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Aphorisms The world created by selfish imagination, the flowering of perfectionistic illusions, fleeing from reality, the highways of reincarnation, the high speed of despair of stupidity, vicious circles of fears in the packaging of vices, from the high speed of time, meaning is lost, consciousness is blurred, the duality of self-interest, values are bifurcated, a careless spirit in the void, illumined the dawn of awareness, in the throes of thoughts, in the dark, I see the meaning of the messages of fate, and prayers illuminate the path, illuminate the light of meaning at dawn, how endless the world of people's thoughts, temptations multiply personalities, where sins are meaningless, numbers of greed distract from life, in the mist of temptations in which fears lurk, we do not see life, and only a foggy dawn in the void, reminds us that we live in a false world of greed, sins are fears of death, blind people crave sins, Soundproofing indifference, where no one will hear the cries of your soul, arias of suffering, a person is locked in his own image and reputation, and cannot be himself, landscapes of the greatness of selfishness, in the growth of cities, the ego grows to indecency, honesty lives in the impersonality and indifference of society and it doesn't take prophecy to see the secrets of x-ray insight of insight, infrared empathy of a thermal imager, thermal vision of sympathy, night vision of cunning, virtual glasses of denial, values ​​in fragments of a memory film, tears from one's own blindness, climbers moving up the path of deceit, with the equipment of pettiness , predators who see only the details of life as in pointillism, detectors of greed see only children's benefits, in binoculars of logical predictions, tales of banal cowardice, The choice and design of reality, the erotic lies of self-deception, people tend to erase all values from memory, as for many egoists, values become a pain and a burden, as if we are temporarily pregnant with value, but we do not have a maternal or paternal instinct to protect our value and the idealism of philosophy, the spoiled ego of fantasy about false life path in the timelessness of non-existence, trends and fashion of temporary perceptions of the world, life can turn into a temporary error of the system, due to the failure of the inadequacy of society, the growth of stupidity makes life dangerous, hedonism as an ego ananism of causeless, unconscious sins, among false friends who are fictitious , in false love of self-deception, homosexual frotterism of trolling and aggression grows in a society of cultural, shameless regression, Time has no power if we love each other, hot, sweet, the skin is so smooth, high-voltage passion, delicious sweetness, your beauty is sexy power, you are my uncontrollable lust, it excites you so much that even cramps in the groin, a hematoma of passion, as if a blacksmith beats with a hammer on the sword, I’ll fly away into a dream of you, this is the effect of Viagra from your rare beauty in eternity, like the spring of erotic romance, an endless amount of lust hormones, aphrodosia-colored skin, turns into a lustful male, a maniac obsessed with your beauty, kills rivals as if like from ammonia, and via gra my endless passion will last all eternity and infinity, I really love you any, from passion for you sparks between my legs, all hair is electrified, In the evolution of modern man, previous species were armed with spears, then books, then smartphones, then virtual glasses, fearlessness in timelessness, DNA is quantum programming of consciousness, someone else's life experience in synthesis with one's own reincarnation level, freedom in carelessness, in freedom from vices that they whisper only about the fear of death, all matter is only temporary stupidity, mV particles of eternity, on an endless journey, the world is an ugly paradox of the subconscious, created by an ugly imagination of fear and despair of vices, the vicious and lascivious know insensibility in the depths of nonsense, chroma key is the chrono key of insight through the prism imagination, moving through a mass of condemnation, We are detached from the system of life in the universe, connected to the wires of a fictional world of lies, the souls of people soar in the weightlessness of being, the blindness of egoism makes people insensitive, obsessed with stupidity, stupidity for people is their petty values, in denial, and frailty, devoid of the meaning of life, madmen, lost in the ego void, the air is the energy of which people breathe, it is filled with detached lies, nonsense like pornography, people are filled with emptiness from modern culture, the technocracy of laziness, the autocracy of low self-esteem of the ego, impotence increases the modernization of deceit, highly detailed manipulation techniques, the perfectionism of people's weaknesses, in a dope of nonsense, in a string of inevitability, fear in deceit is inflation that will flood cities and countries, Betrayal is a revelation of life, honesty of fate, all souls scream about a better life, propaganda is new brain programs under the guise of benefits, people are a supermarket on everyone there is a price tag selfishness and a list of demands, skyscrapers like rocks and corals of the canyon of the void, the city is the result of a sick imagination of vices, Poetry Sleepless nights of romantic eternity, sweet dreams like tears from heaven, rose petals instead of snow, inspired by the tenderness of your eyes, inflamed by passion for you, greatness in your beauty knows no bounds, endless romance about your beauty makes legends, so beautiful that it seems like a myth, beauty conquering my heart, princess in the castle of my heart, queen in the castle of my mind, empress tigress in the castle between my legs, juicy erotic seduction, highly detailed male needs, your priceless beauty prolongs life, adds fuel to the fire of eternal passion, in fiery abysses erotic dreams, the soul sincerely seeks your likeness in eternity, created from an ingot of perfection, a masterpiece of pricelessness, a faceless world, only you are beautiful in my eyes, From your beauty, it’s as if a cracker exploded in my pants, I dream of a hot eternity in your arms, lava sparks of the temptations of passion, the whole brain is struck by lightning thoughts about you, like beautiful drawings in the sky in the form of lightning, like the nerves of lightning through my soul, pierce the heart of the sublime love, orgasmic ecstasy of delight, love piercing the limits of human understanding, where I love you forever in my thoughts, I live there in happiness with you, because in reality you are not with me, because you are an eternal value, my favorite thought in eternity , the will does not know freedom when I see your beauty, multifaceted aesthetics, in refined charm, caressing the eye and imagination, poetic amazement, the command of the heart to keep you as an eternal value, as something the only thing that makes sense in this eternity, in the rivers of thoughts leading to the bottomless the ocean of sincere love where you are a mermaid in the realm of my fantasies, inevitable passion like red-hot steel, Thoughts about you are thoughts about the sublime, increase testosterone and potency, only the impotent will not appreciate the patent for your beauty, not a single irrational precedent, the greatness of your beauty will not shudder, arias of orgasm from delight, infinitely sweet and so hot, passionate heat in skin color, painting of temptation, life is so beautiful, everything is meaningless except you, the basis of the meaning of eternity and infinity to be in your arms, the hot moan of temptation, the agony from excitement, from your excessive, and infinitely immensely aesthetic beauty, from your beauty I sweat like in a bath, born in the insight of immortal love for you, the soul languishes when you are not around, the continuous thrill of delight when I see you, the infinite energy of love pierces the heart, Sharp spicy passion, beauty is hot power, my penis is trying to break out of the straitjacket of a condom and give a sea of ​​positive, passionate rush, gravy like cream to your roast, your beauty is like hot crack twerk, I'm under sex tension, hyper admiration, passionate insight, hot inspiration, love inspiration, I love it so much that it covered me, corrupts, seduces, tames, turns into a wild alpha male, the dominant beauty in this eternity, in my heart you are always the crown of evolution, nocturnal emission, beauty is the highest level of erotic evolution, trend revolution, incredibly beautiful, the eternal growth of motivation to caress and please you, the endless growth of passion, Eternity in erotic dreams about you alone, nothing in the world can crush my love for you, juicy shades of the temptations of your skin, leave vivid impressions of passion, my heart is in your hot power, take the gear and pull it with you into the depths of your beauty, poetic, aesthetic luxury of your beauty knows no bounds, the power of beauty falls irresistibly in love, in my heart only you are me, minutes with you are sweeter than honey, thinking about you is my only hobby, my love for you is careless and endless, inertia of passion, ballistic leads to to you, through eternity I am faithful to you, the line of my life is the line of love for you, everything in me sings about you, my love for you decorates and transforms my soul and heart, heat in the body, erotic, rare luxury, true passion, sensual sweetness , I love you more and more and this is inevitable, I love you gently diligently, Your beauty is a portal of eternal love and passion, ultra sweet, avid for compliments, hot in bed, jokes You were a teenager, that's when you're depressed and hard-on, something like that Tolerant attitude to rising inflation is like limbo Drink energy drinks and see how slowly the bullets move Are you an atheist? There really is nothing after death. You just pass out like a toaster Masseur pianist? He worked as a massage therapist, but he only pressed the points that caused laughter, spa innovation, treatments for depression She is so angry at you that the tailbone from fear will be like a twisted tail, so she will yell at you that the growth will decrease. Near the path of scooters, the path of drunkards, for them it is always green Turn signals and emergency gang for those who sit in a hundred and do not know where they are going Sperm wrestling in the egg ring You see the pie, the fat waves on your stomach are moving, your stomach is rumbling, the waves want to flood your navel Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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Aphorisms Your values are your rudimentary twin, cynicism leads to endless plagiarism of franchises, degradation is subconscious self-hatred, so guilt accumulates in the soul, subconsciously a person is pulled to hell because of a thirst for punishment over himself, a tsunami like a cobra rises above the world to wash away the rest the meaning of life in the world, the highest values are the highest knowledge of the library of intuitive awareness of conscience, to the highest levels of worldview, blooming gardens of harmony in the soul, give the highest peace of understanding, crushed by emptiness, to see the deepest meanings of life, shock energies reveal the deepest knowledge of the soul, egoism plunges into oblivion and denial, the skeptic's ladder of understanding is very small, the anatomy of philosophy, its biological development at the genetic level, like in a museum with formaldehyde jars, in which unique forms of the philosophical evolution of life experience, Sleep in illusions, in the valley of false pleasures, in memoirs of self-deception, a post-mortem with oneself, the program of the subconscious is embedded in the genes, new forms of lust, they look at the body like plasticine, plastic surgery, people strive for bio-incompatibility with the truth, the ego is filled with helium, self-confidence has a funny voice of notorious vanity Those anti-stress toys that you send him, he does various manic things with them, it calms him, could you send more, we are not visible in the void of nonsense, materialistic pleasures, like a fair of childhood traumas, and illusions are their values, faith in the illusion of hedonism for them become more and more falsely detailed, all their whims of perfectionism are taken into account, life goes out in the dead spirit of a shopaholic, he feels only matter, Growing walls of selfishness between people, happy only those people in whom only evil grows, business theft of selfishness, growing loneliness of demography, detachment grows the abyss of emptiness of nonsense, complex technocracy of the universe, constantly transforming architecture of paradoxes, creating amnesia in which nothing is valued for a long time in the utopia of selfishness , Poetry You are a hot night of love, a beast of endless dreams of a passionate fantasy, you develop my erotic imagination to the limit, the hot sweetness of the abyss of love, you form this poetry of lust, in the refined details of idealism, uncontrollably in love obsession, your beauty reveals the most secret innermost feelings of sincere passion, violent lust love, primal passion creating a rush and pouring hot poetry of orgasms, hot sweetness of incredible love, juicy sweet and exciting, the juices of passion in your body forms, infinitely attractive, to know the depths of your passion, I thirst forever, I want to burn your lust greedily, High sex tension, obsession in love, such beauty never gets tired, internal erection of falling in love, like a hangover, lasting a lifetime, all dreams sing of your endless beauty, I dream of you all day and night, I dream about you, that's how much you are beautiful, my love for you makes you more and more beautiful because you are more valuable with every second, I caress your beauty with words and do it with love, endlessly hot goddess, so beautiful that I need a break to catch my breath, otherwise I will suffocate from falling in love and passion, the whole body in burns from lust, cremation of passion, I can’t digest, too many emotions of love, hypnotic charm erotica, like sexy cha cha, fall in love with yourself, sexy thighs rumba rumba rum boom boom boom boom, magic magic kiss via graphic (via gra) gracefulness of sexy dance of buns when you walk down the street, buns say cha cha cha, Roast Buenos at night, you are a sexy gifka of memories, hormones dance tango, dance of your buns, sexy the rhythm of an erection is like the beating of my heart, your beauty falls in love flawlessly, mechanically like a perpetual motion machine, in a bank of memories, like my poems sent in a bottle, you will find in a new life in reincarnation, my love for you, and you will feel my sincerity for you, from the past life, my penis is like a poet's pen, writes love poems to you with sperm, serenades, like a mariachi trio penis and its amigos male balls that are my white ink, jokes What a narrow apartment, I look like paper, do you think I can fit anywhere She fucks everyone's brain, look no one listens to her, she pleases herself, she takes out her brain You use the hula hoop as a bandage Yeah dreaming put on a corset for the waist on your brain, your thoughts will become more elegant Both twin brothers crawled out of their mother as if they were fighting and cursing all their lives No, I won’t get to know you, your eyes are like those of a maniac, and yours are like those of a stoned yak There are no negotiating diplomats in our country, there are only excuses who speak excuses and made-up sayings She sleeps with this rich old man he has ulcers and amnesia, he looks like a shabby rag with holes I'm in a sweepstakes of bellybutting drunken fat men, everyone is betting on who will have a heart attack first, they want to make an Olympic sport Fictitious financial crisis is synonymous with laziness Generosity is a very strange and positive way to commit suicide, and you're talking about persecution. I don’t know what to get my husband for his birthday, looks at the console, computers, soccer balls, cell phones, free coupon brochure with five busty models of prostitutes, an annual coupon for a strip club, fu I’m better than them than men are into, asks the seller what give my husband a birthday present, the seller says a mega aggressive blowjob, so passionate that it scares, oh what a handbag, I bought gifts for myself, what to give him Suicidal laziness is killing the country, no we must come up with something that can flatter the people, flattery is insidious, sarcastic revenge when you tell a girl that she lost weight, when she gained weight on the contrary, you are fired said the politician I'm unlucky in love, even scary crazy people don't want you She often gives birth to children, children come out like children from a water park pipe, an eternal waterfall of lust squirting Send ten cakes, ten mega sets of fast food meals, twenty kilograms of delicious and high-calorie food to a sexual competitor, and he will definitely choose you, this is the sweet revenge of the best friend A guy goes on a date with a girl with flowers, acid rain is great, goodbye hairdresser and waxing salon, goodbye expensive flowers, goodbye perfect skin, goodbye darling because you don't want to meet a guy who is disfigured by acid, passed a whole year later, and I have acid the rain is still erect, and everyone gets scared at the sight of me Censored porn, pixelated penises and vaginas like an 8-bit console game, ok two-bit in Asian porn The girl kissed the guy, and his penis wrapped around his legs and he crawled home like a snake His middle fingers shoot lasers he aims and insults How did you manage to get irradiated in a laser tag That car engines have a volume control, and bass, with the sound of a man peeing in continuous panos He can't poop without the composition of a Valkyrie flight, a scarf and pilot glasses from the early twentieth century, a cap (a woman flying an airplane), this song is needed to drown out his cries, he has a lot of toilet rituals and superstitions, especially after oriental cuisine New fashion boutique. Star thongs, star venereal diseases, hello I want germs and venereal diseases, names famous girls and women, the store is called celebrity microbes, very important and pretentious microbes and viruses coming out of the limousine, this limousine is very strange, as if the tunnel is a penis, I hope there is wi-fi there, I heard that only in the anus area, but there is a dangerous ghetto Oh don't invite your friend, why, he's a silent killer of a great mood She is our super-secret weapon, dubious super beauty model spy, her penis shoots with a laser, and farts with poisonous gas within a radius of five hundred meters, well, you gave everything away Have you taken these pills? From this, a large, thick clitoris grows, now you understand women much better, I noticed that you now have two tubercles In the production room, and I'm not at all interested in your drug den, you musicians can only count up to three, so you are far from Mozart When you say important, cool speeches, always insert an unexpected word: olle Your wallet is like a used condom, after a beach holiday with your wife, she shredded your budget Your wife fucks your brain without lube and with a vibrator, all you hear when she screams is a buzz And at the end of the book, he hit the girl he loves in the nose and passionately kissed an unfamiliar, busty blonde, and they got many, many busty sons A woman goes on maternity leave, vacated her workplace, turned on the peg peg alarm, ten years have passed, and they are still waiting for her Mutual support in Kazakhstan. Not bad, not bad, of course it sucks compared to me, but it's not bad that, you yourself are not developed in this field of activity, oh sorry, I hurt your feelings You are moderately scandalous today, I'm just not in the voice, mi mi mi, so listen here Gray hair, hair styling gel, chrome steel Egoists think about their ego: uh, ho? What should I do to make her shut up, call a welder? It is unlikely that he will succeed, you saw her mouth, the whole airfield will fit, I'm scared when she speaks next to me He rarely blinks, it's scary, he's just a dream of any photographer Why do many girls have their mouths open, but like sex dolls The employee tells the head of the department what you have under your shirt, is it a bulletproof vest? No, it’s just that the previous employee had a knife, yes, you have a gunshot wound, these are previous employees whom I unfairly fired and stole their bonus and salary, you know how difficult it is to find a good employee, this is a wound, I trained on myself, checked my body armor How does the mafia have fun, what happened to you you kick the burning ball of the severed head of the snitch somehow sad, we will go to hell right? Let's hit, but for now we'll keep kicking the ball while we can Her fat folds are like a crumpled bed and her old skin is like old crumpled paper. So the crunch in the chips ad is the crunch of salted bones, people who like chips, crunchy bones like crispy chips Look at that guy having an affair with that tree, the tree cums from his hole in his mouth with maple syrup, holding his hair, cool if the girls could come with something sweet, similarly for girls, if the guy could come with something sweet in his mouth girls, then people's lives would change for the better, don't forget about the anus, own confectionery Her grumbling is like a vibrator in your head, text messages of insight have not come to your head for a long time Like you said, this fat man on meat? On the mass. It doesn't matter, but they still consider themselves jocks, for tigers they are like a meat pie with a fatty layer She watches shorts all day, these are short videos, no I don't like shorts, this is a video, not a piece of clothing, I don't know what you mean Have you ever had sex with someone, with a balloon is considered, inflatable sex dolls do not count, then no Would you like to fly without wings, yes I would like to be a balloon You also use the shower handle to flush the rest of the poop in the toilet, no, uh, well, let's go Traitors are like baseball players, throw you like a ball into the crowd Why do straight people send photos of penises in festive New Year's hats, but this one has sequins and garlands, just a holiday card, a love poem, these are those who call themselves straight, but in fact admit that they want sex with men, often spend time with men, but keep calling themselves straight, being rude and swearing with strangers, they are super brave, under hidden avatars, or from another country, they say they want to fight with you, hate strangers for no reason and send photos of their penises, and continue to lie to themselves that they are straight, I passed these to the cops through the ID, the prison is heaven for them, there are a lot of men He can’t even meet girls, they all answer him: uh, brother distance Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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