Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean (1990-1995) is a British comedy show that ran on ITV and starred Rowan Atkinson as its main character Mr. Bean.

[At a magic show Bean is onstage and the magician has made his watch disappear. Drumroll.]

Mr. Bean:
I'm looking for my watch. It fell down here...

[The assistant puts Bean into a magic box]

Mr. Bean:

[The magician closes the magic box with the square slot. Bean opens the slot, revealing his face.]

Mr. Bean:
(to the magician) Excuse me, I'm looking for my watch!

[The magician immediately shuts the slot. His assistant throws him a sword. He proves the audience that the swords are real and thrusts them at the box.]

Man on audience:
Behind you!

[Meanwhile, Mr. Bean is already outside the box and tries to find his watch. Several cuts between Bean and Irma. The magician thrusts more swords into the box]

Another man on audience:

[Mr. Bean finds his watch behind the magician's pants, cut to table where Irma was sitting, she disappears. Mr. Bean runs out from the stage, from to the room. Crowd boos. The magician comes out from the room, but cannot find Mr. Bean, who is in the disco room.]