The Mentalist, Season 1

The Mentalist (2008-) is an American crime procedural television series about a private investigator who uses his skills of observation to help the police solve crimes.

[Jane is interrogating a suspect]

Please understand something. I have a very personal interest in this case. I'll do whatever it takes. I will have you framed for murder. I will torture you, I will kill you myself if I have to.

[Lisbon and Minelli are listening on the other side of the glass]

Geez, Lisbon. Come on, this is on tape. Control your man there.

Cut him some slack. Look, he's just playing the guy. He doesn't mean it.

Doesn't he? You know what Red John does to him. He can't think straight. He would do all that he said and more if you let him.

I won't let him.