The Mentalist, Season 1

The Mentalist (2008-) is an American crime procedural television series about a private investigator who uses his skills of observation to help the police solve crimes.

[A girl has gone missing and Jane is addressing the people in the search party]

I want you to look at me, all of you. And listen closely. I'd like you to raise your hand above you heads like this. [He raises his hands and the others do the same] Both hands. You too, sheriff. And you, agent Lisbon. Please. [The sheriff and Lisbon both raise their hands, too] Good. Very good. One of you-- One of you here killed Kara Palmer and abducted Nicole Gilbert. I want that person to lower their right hand now. [Jane lowers his right hand but no one else does] Okay, okay. It usually gets a hit. Forget I even spoke.