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What do I do? I am so sick of being alone. Not having someone else who can share my company. No one to go to when I’m alone or feeling down. Everyone else has had someone at one point. Felt the joy of another human’s touch. But not I. For I have yet to feel the warm embrace of the opposite sex. Still with no idea what a simple kiss is like. And yet there are others who partake in far greater bounties than I can ever imagine. Worse yet, they lack intelligence and haven’t the slightest idea what they have. They take things for granted and don’t have a care in the world. But it is all fine in the end. For there is an eternal balance to everything that happens. They may have their forbidden fruit, but it is that very thing that has poisoned their minds and made them oblivious to the truths of life. The hidden wonders that can only be learned over time. Between the two I prefer my scenario. I may miss out on wonderful bounties now, but they become available to everyone eventually. And I am very patient. Besides, by waiting just a little longer I can understand things now that will take them years to even think of. I count myself lucky. If not in society’s eye but in my eye. Because I know that in the future everything will work out for the better. Such is the way of things to always have a balance. One day I will be with that person. That one special someone to share my life and happiness with. So, what do I do? Well, I am going to wait. Not forever, but for that opportune time when I know I will be able to change everything. I will wait and endure the status quo to one day experience the balance. I have told you what I will do. Now, what will you do?

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