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Nothing should bother you in life not even adversity or poverty. For, nothing lasts forever. Yes of course, every matter or issue of life has a limit or breaking point including adversity and poverty. Now, are you undergoing adversity presently or are you currently experiencing poverty? If Yes, then listen up, it's just for a while i.e. you will sooner or later outlive it or rather you will overcome it eventually. I mean, you won't remain poor forever or rather you won't keep on undergoing adversity or poverty forever. Furthermore, nothing should make you to become orgulous, proud, haughty, disdainful or arrogant in life. Not even your own child or children, nor your certificates, nor your qualifications, nor your political status, nor your social status, nor your job, nor your money, nor your properties, nor your knowledge, nor your wisdom, nor your insights, nor your power, nor your riches or stuffs like that. Because, you can't and won't live forever. Oh! Yes, you heard me right as usual, you will definitely leave everything you've acquired behind someday. Apart from that, God resists the proud or the arrogant (James 4 : 6). But guess what? He (God) gives more grace to the humble. Besides, whenever you are proud of whatever you have, you are unknowingly disregarding God and taking his grace upon your life for granted. In other words, whoever that is proud of anything he or she has acquired at any given period of time has failed to acknowledge almighty God as the giver of whatever he or she claims to possess. And God is never happy with such person(s). Thus, desist from pride and arrogance.

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