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Aphorisms You need an ulcer in your memory to see the truth. jokes BBW sports running, when two sticks rub against each other, very quickly, you can start a fire, but the cave geyser (squirt) will put out the fire. You can smoke at the end. Where is my jacket, there is a portal to Narnia in the closet, and gnomes, elves, centaurs have dressed up. Shit of life, my most favorite muse. Girl: I haven't had sex in a long time. guy: so what. Girl: you will squeal like a slaughtered pig, it is useless to stop for yourself I do not answer, sing me an aria in falsetto. Don't call the cops, I cut the wires, I won't tell you which key is in my bra. When I'm done, you'll feel like you've been run over by a truck. How to lose weight? Just don't tell me about the bulldozer again. That you will look like the drawing of your dreams. A lonely girl with a glass of wine and a book about a love affair, by the fireplace with a blanket, after a couple of hours all the cosmetics flowed down her face, the book burns in the fireplace, she is all drunk and wrapped herself in a blanket like a shawarma. She is beautiful, I have hearts above my head, no more spermatozoa, they play Russian roulette who will fly out of the gun first. Like electrodes that fly around the atom of the egg. Yes, I understood. The sex was great, girl: your penis seems dead and happy, like a dog with his tongue hanging out, like a sleeping angel, and no defibrillator will revive him, well, there is a shocker. Oh look mistletoe, it’s customary to kiss under it, so you say the hostess hasn’t had sex for a long time, there’s mistletoe everywhere, all over the ceiling, all over the ceilings, oh hell, the door is locked and the windows too, I hear heavy steps. These are the highest technologies of the future of Kazakhstan, you are talking about these stationery, but it is we who will survive the end of the world. Geek sex, my starship is ready to invade, your combat space blaster is loaded, one hundred percent charged baby, you see what a big adapter under the blaster. Girl: oh what a powerful power bank. The combat beam is ready for battle, open the gateway. Girl: yes captain. One continuous usb connection (sex) later. Oh captain, that was action, and the second series will be, the whole season is waiting for you. Turn on the wi-fi in your head why don't you understand me, my other head receives other signals. So much gel on your head, you look like a cast. Girl: I have freckles. Guy: rrr, you are so leopard. The whole body of a naked widow girl in the names of the former. The girl smiled: you're next. Why do you have a mousetrap written over your vagina. And you have nightclub written above your vagina. Because strict face control, and what are you, a cop. Hike to a prostitute, rent in the garage (vagina) is paid. I like being spanked. Fat girl says to the guy: stop spanking my belly. Poetry Not realistically sexy, they just don't exist. You went too far with your hypereroticism, being without you is sex torture, a teasing massage of temptations, you are an orgasmic massage of the genitals. I fell in love to the core. You are like an endless orgasm. Your beauty is a portal to the erotic dimension of passionate love. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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The deadliest jokes of fate The deadliest jokes of fate bring unceasing laughter of madness, the aria of laughter, the great opera about a fallen world, in a gift of naivete, and the gift is ticking like a bomb. I was holding back my laughter at the realization. You will be laughed to death, all the humor of fate. Fate is thinking where to shoot a pistol now, what you most value. Are you not funny? You just don't have a sense of humor. There will be so much shock awareness that you will choke with laughter while sitting in the electric chair of awareness. You will be cunning, you will stumble upon dirty jokes of black humor. Life is a deadly fun, fasten it up, fear is the adrenaline of hellish fun. Around you are clown hypocrisy, take popcorn and enjoy acting, clown show of selfishness, circus propaganda music. Billions laugh to tears and their souls scream. This is all a test, whether you go crazy or not, become like everyone else a hypocritical egoist and go to hell, or not. People are clowns from horror films, there are few people among them. And reincarnation is a repeating joke, an anecdote that you don't understand, and the comedy will continue until you understand the joke - it's a life lesson that you can't be a naughty, they burn in hell. If you feel conscience and guilt, then you are still human. A tense solo is played on you like a stringed instrument, and the string of the psyche breaks, and all other threads with reality will break. The only weapon is absolute fearlessness and unbridled laughter, you mock at those who want your suffering. You're in the world of selfish fools' day lasts a lifetime. You're alive because you haven't finished trolling yet. Sado maso karma, you continue to sin, is it not enough for you? More karma. You get pleasure from the pain of fate. You are full of deadly surprises of self-defense, like endless scarves and sleeves, you don’t believe in the tricks of creative lies, this is defocusing. Inflation is rising, and life will be even funnier and deadlier. The comical paradoxes of selfishness create a new reality. This false reality will become even funnier, a very funny mental hospital for people is ready. Cartoon optimism of self-deception, in Russian roulette of luck and success. Repeating the same jokes (mistakes in life) you hear your echo of karma. Everything is meaningless in chaos, fate gives suffering for the sake of fun, to look at your true face. Karma is self-irony because you make it worse for yourself. Become a scar, on the system of evil. The unbridled laughter of skepticism turns into an atheist who no longer believes in egoists who want to survive at the expense of others, their vile jokes (people's lies) defame faith in people. Sects of selfishness are everywhere. Naivete paralyzes your will, taking advantage of despair. Radiation of mass influence creates a mutation in the genome of consciousness. If you find out how ridiculous (cruel) this world is, you will perish. Autism lies and optimism. All the toxins, the toxic thinking of the selfishness of the whole world, all the irony of the world will kill you, and the uncontrollably laughing madman will be resurrected. How acid will corrode your brain. 1. Immersion in reality The smile of reality opens. Entering the deep tunnel of reality, you see the most eerie forms of smiles, like the deep throat of a hypocritical snake, a corridor entirely made up of the most eerie, frightening smiles of clowns. The deeper you go, the more you laugh from awareness and understanding. And you die after going through most of the tunnel choking with laughter. And your corpse seems to be dragging something unknown, invisible by itself. There are faces from the eternally smiling dead in the gates of eternity. And the new corpse merges with her and only a dead smile is visible. And only seeing the light with an indelible smile of irony and sarcasm. Reached the end. And the gate is open. To get into the space elevator. And so we are in the space elevator of morality, with a round floor, and round walls, which are decorated with light lamps of various delicate colors, this structure leads us to a higher dimension of thinking. You see it moving up at a very fast speed. You see the light above, this is a paradise where only the sincerity of all bright feelings and emotions, true love, forgiveness, true friendship, and disinterested nobility reign. 36 Mulatochka Captivating honey caramel is like a shining dawn, life with you is like a sweet erotic dream. Juicy sweet fabulously fantastically beautiful. From your sexuality, the glasses are sweating, captured by the sexual power in your eyes, this is the amazing magic of charm lurking in them. You are my depraved temptation, dirty temptation. A sweet temptation of gently growling passion, a juicy caramel berry breathtaking in its beauty, sometimes shimmering with a picturesque overflow, delicate sensual shades of a red sunset, incinerated by the red-hot heat of passion. From your hottest, sultry beauty, the brain seems to turn off and lose consciousness from your sweetest kisses. 2. A person between anger and despondency, illuminates both sides with selfless nobility. A thought comes out of the depths, or goes into the depths, into dreams, into unconsciousness, where there are only fears, desires, and memories. The head is connected with the other world, the pillar of the beam around which thoughts move, your mind opens thousands dimensions into alternate dimensions of the imagination. A smile will reveal the true self, a smile will open the bridge to it. A crazy smile stretches to the floor, it is like a cell of the soul, the edges of the lips are connected with portals to the other world, they are also smiles twisted into spirals, a gas of laughter comes out through the teeth, in a smile a whole universe of awareness, a smile clinging to other smiles, connecting them together and pulling them outside. Other smiling personalities burst out of the face while in a special state of mind. There is a squinting third eye in the head that suspects all traitors, electrical wires are tied to the head, connecting with reality, with its whisper. In the giant smile that opens up to the world, there is a smiling powerful force, the smiling eyes of the bright side of the personality. The body and soul are torn and there are crazy smiles too, the body opens, and there is a portal to an amazing world. A smile sometimes turns into a spiral of thoughts, a person withdrawing into himself, torn away from external values, plunging into spirituality, and then circles around himself, immersing himself in his own self. Part of the body is a cloak in which other forms of mood are hidden. The body has ten smiling tails of sycophants sent by the dark side of the personality. There is a sewn-in smile in the body that wants to say a lot, it is located in the back of the head in the back there is a bag that accumulates laughter and absorbs someone else's. 3. The smile of the seer The smile of awareness, its edges pierce into the fabric of reality and reveal what is hidden from the eyes, the black humor of reality devoid of all hypocrisy. 4. The smile of a hypocrite is a mask on the floor of the face from a broken mirror, which reflects tens of hundreds of false smiles of him and those who stand and stood in front of him. 5. From the awareness of everything and everything, the smile on the face becomes wider and wider. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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