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Howard: I'll put this very simply. On February 12th, at the Mayflower Hotel, did you or did you not tell me that if I were to sell TWA to Pan Am that this entire investigation would be called off? Sen. Ralph Owen Brewster: No, I did not, and I have asked you repeatedly to submit your questions in writing. Howard: How long have you known Juan Trippe, Senator? Sen. Ralph Owen Brewster: I've known Mr. Trippe for some time now, and that's not the question here. Howard: Is it not true that Juan donated $20,000 to your last campaign? I mean, he spoke to me as if you worked for him. [Murmurs spread through the court] Sen. Ralph Owen Brewster: I have a personal friendship with Mr. Trippe, but-- Howard: Is it not true you accept free tickets from Pan Am, so you can circle the globe in support of your C.A.B. bill? Sen. Ralph Owen Brewster: No, no, it is not true. Howard: Well, who wrote that bill, Senator? Sen. Ralph Owen Brewster: No, we're asking questions-- Howard: Who actually wrote the C.A.B. bill? The actual words in the bill. Did you write them? Sen. Ralph Owen Brewster: This is not how these hearings are going be conducted, Mr. Hughes-- Howard: I have it right here. Maybe it'll refresh your memory. "Bill S-987 to amend the Civil Aeronautics Act." Now, you introduced this bill to the Senate. [looking through the pages] Lotta words. You write all of them? Did you write any of them, Senator? Sen. Ralph Owen Brewster: Now, look, Mr. Hughes-- Howard: Now, this entire bill was written by Pan Am executives and designed to give that airline a monopoly on international travel. And you've been flogging this bill all around the world on their behalf, have you not? Sen. Ralph Owen Brewster: I have duties that take me all over the world, Mr. Hughes. Howard: Oh, what the hell does a senator from Maine need to visit Peru for? Sen. Ralph Owen Brewster: I was-- I was seeking outlets for our trade-- our trade goods. Howard: Ah. Buy a lotta lobsters down there, do they? [People in the court laugh] Howard: Senator Brewster, how many times have you visited Juan Trippe's office in New York in the last three months? Huh? Would you like me to tell you, Senator? Sen. Ralph Owen Brewster: All right, this has gone on long enough. Juan Trippe is a great American. His airline has advanced the cause of commercial aviation in this country for decades. Juan Trippe is a patriot. Juan Trippe is not a man who is interested in making money. Howard: Hm. Well, I'm sure his stockholders would be happy to hear that. [People laugh again]

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