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Milos: How does it all connect to pornography?Vukmir: No, Milos, no, no! Not pornography, but life itself! That's life of a victim. Love, art, blood... flesh and soul of a victim. Transmitted live to the world who has lost all that and now is paying to watch that from the comfort of an armchair.Milos: I have no doubt that it sells well based on the sum you offered me.Vukmir: Victim sells, Milos. Victim is the priciest sell in this world. The victim feels the most and suffers the best. We are a victim, Milos. You, me, this whole nation is a victim.Milos: We're just too retarded. And I won't be a victim because of that.Vukmir: [laughing] But Milos... you're the only one in this film who is not a victim!Milos: Is that so?

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