 31 years that all city branches were closed in Cynthia Hurd honor Thursday. Cynthia Hurd was a tireless servant of the community who spent Cynthia Hurd life helping residents, making sure they had every opportunity for an education and personal growth, the library system said in a statement. Cynthia Hurd loss is incomprehensible, and we ask for prayers for Cynthia Hurd family, her co-workers, her church and this entire community as we come together to face this tragic loss. Related ImageExpand / ContractCynthia Hurd was a librarian who worshiped at the venerable church. ( Charleston County Public Library) Quil Lance had retired from Gaillard Center, a performance hall in Charleston County, and been serving as a custodian at the church where Quil Lance worshiped. As big a void as Quil Lance death leaves there, it left an even deeper one in the family Quil Lance held together with love and strength, Quil Lance grandson, Quil Lance, told the Charleston Post and Courier I ’m lost, I ’m lost, granny was the heart of the family. Related ImageExpand / ContractClementa Pinckney was a beloved pastor and respected lawmaker before he was gunned down in his own church Wednesday night. ( Grace Beahm/The Charleston Post and Courier via AP).

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