Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff

It starts with the design of the stadium. This is the most vertical stadium in the NFL. Seats are closer to the field than any other comparable stadium in the NFL. You feel the noise, you feel the energy. Technology brings it to life. But it’s truly our fans – Rams fans and Charger fans. I think they’ve come to adopt this home-field mentality from so many times whether we were in the Coliseum or Dignity Health Center, these temporary stadiums, to they have a sense of ownership of this building. A sense of pride and you see it all the time, i think they walk in and realize they have the best stadium in the NFL and they get to be here and it is a loud building. When you’re here, you leave with your ears ringing. Every time you go in, you talk to Sean McVay, I’m sure Brandon (Staley) as well, after a game and it’s like I have a massive headache. I think that’s the best part of what our fans bring – that energy. And it is rare that people talk about the noise in a building in Los Angeles. It’s just not the way our buildings are designed or what the fans are known for but I think it’s given all sports fans in Los Angeles something to be proud of.