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Every issue or matter has an option or rather you do have an option. Yes! you heard me right. You can choose either life or death, success or failure, riches or poverty, excellence or mediocrity, grace or disgrace, forgiveness or unforgivingness, righteousness or unrighteousness, covetousness or contentedness, morality or immorality, patience or impatience, fame or obscurity, peace or war, wisdom or foolishness, strenght or weakness, knowledge or ignorance, understanding or misunderstanding, respect or disrespect, literacy or illiteracy, kindness or unkindess, unity or disunity, hopefulness or hopelessness, construction or destruction, salvation or damnation, encouragement or discouragement, greatness or commonness, fastness or dullness, hell or haven, light or darkness, God or satan, increase or decrease, appreciation or depreciation, gratitude or ingratitude, humility or pride, loyalty or disloyalty, gentleness or ungentleness, love or hatred, faithfulness or unfaithfulness, generosity or stinginess, fidelity or infidelity, honesty or dishonesty, courage or cowardice, happiness or unhappiness, compassion or cruelty, Godliness or ungodliness, justice or injustice. However, all of the above illustrations evidently shows that, you have the willpower to choose either the positive or the negative aspect of every issue or matter in life. As well, the world is in your oyster i.e. you are in a position to choose or enjoy a broad range of opportunities/options. But, I urge you as usual. Dare to choose the positive aspect of anything rather than the negative aspect of it. Even if/when you are in dilemma.

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Debasish Mridha, M.D.Rate it:

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