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Do you long to become successful in all you do in life? If yes, then you have to be proactive, productive and innovative (simultaneously).-Emeasoba George

Emeasoba George

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Internet is not just an information highway or expressway. It's also the easiest and fastest way to make a positive, global and long-lasting change or impact. So, do you long to make a positive, global and long-lasting change or impact? If yes then, utilize or maximize the internet as often as you can. ~Emeasoba George

Emeasoba George

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Proverbs (chapter 24:16) says, when the just falls, he gets back up. That's what the scripture says. Now that implies, if you are down presently may be due to circumstances beyond your control. You shouldn't be weighed down. Rather, what you've got to do is just to get back up to your feet and then press on. Do remember this, the down fall of any human is not the end of his or her life. Yes you heard me right as usual. No matter how woefully you think you've fallen already. I am saying to you, you can still make it to the top with time. Believe you me, that's possible, unless you do think otherwise. -Emeasoba George

Emeasoba George

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Winners are not extraordinary persons. Rather, they are people who do allow themselves to be guided by principle. Now that is to say, Losers are those who refuse to be driven by principle. And anyone who is not driven by principle is being driven by sentiment. Oh! yes, there is no two ways about that. Therefore, you've got to be principled rather than sentimental. For, even decisions taken based on sentiment is never impactful. In other words, any impactful and successful decision is a product of principle. Moreover, that implies clearly it truly pays to be principled rather than to be sentimental. So come on, be principled and never sentimental. -Emeasoba George

Emeasoba George

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To achieve the incredible, you should first and foremost forsee its possibility, acknowledge its possibility, believe in its realization and then most importantly, work hard (relentlessly) towards its actualization. -Emeasoba George

Emeasoba George

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