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1. It's amazing how cramped our life is and perhaps more free after death. Our life is like this cramped aquarium. An empty life from within is transparent to the gods. Like a drop in the ocean. All non-living ones look at us like these fish. We are not able to lie because we can see through who we are and what we are. What we do every day and we have little space to live. We are limited by life itself in a small body. Our body is the aquarium of the soul. Limitations on our mind for truth for will. We cannot hide, we cannot hide. Our life is a portrait of current truth. Current revelations. We are locked in life, but someday we will be in space next to God. 2. A tired evening in it the heaviness and silence and calmness from the fact that we have lived the next day are felt. A street in which the epic landscape of life is visible. We are part of the mechanical world. Micro particles of microcircuit life. Programs living according to a certain algorithm. Life is a microsystem of fate. The truth about us is a projection that we are all ashamed of. We hide most of our lives under the guise of hypocrisy. Perhaps hypocrisy is not only selfishness, but also shame. We hide our imperfection, because we are entangled in ourselves. We did not understand this microcircuit of fate. Not resigned to what they should have understood. We are tired of life, but our microcircuit has not expired. Life is like this hard evening. 3. Life is a microchip in the subconscious, we act according to a certain scheme of the algorithm, which is called the rhythm of life. 4. Culture is a code of diplomacy. 5. people do not really see each other, they see their thoughts and goals. The universe of loneliness is expanding and people are moving away from each other because of their thoughts. 6. The city is so cold and mechanical, the society is like a complex techno machine that controls the flow of people. Directs the circulation of the stream of life to certain channels of destiny. Technology for managing desires through selfishness. 7. A dark city lit by a fog of serenity of thoughts. A city shrouded in secrets, a city that darkens with vices day and night. Hidden in the silence of illusion, the city is immersed in the sleep of unconsciousness. A city that moves into emptiness and truth is silent in it, the silence of egoism and the cry of the ego. The whole city is roaring in the void of nonsense. 8. Erotic hypnosis, I want to sing with delight, hypnotic delight and extraterrestrial euphoria of love feelings, I feel myself in the higher world of love and sentimental sensitivity of tenderness and erotic catharsis of the highest art of beauty of your body, epic romance of euphoria in my heart at the sight of you. Manipulating beauty of your body. Sentimentally I caress you with words and the magic of charm struck me, magnetically beautiful in my thoughts my heart and mind poeticize your beauty every passing second unforgettable nostalgia my libido sings your beauty in my eyes you are more beautiful billions of times testosterone writes endless lovingly erotic poems, my loins scream about you, my subconscious is praying for you, my unconsciousness leads to you, my consciousness is obsessed with you. 9. Super beautiful, dumb delight, orgasm of catharsis, I meditate on your beauty. Feelings are like a hot groan of delight, you are oblivion. Your beauty is a hype of life, with you every second is priceless, beauty of the highest standard, countless carats of aesthetics, you consist of countless compliments, you are a juicy paradise fruit. 10. Ego prostheses are pumped with botex, silicone and synthol. 11. Sooner or later we will become ghosts, we will become history and our memory will turn into retro nostalgia. We plunge into the oblivion of oblivion. And the seconds passing through the fingers are drowned in the amnesia of eternity. The more selfish the world becomes, the more commonplace it becomes. A philosophical look through the emptiness of eternity. An abundance of thoughts satisfies the hunger for misunderstanding. We will become transparent ghosts and the world will become transparent to realists and pessimists. Looking into the future, we see spoiled, blind egoists. Truth meditation in which subtle details are visible. In a reality in which the pus of selfishness oozes. 12. Wild fire of passion of the epic of love, meow with delight, purring sensuality. Musical poetry of feelings, compliments fly out by themselves, I am drawn to you ballistic, instinctively, I see only you on the radar of love, my sonar of deep love, I love you stubbornly, aggressive rock fire of passion in me, rhythmic rap of the beat of my heart in so with yours ... The musical energy of endless love. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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Aphorisms Emptiness cleanses from temptations, we are someone in the void, we are nowhere, dust dissolves into non-existence, in the future we were not at all, in the cold of loneliness all illusions freeze to death, silence heals a storm in the soul, fear freezes in the cold of loneliness, conservatism gives deep vision of the world, lost souls in the depths of stupidity, false desires, in the lost materialistic consciousness, in the fateful consciousness, in the true message of the heart the microphone of higher powers, the sacred sky in consciousness, in epic knowledge, are blurred in the fog the scenery of hypocrisy, temporary affirmation, the mainstream of false greedy self-affirmation those who are visible to all people, friendship with greedy people is like going down a slippery children's slide of ice, a little insanity pepper, gives vivid sensations of insight, a little salt of a life-long transitional age teaches people to grow up and mentally not get sick, Billions of ways of temptations so that a person never wakes up from desires, immersion in childish lies of self-deception, indiscretion trolls fate, ego brain programs create a code of human behavior making life meaningless, robbed by marketing of populism, deceitful altruism, two-faced patriotism, fuck with fear, dust in one fell swoop, a hundred truth is digested for years, after death the recognition that he was right, gangrene of stupidity is corruption and blat, selfishness is a weather thermometer of people's moods, the library of sincerity conceals all the secrets of life, we are nobody in this infinity, endless depths of truth in reality, we are guests in whose worlds we live , we are nomads in dimensions, the prelude of inevitability is what reveals and leads us to fearlessness, life teaches fearlessness and independence, time hides underground, We are in the shelter of eternity, digital amnesia of values, after all the inadequacy of lives, we will all be at the highest level of thinking, a leapfrog of excuses, even if you don’t touch anyone, you are like a statue in the park, doves of fate shit on you, the world is a projection of lust, walls of opinions, open your emptiness in emptiness to feel nonsense, intuition in the labyrinth of deceit, the world dies in indifference, mirroring the stupidity of selfishness, politeness is a cosplay of a selfish person, dead skin from the cold frigidity of the opposite sex, You can not fix the technique and cure a person with excuses, the path of the blind is careless, shopaholics are blind and naive people who are robbed by marketers with low-quality goods, marketing is a whisper of the ego that calls to be poor among the garbage of materialism, stupidity speeds up time, a soldier and a patriot is a drop of blood in the ocean of blood of businessmen, factories of illusions where values are fast food snacks, leapfrog excuses of deceit, The skin of the soul roughens from endless labor, in slippery bad weather, in bitter happiness, you will know the bitter truth of your own insidious passion, insidious people are victims of karmic self-irony of various forms of self-parodies, illuminate with an illusory light of optimism, skyscrapers are factories of ego, turn on half a turn, generators and batteries of ego, power plants of the system of illusions, chaos generates paradoxes and absurdities, inadequacy is when people bathe in their own stupidity, movement inevitably teaches to live, materialists disconnected in the abyss, autonomous consciousness of shopaholics under the hypnosis of marketers, particles of life, gaseous seconds go away in cigarette smoke , Uneducated atheists do not know anything about religion, they run from conscience, from the guilt of their sins, the trap of darkness is ready for them, the fire of the stupidity of selfishness will cleanse the earth, arranged by blasphemy is a poseur without the muscles of knowledge, The family is a common coffin together through difficulties until the very end, when you see stupidity, take popcorn, and watch how stupidity commits suicide, optimism is like an antidepressant anesthetic lie, like cocaine addiction in the illusion of lying to yourself, Poetry The juicy valleys of the beauty of your body amaze the imagination, true happiness is a reflection, for your heart there is a great battle, life without you is a great defeat, you are my only eternal love, life without you is sorrow, only in a dream we will meet again, blood is heated from your beauty, from beauty eyebrow twitches, I love you irresistibly obsessively, I go to you unbearably, I will sink into the lips of your beauty in order to know infinite happiness, my tenderness leads to the greatness of love, tenderness dissolves into molecules, passionate, gentle, great, sublime aesthetics of eroticism, an erection like that of a neurotic, like as if struck with a shocker of passion, the insight of love forced to evolve, the hot tenderness of passion, in the charm of erotic power, nothing can surpass your beauty, Passion knows no bounds, love rises sublimely above all understanding, through a thick layer of materialistic contradiction we know true love in your endless beauty, epic fantasy romance, conquers hearts and is strengthened in the form of a monument to the value of eternal love for you, the endless heat of eroticism, uncontrollable primitive passion , in true form, endless sex of souls, we shower from passion to each other, you are my uncontrollable lust, you are the eternal value of romance, an explosion of sex of lustful passion, your beauty is your gear, my heart is in your power, you are a powerful orgasm of delight explosion of eggs like grenades , penis dynamite, on the sperm of gasoline, it smells like gas of your explosive pheromones with passion, gunpowder of lust, howl of lust, an explosion of passion such that it will explode not only personal belongings, but also fabric in time and space, where we will always love each other out of time and space and forever and endlessly, we love each other carelessly, Love conquers my mind, like the notes of a harp of poetry, dissolves in tenderness, in bliss for love, sweet lust attracts you, you are a sip of hope in an ocean of lies, blossoming tenderness of happiness, I love you uncontrollably, I want you uncontrollably, in your love as in paradise of infinite bliss this is my true paradise, sweet poetic tenderness in your eyes, love you to infinity, the sky is crushed by your infinite true form of beauty, poetic aesthetics in body shapes, love you uncontrollably, and endlessly sink into falling in love with you, I plunge into the depths beautiful soul to see you there, and kiss to plunge into love even deeper, love you insatiably, you are the eternal hunger of lust, your beauty is a complete package of sex control, love you uncontrollably, without you I live in a prison of freedom limply, Your transcendent beauty knows no bounds, pages are enough to describe it for me to send all the compliments in verse, I don’t have enough tits, tremulous expectation of delight, beyond human understanding of the threshold, there is romance of eternity, we are happy in carelessness without time and money, we see happiness in the unity of our souls, juicy lust from your bottomless beauty, infinity of aesthetics, hot lust deprives the mind, growing hunger for love passion, gives rise to dependence on your presence, sweet tenderness of infinity, in poetic, prosaic aesthetics in the features of your face, painting of passionate love, you erotic whim of body and soul desires, unity with your soul is harmony with eternity, I want to bite into your lips like sweet honey and wine, and the smell of roses, and never let you go in a kiss forever, I want my penis to get stuck in your vagina during sex, and you put me in your panties, and would carry with you like kangaroo, love you around the clock in my thoughts, dream this sexual pleasure, be faithful to you in my thoughts, tenderness connects with you, beauty manipulates erection, your beauty is a hard overdose of Viagra, life with you is a fabulous romantic erotic dream where eternity is with you paradise in bliss, moving away from you I move away from life, the meaning of life blooms in unity with you, you are the euphoria of orgasm, the skin oozes with passion for you, tears of lust I sweat from your beauty, Heavenly bliss of tenderness, in skin color, in an ocean of affection, in endless passion, I plunge into endless love for you, amazed, infected by your beauty, epic aesthetics of poetics, greatness grows in delight, I am torn from compliments for you, my love for you this is the eternal onanism of fidelity, the bottomless heat of passion heats up from you, you can dream about you and lust forever, my love fidelity is an eternal erection, inner passion in memory enhances love, you are divine sweetness, romantic joy, your charm is like a tranquilizer, like a children's toy spinning top flirting, jokes Collagen and stem cells for a birthday, well, you shouldn't And blah blah blah, what does it mean, like, and so on, you talk about my future Your stupidity is your eternal erogenous zone of enthusiasm How to meet a muscular girl? Just when you open a protein can, it's both Viagra and drugs for them. You better not make me angry, but don't wake him up as a clown No shemales are not cosplay I don't know who she slept with, what made her bikini gangrene I told her to call her because she is a muscular lady who grabbed you by the throat and took you to the second floor to give you a hickey kiss and you pissed yourself Spermotoxicosis is when you are like this, hot chick, hot chick, hot, he talked faster and faster until the sound of a microwave gin orgasm, cum in his pants Sperm embellishes the truth Have you got a naughty girlfriend? And you about your hand When did he realize he was gay? When he began to drive the poop back and forth, pulling and pulling, cut into slices An old tomograph running on a milk engine One girl says to another, he's a bore, it's like fucking a cactus How dogs get to know each other, sniff each other's anus, how straight people get acquainted in the era of trances, look into each other's panties Why didn't our planet leave the solar system? Fat people, more fat people Do you want to do a cool extreme stunt? You got F's in physics, I don't have money for your funeral, funerals are not packing for the earth What's a crisis? Your wife made fried eggs out of your eggs Death speaks to the living, aloha lohu She squeezes everything out of you all the contents between your legs, like a crazy, running washing machine, in spin mode, her passion is scary During sex, she strangles me to make me cum prematurely, it's like a cock ring for a penis Girls in a sex shop, you can try our new mechanical strap-on, the speed is slightly higher than the speed of light, a couple of people died, no one takes it even with discounts Girls whispering, watch how he looks at you straight drilling a fuck hole Why do you have a dash written over your vagina I wonder what he thinks about, how to get into his head, bring a drill, what, nothing I Menstrual turbulence zone He is so touching, yes he loves to touch women's charms No kissing a girl on the lips doesn't mean a handshake Why do you have motel written over your vagina A dildo is flying out of her vagina like a fake jar from a joke store, from which playful prank snakes fly out I blushed, sunbathed all day, you look like a shrimp, GMO mutant grown on growth hormones in a Chinese restaurant Candy is frozen colored saliva, sewer mucus In a sperm bank. No, we can’t take your sperm, even at a discount, and we don’t need a sale either, your sperm and blood do not suit us according to tests, we found a number of diseases in you Dating a girl in a growing crisis, romantic goon, dates every two months, you need to save up for a date In anal sex, you use the girl's panose as a lubricant Fashion bags and sneakers? You are a drug dealer to them They used to say banzai before they die, now they say parkour A fat man asks a thin man, why are you trembling like a washing machine in the spin mode under electricity, are you like in an electric chair, are you cold? Your teeth are chattering like ice in a glass Spumrotoxicosis? Shoot in such only with a native long tube with a tranquilizer Peacock style, not a traditional martial art orientation, and what is the point of showing the tail, front or back hairy Dildo vape tube? You smoke with your mouth and ass, the smoke is like gaseous semen Air freshener conceived for rooms, but used for cigarettes and poop She sat on you and can't get up, bring the jack He is a pickup artist his penis is a predator, his penis is his second personality, sometimes he controls himself sometimes his penis, they alternately control the body My dick don't need a valet, I'll get to know her myself Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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Aphorisms The world created by selfish imagination, the flowering of perfectionistic illusions, fleeing from reality, the highways of reincarnation, the high speed of despair of stupidity, vicious circles of fears in the packaging of vices, from the high speed of time, meaning is lost, consciousness is blurred, the duality of self-interest, values are bifurcated, a careless spirit in the void, illumined the dawn of awareness, in the throes of thoughts, in the dark, I see the meaning of the messages of fate, and prayers illuminate the path, illuminate the light of meaning at dawn, how endless the world of people's thoughts, temptations multiply personalities, where sins are meaningless, numbers of greed distract from life, in the mist of temptations in which fears lurk, we do not see life, and only a foggy dawn in the void, reminds us that we live in a false world of greed, sins are fears of death, blind people crave sins, Soundproofing indifference, where no one will hear the cries of your soul, arias of suffering, a person is locked in his own image and reputation, and cannot be himself, landscapes of the greatness of selfishness, in the growth of cities, the ego grows to indecency, honesty lives in the impersonality and indifference of society and it doesn't take prophecy to see the secrets of x-ray insight of insight, infrared empathy of a thermal imager, thermal vision of sympathy, night vision of cunning, virtual glasses of denial, values ​​in fragments of a memory film, tears from one's own blindness, climbers moving up the path of deceit, with the equipment of pettiness , predators who see only the details of life as in pointillism, detectors of greed see only children's benefits, in binoculars of logical predictions, tales of banal cowardice, The choice and design of reality, the erotic lies of self-deception, people tend to erase all values from memory, as for many egoists, values become a pain and a burden, as if we are temporarily pregnant with value, but we do not have a maternal or paternal instinct to protect our value and the idealism of philosophy, the spoiled ego of fantasy about false life path in the timelessness of non-existence, trends and fashion of temporary perceptions of the world, life can turn into a temporary error of the system, due to the failure of the inadequacy of society, the growth of stupidity makes life dangerous, hedonism as an ego ananism of causeless, unconscious sins, among false friends who are fictitious , in false love of self-deception, homosexual frotterism of trolling and aggression grows in a society of cultural, shameless regression, Time has no power if we love each other, hot, sweet, the skin is so smooth, high-voltage passion, delicious sweetness, your beauty is sexy power, you are my uncontrollable lust, it excites you so much that even cramps in the groin, a hematoma of passion, as if a blacksmith beats with a hammer on the sword, I’ll fly away into a dream of you, this is the effect of Viagra from your rare beauty in eternity, like the spring of erotic romance, an endless amount of lust hormones, aphrodosia-colored skin, turns into a lustful male, a maniac obsessed with your beauty, kills rivals as if like from ammonia, and via gra my endless passion will last all eternity and infinity, I really love you any, from passion for you sparks between my legs, all hair is electrified, In the evolution of modern man, previous species were armed with spears, then books, then smartphones, then virtual glasses, fearlessness in timelessness, DNA is quantum programming of consciousness, someone else's life experience in synthesis with one's own reincarnation level, freedom in carelessness, in freedom from vices that they whisper only about the fear of death, all matter is only temporary stupidity, mV particles of eternity, on an endless journey, the world is an ugly paradox of the subconscious, created by an ugly imagination of fear and despair of vices, the vicious and lascivious know insensibility in the depths of nonsense, chroma key is the chrono key of insight through the prism imagination, moving through a mass of condemnation, We are detached from the system of life in the universe, connected to the wires of a fictional world of lies, the souls of people soar in the weightlessness of being, the blindness of egoism makes people insensitive, obsessed with stupidity, stupidity for people is their petty values, in denial, and frailty, devoid of the meaning of life, madmen, lost in the ego void, the air is the energy of which people breathe, it is filled with detached lies, nonsense like pornography, people are filled with emptiness from modern culture, the technocracy of laziness, the autocracy of low self-esteem of the ego, impotence increases the modernization of deceit, highly detailed manipulation techniques, the perfectionism of people's weaknesses, in a dope of nonsense, in a string of inevitability, fear in deceit is inflation that will flood cities and countries, Betrayal is a revelation of life, honesty of fate, all souls scream about a better life, propaganda is new brain programs under the guise of benefits, people are a supermarket on everyone there is a price tag selfishness and a list of demands, skyscrapers like rocks and corals of the canyon of the void, the city is the result of a sick imagination of vices, Poetry Sleepless nights of romantic eternity, sweet dreams like tears from heaven, rose petals instead of snow, inspired by the tenderness of your eyes, inflamed by passion for you, greatness in your beauty knows no bounds, endless romance about your beauty makes legends, so beautiful that it seems like a myth, beauty conquering my heart, princess in the castle of my heart, queen in the castle of my mind, empress tigress in the castle between my legs, juicy erotic seduction, highly detailed male needs, your priceless beauty prolongs life, adds fuel to the fire of eternal passion, in fiery abysses erotic dreams, the soul sincerely seeks your likeness in eternity, created from an ingot of perfection, a masterpiece of pricelessness, a faceless world, only you are beautiful in my eyes, From your beauty, it’s as if a cracker exploded in my pants, I dream of a hot eternity in your arms, lava sparks of the temptations of passion, the whole brain is struck by lightning thoughts about you, like beautiful drawings in the sky in the form of lightning, like the nerves of lightning through my soul, pierce the heart of the sublime love, orgasmic ecstasy of delight, love piercing the limits of human understanding, where I love you forever in my thoughts, I live there in happiness with you, because in reality you are not with me, because you are an eternal value, my favorite thought in eternity , the will does not know freedom when I see your beauty, multifaceted aesthetics, in refined charm, caressing the eye and imagination, poetic amazement, the command of the heart to keep you as an eternal value, as something the only thing that makes sense in this eternity, in the rivers of thoughts leading to the bottomless the ocean of sincere love where you are a mermaid in the realm of my fantasies, inevitable passion like red-hot steel, Thoughts about you are thoughts about the sublime, increase testosterone and potency, only the impotent will not appreciate the patent for your beauty, not a single irrational precedent, the greatness of your beauty will not shudder, arias of orgasm from delight, infinitely sweet and so hot, passionate heat in skin color, painting of temptation, life is so beautiful, everything is meaningless except you, the basis of the meaning of eternity and infinity to be in your arms, the hot moan of temptation, the agony from excitement, from your excessive, and infinitely immensely aesthetic beauty, from your beauty I sweat like in a bath, born in the insight of immortal love for you, the soul languishes when you are not around, the continuous thrill of delight when I see you, the infinite energy of love pierces the heart, Sharp spicy passion, beauty is hot power, my penis is trying to break out of the straitjacket of a condom and give a sea of ​​positive, passionate rush, gravy like cream to your roast, your beauty is like hot crack twerk, I'm under sex tension, hyper admiration, passionate insight, hot inspiration, love inspiration, I love it so much that it covered me, corrupts, seduces, tames, turns into a wild alpha male, the dominant beauty in this eternity, in my heart you are always the crown of evolution, nocturnal emission, beauty is the highest level of erotic evolution, trend revolution, incredibly beautiful, the eternal growth of motivation to caress and please you, the endless growth of passion, Eternity in erotic dreams about you alone, nothing in the world can crush my love for you, juicy shades of the temptations of your skin, leave vivid impressions of passion, my heart is in your hot power, take the gear and pull it with you into the depths of your beauty, poetic, aesthetic luxury of your beauty knows no bounds, the power of beauty falls irresistibly in love, in my heart only you are me, minutes with you are sweeter than honey, thinking about you is my only hobby, my love for you is careless and endless, inertia of passion, ballistic leads to to you, through eternity I am faithful to you, the line of my life is the line of love for you, everything in me sings about you, my love for you decorates and transforms my soul and heart, heat in the body, erotic, rare luxury, true passion, sensual sweetness , I love you more and more and this is inevitable, I love you gently diligently, Your beauty is a portal of eternal love and passion, ultra sweet, avid for compliments, hot in bed, jokes You were a teenager, that's when you're depressed and hard-on, something like that Tolerant attitude to rising inflation is like limbo Drink energy drinks and see how slowly the bullets move Are you an atheist? There really is nothing after death. You just pass out like a toaster Masseur pianist? He worked as a massage therapist, but he only pressed the points that caused laughter, spa innovation, treatments for depression She is so angry at you that the tailbone from fear will be like a twisted tail, so she will yell at you that the growth will decrease. Near the path of scooters, the path of drunkards, for them it is always green Turn signals and emergency gang for those who sit in a hundred and do not know where they are going Sperm wrestling in the egg ring You see the pie, the fat waves on your stomach are moving, your stomach is rumbling, the waves want to flood your navel Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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