The Minions are back in a prequel to Despicable Me They had different names but they all had 1 purpose to find the biggest boss ever starring Michael Keaton and Sandra Bullock

[from trailer]

Kevin the Minion:
Ah, hehehehe.

Stuart the Minion:
[backs off Kevin] No no no no, Kevin, let me do it, let me do it, spita.

[holds up his hand, tries to get the tar truck to stop, but fails and falls back]

Kevin the Minion:


Kevin the Minion:
No no no no, let me do it, let me do it, spita!

Stuart the Minion:

[lifts up rock]

Stuart the Minion:

[throws it and lays on it unhappily]

Kevin the Minion:
[gets his cardboard sign ready, a car is honking and stops]

Bob the Minion:


Kevin the Minion:
[nervously holds up sign reading "Orlando"]

Madge Nelson:
[opens car door and takes off her sunglasses] Oh Walter, look, these adorable little freaks are headed to Orlando too!