Aptly described by critic Roger Ebert as "a vomitorium of viscera," Blade II takes the express route to sequel success. So if you enjoyed Blade, you'll probably drool over this monster mash, which is anything but boring. Set (and filmed) in Prague, the plot finds a new crop of "Reaper" vampires threatening to implement a viral breeding program, and they're nearly impervious to attacks by Blade (Wesley Snipes), his now-revived mentor Whistler (Kris Kristofferson), and a small army of "normal" vampires who routinely combust in a constant conflagration of spectacular special effects. It's up to Blade to conquer the ├╝ber-vamps, and both Snipes and director Guillermo del Toro (Mimic) serve up a nonstop smorgasbord of intensely choreographed action, creepy makeup, and graphic ultraviolence. It's sadistic, juvenile, numbing, and--for those who dig this kind of thing--undeniably impressive. With the ever-imposing Ron Perlman as a vampire villain. --Jeff Shannon

Genre: Action, Horror
Production: New Line Cinema
  4 wins & 8 nominations.
Rotten Tomatoes:
R (Restricted)

Hola, amigo! [Mercury destroys Blade's UV light] Do you remember me?

[Blade fights Quinn's guards and is quickly defeated. One of them takes his sword]

Well, well, well. You took my arm, man. Remember? But it's cool. [Takes off his glove, showing his new left arm, still composed mostly of scar tissue and slightly disproportionate] I got a new one. [Starts laughing] Think I'll ever play piano again? [Motions as if he were playing a piano] You can slice him, you can dice him, but the Quinn-man just keeps on comin'!

[Holding Blade's sword] Check it out! I've... got his pigsticker!!

[Blade grins as the sword explodes in Crease's hand, much to the amusement of everyone else, including Crease himself]

You're a f*** up, Crease! [Imitates him] "I got his pigsticker!" Oh, man. You're just full of surprises, ain't you chief? [Punches Blade several times] Stay with me, sweetness. 'Cause I'm not through with you yet. Oh, lookie here. [he removes a silver stake from Blade's holster] Silver. Must have cost you a pretty penny, huh? Now this here is a man who takes his job just a little too seriously, don't you think? Come to think of it, Blade, I owe you one. [he stabs the stake into Blade's shoulder] Actually, if you want to get technical, Blade... [lifts another stake] I owe you two.

[Blade starts laughing]

Oh, what's so funny, bright eyes?

I'm expecting company.

[Quinn looks closer, and sees the radio piece in Blade's ear, which is chattering. The wall explodes behind them]

Catch you f***ers at a bad time?

How you doin' chief? [Blade reaches for his gun] Easy. Wouldn't want our little friend here to wind up on the back of a milk carton now, would we? It's nice to finally meet you, man. Had my eye on you for years. I know all about you: your serum, Whistler, everything.


Hey, it's a start, right? The goal, of course to be like you: [With mock amazement] the Daywalker! You've got the best of both worlds, don't you? All our strengths, none of our weaknesses.

Maybe I don't see it that way.

Oh, so it's back to pretending we're human again? Come on. Spare me the Uncle Tom routine, okay? You can't keep denying what you are, man. You think the humans will ever accept a half-breed like you? They can't. They're afraid of you. And they should be. You're an animal. You're a f***in' maniac. Look at 'em. They're cattle. Pieces of meat. What difference does it make how their world ends? Plague. War. Famine. Morality doesn't even enter into it. We're just a function of natural selection, man. The new race.

Looks like your mascara's running.

I'm offering you a truce. I want you with us.

What do you think, I'm stupid? [in vampire tongue] "The spirits of the twelve will awaken La Magra."

You're familiar with the blood god.

Frost, you're nothing to me but another dead vampire.

You're an idiot, you know that? I came down here offering you an easy way out and you spit it right back in my f***in' face. [Blade reaches for his gun] Careful. [Lifts the girl into the air]

What do I care? They're cattle. Just like you said.

If you want to take the hard road, be my guest, pal. But I promise you, by the time this is over, you're gonna wish they never cut you from your mother's--

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