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Sarah: “Maybe it’s like what you said, we should both go our separate ways and then we will do just fine.”Hitch: “What if fine isn’t good enough? What if I want extraordinary?”Sarah: “No such thing”Hitch: “I’m just as scared as you are Sarah. But I am right here, and our time is right now!”Sarah: “Oh yeah but what about before?”Hitch: “Sarah I am a guy. Since when do we get anything right the first time?… I don’t know who this guy is nor do I care, but I do know that he will never feel about you the way I do."

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    In which movie does this quote appear: "Houston, we have a problem"?
    • A. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    • B. Star Trek Generations
    • C. Conquest of Space
    • D. Apollo 13