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[Ness confronts Capone, along with his son and several thugs]Thug: Something you want here?Ness: My friend was killed today.Thug: I don't care.Ness: You don't care?[Ness punches the thug out, and gets restrained by two others]Ness: Now he does. [to Capone] Come on here, Capone! You want to fight? You and me, right here?! That's it, come on! What's the matter? You afraid to come out from behind your men, you afraid to stand up for yourself?!Capone: You want to do it now?! You want to do it right now?!Ness: Yeah! Come on, you son-of-a-bitch!Capone: What?! You talk to me like that in front of my son?! F*** you and your family!Ness: Fu--[Ness goes for his gun, while all of Capone's thugs pull out their guns and point them at Ness]

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