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Aphorisms from awareness you leave this world in your thoughts, freedom increases the mental ugliness in the world, freedom plunges into the wild delusion of selfishness, freedom is the absence of self-control, all the horrors that you see in the world are the result of freedom, the chaos of the toy world, for the elite, freedom shows to what extent a person is vicious, to what extent he is ugly from his own egoism, gourmets of perversity turn madness into pleasure, Poetry Unusually divine, I want to kiss your lips every second, feel the skin is a heavenly pleasure, a juicy wave of excitement through the body, one kiss is sweeter than the other, I touch the very greatness, that is, your unattainable beauty, top ratings, ratings, trends, in my heart, mine libido breathes you, my erection writes poems about your beauty, the powerful energy of love in a kiss, the biocurrents of love, charge me with you, and fill me with the energy of love, when I touch you, you are heaven, you are the highest happiness, joy only when I feel you, your spirit becomes one with me, it’s hard to breathe and my soul groans with delight, pressure rises in the whole body from your beauty, you are a priceless real, narcotic piquant temptation, awakens the brutal lust of the stone age, kiss your lips, I will keep in my subconscious for thousands of years, subconsciously I will always I will look for you, you are the embodiment of the philosophy of love, my idea of ​​\u200b\u200ba beautiful woman, your gaze of sex melts steel, all taste buds all over my body with sweet lust feel only you, you awaken the brutal appetite of passion, jokes Japanese toilets, it's harder to poop, take poop? Press ok. Yes. Are you sure? Yes. Your girlfriend's fat folds are also a blanket. Yesterday she went, now she has a happy face, she is in a wheelchair, just her boyfriend is a brutal sex machine. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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Aphorisms Secret Techniques of Insight. Selfishness is the deterioration of the environment, will affect all of humanity. Tough jokes are the skinning of reality, disgusting revelations under hypocrisy, phrases create a distortion in space and time of the perception of reality, interdimensional mediators of intuition, in noir truth, not everything is revealed by light, in the shadow of emotion that conceals a smile, and the lamp illuminates only the edges of the situation, the play of shadows in the light, when the paw moves like a pendulum of chaos, the manipulation of despair, like mind games. jokes Do you think I'm not so handsome for girls? No slave trader will sell you even for free. You have devalued a lot. Are you playing a fighting game? This is a reptile man, what does he shoot with? Does he have sinusitis? What are you looking at. Your penis has hypertension from falling in love. So you are my clone, and where are you driving. How kind you are today your heart was given heating. Rub me between my legs to get yours, I'm not a magic lamp, not everything I say will come true. Make coffee for a corpse? The Necromancer is not an alarm clock. I have an expensive perfume. Girls are not insects. They are attracted by your naive generosity. Looked contemptuously from the bottom up, wait, looked three more times from the bottom up, ah, your eyes hurt, everyone go. The pressure rises on the elevator. You're in a big family, you're trying to pretend to be asleep, deaf, blind, dumb, dumb, dead. Poetry Your passion melts metal, the eternal fire of love, my heart worships your beauty, the altar of eternal love, and the words are my gifts of my heart, its knocking produces melodies of passion, how rhythmically seduces every movement of the body you are like hot, you are like sweet, piquant, tea cha-cha, luxury masterpiece, extreme adrenaline of passion, the fire of love burns me. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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Cortney Brand said. Denver Basin Water is exploring the feasibility of pumping water far under the city, into the massive Denver Basin aquifer system to keep it there until the next dry spell. As Denver Water Resource Engineer Bob Peters points out, in the already arid American West, Drought is always on the horizon. We only get 15 inches of rainfall a year here in Denver Basin, and most of Denver Water comes from the mountain snowpack. That mountain snowpack melts and runs downstream, supplying water for much of the nation including the parched Southwest. When the snowpack fails the effects reach far beyond the region according to Doug Kenney, Director of the Western Water Policy Center at University of Colorado Law School. The California drought has really illustrated to people why drought in the West is important. If you consume vegetables in winter, you're probably getting those from Southern California, so from farm products to general economic health, not only do these things resonate throughout the rest of the country but throughout the rest of the world. A secondary source of water comes from underground aquifers which nature filled over the course of millions of years, and which humans are draining at a massive rate. Even though the aquifer system under the city of Denver Basin covers an area the size of the Connecticut, Peters said, The Denver Basin ground water is non-renewable so if you pump that water it's gone. What we're talking about is taking our renewable water supplies and injecting them into the aquifer to keep the aquifer replenished. With core samples taken every 10 feet down, the bore holes being drilled beneath Denver Basin will provide geologic data about how well the various open bowls in the rock will hold water without losing any to seepage or cracks. Cities like Phoenix, Wichita and San Antonio are already banking water underground and because it doesn't have the same downsides as above-ground reservoirs the method will surely become more common. Reservoirs are really tough to build, politically and financially, Kenney said.

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Quotes About the HR department. A typical lie that there are no vacancies, because they keep it for their friends, competition, they save it for their relatives and those who have a higher rank, and a sign of a black box office in which all the money is collected for themselves and does not give bonuses: well, leave your resume, we will take you add to reserve. The most important ulcers and cancers of society begin from this place. This is not laughter, but a mental deviation Aphorisms A strong seed will survive in any soil. Rap battle discussions to first blood. jokes How proud we are, the hernia does not hurt to carry it. Whine and act, progressive approach. The girl fell out of breath with laughter when she found out that I thought she fell in love with me, I'm like: I know I'm stunning. Prediction: a complete ass awaits you ahead, I hope so twerking. This country has been tight with finances since the days of Babylon. Erotic hate and trolling, everyone flirts with me, I'm on the hook. A hundred years later, the guys stopped seeking girls, in the alley a virgin was attacked with a knife, and it turned out to be a girl in a hood, he was deprived of his virginity, he lies on her, she smokes, he says: you will call me. Girl: uh, yeah…of course. Girls are stalkers, watching a rich guy. romantic paranoia. The old man clears his throat, sounds like a leather sofa creaking. What a long queue, to give the elixir of immortality. Poetry My mind is infected and amazed by your beauty, I sweat with passion, every second is very painful when you are not around, the soul feels your beauty, I love your eyes and lips to infinity, my soul with your whole, as if dragging passion into the sun, light your beauty dazzles, my soul with yours is a single whole, as if dragging passions into the sun, my soul melts from love for you, the magnetic force of love is getting stronger, into the core of your soul, the core of tenderness and sensuality, endless heavenly happiness. I'm sucked into you. Your beauty is the highest thrill, take my hand away from this planet, into the space of love, where endless love is forever, and philosophical romance in the landscapes of the beauty of true love reality. Deep love passion, dependence on your presence increases every moment to infinity. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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Radical methods of treatment of vices. It's just a joke. Don't take it seriously. Lust is a chastity belt Pride - whip Anger is a gag Gluttony - cage Greed is a leash Envy - a mask on the eyes Despondency is sex I want to work for you, well, throw off your resume, we will add you to the reserve, you are the fifteenth in line, we will hire you in seven hundred years, I hope you are a long-liver. Depilator, shearing sheep in the toilet. Northerners, I want to lock up this bambi who likes to open windows in winter, in the freezer, break the key in the keyhole, you will see how the sun melts the earth. These are the keys. What are the keys? From the bank. What bank? From a sperm bank. What? Well, I'm wearing a chastity belt. And often you take a loan from the bank (masturbation). Or replenish the deposit with abstinence. I thought you had a mouse there. And no matter how much you fiddle with your pod, your hands are probably shaking like an alcoholic. You're too tall for her, hold on to your spermatozars. Is it worth looking for a girl? Try, experiment, feel, let the girls feel. You're an artist? Yes. Do you draw money? No landscapes. Ugh, I mean cool. Damn my ex. Beckons with the middle finger. Damn my ex. Beckons with the middle finger. Do not hang on the intercom, open the door for me, wait for the second line. Fifty degrees of heat, your sweaty things on the battery, you could do the laundry, didn't drink me. Minus seventy degrees, the Chinese sat in the icy water, it's like icy lava, he sat down with his Chinese bells in the water, congratulations on you girl. Are you a prostitute? You've been burned out at work today or you've been burned out. Pulling hairs from your wife's beard, making wishes for a new life. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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