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Web Smith: Look, are you on the take? Tom Graham: Fuck you, the take. Web Smith: Are you on the fuckin' take?! Tom Graham: Who the fuck are you to ask me about that? You started me off. You remember that? Now, play ball. You get to keep your kid, your job, and your buddies. We're a team, Web. Web Smith: A team? What team are we on, huh? Tom Graham: We know who you've got in there. You're harboring a murderer in there. Web Smith: How did you know Eddie was still alive? Tom Graham: He's not! He's dead. He just forgot to lay down. Web Smith: He didn't do it. Tom Graham: Who did it? Web Smith: We don't know who did it! Tom Graham: Send him out, Spider-san, with the disk too. I'll protect the guy. Web Smith: And what if I don't? Tom Graham: If you don't?! If you don't, you're obstructing justice. You're harboring, baby. If you don't, we're coming in after a murderer. What are you doing to your life? You know me, Web. I get my man. Web Smith: Yeah. Even if he's the wrong man. Tom Graham: Who the fuck are you? The Supreme Court?

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