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Clifford Villanueva VillalonRate it:

1. Mind is a whole ocean of thoughts The mind is a whole ocean of thoughts, consisting of various thoughts of all lives. The subconscious mind keeps in itself a whole life of various thoughts. This is a whole era of lived lives. An epic and a great tale of life experiences. An ocean that contains pearls of value at the bottom of the ocean. A man is like a hermit crab traveling at the bottom of the ocean of his thoughts. On the surface there is a storm of despair, and in the depths there is silence and the darkness of oblivion. How exactly the personality of a person is revealed who comprehends himself in an abundance of thoughts. And thoughts become personalities and the whole chorus becomes a single voice of an aria about suffering. The cries of the soul that celebrate this life about life experience. In a person there is a whole ocean of life, undisclosed personalities and their destinies. One person eats another and this is how the confrontation occurs. 2. Only the philosophy of goodness and light, the philosophy of nobility will cure times. 3. Loneliness is insensibility, you start living in the present. 4. The night that hides the secrets of depression and despondency and loneliness, everything is hidden in darkness, pain is felt in it, the red color of fornication in which people and life can be lost like a fog hidden in the smoke of thought, each one is in himself and it is shown that each is in his own dimension. Life is oblivion in which a person plunges into indifference. 5. Since people are now driven by cyber instincts and cyber ego gigantism. We are distracted from life itself. 6. Sometimes it seems because of de ja vu and the akasha chronicle you are in the same life because of the karmic workings of many lives. It's like watching the same movie over and over again. And after a cell or two cell viewing, you finally understand the meaning of the film, what is the meaning of life, you understand and feel eternity, that you are just a spectator in this eternity. 7. 1. Chemistry and radiation and the physics of manipulation leading to a dubious future. All this, all this nonsense accelerates the conveyor belt to the coffin. 2. People trample each other in the mud, in this way fertilize the earth with corpses. They do this to break through empty promises to the top. Walking up the mountains of corpses. 3. We love a person through intuition denying reality. Love is unconscious. 8. Thoughts are a complex labyrinth that sometimes leads in a vicious circle and we get lost in ourselves. This is how we get lost in life itself. And here the compass intuition with the arrow of conscience can help. We draw moves and paths that confuse us even more. The labyrinth of the subconscious is a complex and completely paradoxical path of egoism. 9. You will be much happier if you live in reality, but not in the reality of people, but in the reality of life created by God and nature. 10. People want to do evil through politeness and diplomacy. 11. This is such a lubrication through politeness, they are trying to make everything adequate, so madness and paradox turn into the norm, turning you into inadequacy. The preponderance of diplomacy, which helps to achieve their own self-interest. A person is trying to achieve his goal, not justice. 12. An unkissed virgin is a sex toy that is not taken out of its packaging and is eventually sent to a museum of funny exhibits. 13. 1. When you lose your beloved woman, your heart freezes. And it turns into waiting in the void. You are waiting for someone who will not come. That same woman. The loss of a beloved woman is like death. Darkness in eternity and emptiness. The whole world seems cold and empty. And I want to freeze the whole world. And nothing can comfort the soul except the presence of the beloved woman who, like a breath, refreshed the air of life. And life and reality seem so cold and empty. Everything freezes and only a warm ray of hope can comfort you in the darkness of loneliness. It's so cold and empty and dark. You freeze in the cryogenic freeze of loneliness in anticipation of better times. 2. Happiness is fragmentary, in certain periods of the timing of the film of fate. 3. The script of life is carefully directed by the higher powers. 4. The time loop is the romance of the quantum echo of reincarnation nostalgia. 5. Selfishness multiplies philosophy, this is how life forms multiply. 14. 1. A pocket watch is like a compass of awareness, like a phoenix that turns evolution to dust and generates a new branch. 2. Applying new strokes of colors of lies, new theories and hypotheses paint over the previous picture of the world. 3. The real most vulnerable point of genetics. 15. Noir reality, neon blues of romance, saxophone sounds in silence, and reality whispers in my head. Life is fornication and neon is like an electric trap for insects, we are burned about our desires. We wander among paradoxes, and the emptiness of materialism is like a drug for some people. Neon illusions. An abundance of illusions. Wealth leading to oblivion. Advertising lights as guides to emptiness. We forget who we are. We plunge into the depths of the amnesia of illusion. Life is the philosophical romance of emptiness. All this is so beautiful from the outside, like a neon show concert that lures obedient masses of people. Depressive blues where, among the nonsense, we seek meaning. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

Musin Almat ZhumabekovichRate it:

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Anuj SomanyRate it:

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Hannah BaxterRate it:

Aphorisms The world created by selfish imagination, the flowering of perfectionistic illusions, fleeing from reality, the highways of reincarnation, the high speed of despair of stupidity, vicious circles of fears in the packaging of vices, from the high speed of time, meaning is lost, consciousness is blurred, the duality of self-interest, values are bifurcated, a careless spirit in the void, illumined the dawn of awareness, in the throes of thoughts, in the dark, I see the meaning of the messages of fate, and prayers illuminate the path, illuminate the light of meaning at dawn, how endless the world of people's thoughts, temptations multiply personalities, where sins are meaningless, numbers of greed distract from life, in the mist of temptations in which fears lurk, we do not see life, and only a foggy dawn in the void, reminds us that we live in a false world of greed, sins are fears of death, blind people crave sins, Soundproofing indifference, where no one will hear the cries of your soul, arias of suffering, a person is locked in his own image and reputation, and cannot be himself, landscapes of the greatness of selfishness, in the growth of cities, the ego grows to indecency, honesty lives in the impersonality and indifference of society and it doesn't take prophecy to see the secrets of x-ray insight of insight, infrared empathy of a thermal imager, thermal vision of sympathy, night vision of cunning, virtual glasses of denial, values ​​in fragments of a memory film, tears from one's own blindness, climbers moving up the path of deceit, with the equipment of pettiness , predators who see only the details of life as in pointillism, detectors of greed see only children's benefits, in binoculars of logical predictions, tales of banal cowardice, The choice and design of reality, the erotic lies of self-deception, people tend to erase all values from memory, as for many egoists, values become a pain and a burden, as if we are temporarily pregnant with value, but we do not have a maternal or paternal instinct to protect our value and the idealism of philosophy, the spoiled ego of fantasy about false life path in the timelessness of non-existence, trends and fashion of temporary perceptions of the world, life can turn into a temporary error of the system, due to the failure of the inadequacy of society, the growth of stupidity makes life dangerous, hedonism as an ego ananism of causeless, unconscious sins, among false friends who are fictitious , in false love of self-deception, homosexual frotterism of trolling and aggression grows in a society of cultural, shameless regression, Time has no power if we love each other, hot, sweet, the skin is so smooth, high-voltage passion, delicious sweetness, your beauty is sexy power, you are my uncontrollable lust, it excites you so much that even cramps in the groin, a hematoma of passion, as if a blacksmith beats with a hammer on the sword, I’ll fly away into a dream of you, this is the effect of Viagra from your rare beauty in eternity, like the spring of erotic romance, an endless amount of lust hormones, aphrodosia-colored skin, turns into a lustful male, a maniac obsessed with your beauty, kills rivals as if like from ammonia, and via gra my endless passion will last all eternity and infinity, I really love you any, from passion for you sparks between my legs, all hair is electrified, In the evolution of modern man, previous species were armed with spears, then books, then smartphones, then virtual glasses, fearlessness in timelessness, DNA is quantum programming of consciousness, someone else's life experience in synthesis with one's own reincarnation level, freedom in carelessness, in freedom from vices that they whisper only about the fear of death, all matter is only temporary stupidity, mV particles of eternity, on an endless journey, the world is an ugly paradox of the subconscious, created by an ugly imagination of fear and despair of vices, the vicious and lascivious know insensibility in the depths of nonsense, chroma key is the chrono key of insight through the prism imagination, moving through a mass of condemnation, We are detached from the system of life in the universe, connected to the wires of a fictional world of lies, the souls of people soar in the weightlessness of being, the blindness of egoism makes people insensitive, obsessed with stupidity, stupidity for people is their petty values, in denial, and frailty, devoid of the meaning of life, madmen, lost in the ego void, the air is the energy of which people breathe, it is filled with detached lies, nonsense like pornography, people are filled with emptiness from modern culture, the technocracy of laziness, the autocracy of low self-esteem of the ego, impotence increases the modernization of deceit, highly detailed manipulation techniques, the perfectionism of people's weaknesses, in a dope of nonsense, in a string of inevitability, fear in deceit is inflation that will flood cities and countries, Betrayal is a revelation of life, honesty of fate, all souls scream about a better life, propaganda is new brain programs under the guise of benefits, people are a supermarket on everyone there is a price tag selfishness and a list of demands, skyscrapers like rocks and corals of the canyon of the void, the city is the result of a sick imagination of vices, Poetry Sleepless nights of romantic eternity, sweet dreams like tears from heaven, rose petals instead of snow, inspired by the tenderness of your eyes, inflamed by passion for you, greatness in your beauty knows no bounds, endless romance about your beauty makes legends, so beautiful that it seems like a myth, beauty conquering my heart, princess in the castle of my heart, queen in the castle of my mind, empress tigress in the castle between my legs, juicy erotic seduction, highly detailed male needs, your priceless beauty prolongs life, adds fuel to the fire of eternal passion, in fiery abysses erotic dreams, the soul sincerely seeks your likeness in eternity, created from an ingot of perfection, a masterpiece of pricelessness, a faceless world, only you are beautiful in my eyes, From your beauty, it’s as if a cracker exploded in my pants, I dream of a hot eternity in your arms, lava sparks of the temptations of passion, the whole brain is struck by lightning thoughts about you, like beautiful drawings in the sky in the form of lightning, like the nerves of lightning through my soul, pierce the heart of the sublime love, orgasmic ecstasy of delight, love piercing the limits of human understanding, where I love you forever in my thoughts, I live there in happiness with you, because in reality you are not with me, because you are an eternal value, my favorite thought in eternity , the will does not know freedom when I see your beauty, multifaceted aesthetics, in refined charm, caressing the eye and imagination, poetic amazement, the command of the heart to keep you as an eternal value, as something the only thing that makes sense in this eternity, in the rivers of thoughts leading to the bottomless the ocean of sincere love where you are a mermaid in the realm of my fantasies, inevitable passion like red-hot steel, Thoughts about you are thoughts about the sublime, increase testosterone and potency, only the impotent will not appreciate the patent for your beauty, not a single irrational precedent, the greatness of your beauty will not shudder, arias of orgasm from delight, infinitely sweet and so hot, passionate heat in skin color, painting of temptation, life is so beautiful, everything is meaningless except you, the basis of the meaning of eternity and infinity to be in your arms, the hot moan of temptation, the agony from excitement, from your excessive, and infinitely immensely aesthetic beauty, from your beauty I sweat like in a bath, born in the insight of immortal love for you, the soul languishes when you are not around, the continuous thrill of delight when I see you, the infinite energy of love pierces the heart, Sharp spicy passion, beauty is hot power, my penis is trying to break out of the straitjacket of a condom and give a sea of ​​positive, passionate rush, gravy like cream to your roast, your beauty is like hot crack twerk, I'm under sex tension, hyper admiration, passionate insight, hot inspiration, love inspiration, I love it so much that it covered me, corrupts, seduces, tames, turns into a wild alpha male, the dominant beauty in this eternity, in my heart you are always the crown of evolution, nocturnal emission, beauty is the highest level of erotic evolution, trend revolution, incredibly beautiful, the eternal growth of motivation to caress and please you, the endless growth of passion, Eternity in erotic dreams about you alone, nothing in the world can crush my love for you, juicy shades of the temptations of your skin, leave vivid impressions of passion, my heart is in your hot power, take the gear and pull it with you into the depths of your beauty, poetic, aesthetic luxury of your beauty knows no bounds, the power of beauty falls irresistibly in love, in my heart only you are me, minutes with you are sweeter than honey, thinking about you is my only hobby, my love for you is careless and endless, inertia of passion, ballistic leads to to you, through eternity I am faithful to you, the line of my life is the line of love for you, everything in me sings about you, my love for you decorates and transforms my soul and heart, heat in the body, erotic, rare luxury, true passion, sensual sweetness , I love you more and more and this is inevitable, I love you gently diligently, Your beauty is a portal of eternal love and passion, ultra sweet, avid for compliments, hot in bed, jokes You were a teenager, that's when you're depressed and hard-on, something like that Tolerant attitude to rising inflation is like limbo Drink energy drinks and see how slowly the bullets move Are you an atheist? There really is nothing after death. You just pass out like a toaster Masseur pianist? He worked as a massage therapist, but he only pressed the points that caused laughter, spa innovation, treatments for depression She is so angry at you that the tailbone from fear will be like a twisted tail, so she will yell at you that the growth will decrease. Near the path of scooters, the path of drunkards, for them it is always green Turn signals and emergency gang for those who sit in a hundred and do not know where they are going Sperm wrestling in the egg ring You see the pie, the fat waves on your stomach are moving, your stomach is rumbling, the waves want to flood your navel Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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