Parker Conrad

Parker Conrad is the CEO of Zenefits, a cloud-based human resources platform that enhances functions for onboarding, payroll, benefits, and vacation tracking. During Conrad's school days, he participated in the Westinghouse Talent Search, and placed 3rd place on a national scale. Right after, he th…

The problem I had at my last company wasn’t just that the health insurance piece wasn’t online, it was that every time you hired or terminated an employee, there were 20 different places where you needed to set that employee up or remove them. Over time, as things changed about them, all of these different systems had to be updated individually and separately. That was such a pain in the ass. [With Zenefits] you have one central system of record—like a hub—and it connects to all of these different spokes. Companies and employees know there’s one place to make changes, and it automatically updates all these other systems and makes it as seamless as possible.